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I walk down the hall into the children’s room. I sit on the edge of the bed and stare at the sleeping girls. My girls are perfect in every sense, they keep me going. I can’t imagine being away from them but for their sake I need to take some time away from their mother so I can regain my sanity. I love Tasha with everything in me but she is toxic. This little break will do the both of us some good.


“I love you both a lot, I hope you never forget that,” I lean in and kiss both girls on their foreheads before I leave their room. I walk back into our bedroom and Tasha is sitting on the bed typing away.


I get a suitcase out of the closet and throw it on the bed.


“You are serious about leaving?” she asks placing her phone on the bed.




“And the children? Are you gonna walk out on me and the children because of Anna?”


“This has nothing to do with Anna and I am not walking out on you, we just need some time away from each other.”


I open the suitcase and start throwing my clothes in it.


“You are not going anywhere,” she stands and tries to take the clothes out of the suitcase as I put them in.


“Tasha, you and I know if we continue like this we will end up hurting each other.”


“Be a man and face your problems, running away will not solve anything,’ she yells


“Leave me alone,” I push her over on the floor, she bawls like a baby. I have never put my hands on her to harm her but she is doing everything possible to get on my nerves.


“You pushed me?” she screams


She stands up and begins grabbing anything she can find to hurl at me, I protest while dodging the items making her angrier. Finally, she sinks to the ground,” Leave if you want but just know that this war.”


I quickly grab the suitcase and leave, if I stay in this house one more minute I will do something that I will end up regretting. I am heading to my sister’s house that’s where I will stay for a few days until Tasha calms down. I just hope she doesn’t poison my children’s mind because anything is possible with Tasha.




Fred pushed me and walked out on me again, I simply can’t believe he had the guts to do that. Now more than ever, I am sure he is cheating on me because not once has Fred ever acted so cold towards me. We argue all the time but not once has he ever packed out of the house. I will get to the bottom of this and when I do, all hell will break loose.


My phone rings startling me from my reverie, I look at the caller id and see that it is Kai.




“Hey,’ I respond


“How is the most beautiful woman on the planet doing?” he asks


His words make my heart melt Kai has a strange effect on me, one I cannot comprehend, I have never experienced such a strong attraction to anyone else ever since I have been married.


“So, so,” I respond


“Are you okay?”


I take a deep breath, “Not really.”




“Fred has left.”


“What do you mean he has left?”


“He says he needs space, he packed some of his clothes and left.”


“Did you guys argue?”




“I see.”


“But this is the first time he has actually left the house and asked me to give him some time to himself.”




“What? Are you thinking what I am thinking? What does it mean when a man says he needs space?” I ask


“It could mean that he needs a little time to himself to think things through…,”


“Or?” I cut him short before he can finish


“He wants to end things with you so he can pursue a relationship with someone else.”


“He wouldn’t dare.”


“He is a man.”


“I know he loves me.”


“What if he has found someone else?”




“Anyway that aside, would you like to spend some time with me? I could cheer you up.”


I bite my lower lip as I think about his offer, “Ya.” I respond


“I will pick you up in an hour’s time.”


“I am not comfortable with that arrangement just text me where you want us to meet from and I will drive myself there.”






“You are welcome.”


“Take care of yourself beautiful.”


I giggle, “I will thanks and take care of yourself too.”



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I end the call and lie down again on my bed, I don’t want my marriage to fall apart, I cannot allow Fred to find someone else, I will give him a few days to cool off but if he doesn’t come back home then I will cause havoc. In the meantime, I see nothing wrong with spending some time with my friend Kai.


I enter the bathroom and take a long bath, style my hair and apply makeup. I slip on my dress, grab my handbag and car keys before I walk out of my room.




“Madam,” she appears from the kitchen.


“I am going out, take care of the house and the children, call me if need arises.”




“And don’t leave any food for my husband and i.”




I head for the door and walk out I get into my car put it in drive and sped out of the driveway. A few minutes into the drive, I decide to call Prisca.


“Tsup girl,” she answers almost immediately.


“Hey you.”


“Miss me already?”


“Oh please.”


She laughs


“Fred and I had an argument, he left the house, says he needs space.”


“Say what?”


“That’s not why I even called you Kai has invited me over for dinner.”




“I am driving over there right now though I am kind of having second thoughts.”




“I am married.”


“Oh please, with the way things are moving, you won’t be married for long.”


“Don’t say that.”


“Forget Fred, go out and have dinner with Kai, it’s not like you two are going to have s£x it’s just dinner.”


“You are right.”


“I just want you to be truly happy, go out and have some fun.”




I end the call and smile, about thirty minutes later I pull up in front of the restaurant and I step out of my car.


The minute I walk in, I instantly spot Kai I walk up to him nervously.


He stands up to welcome me when I get to his table he looks at me intensely without saying a word. The way he is looking at me creates a stir in my belly. This is not right.


“Hey,’ he finally leans in to kiss my forehead.




I pull a chair back and sit down.


“You look beautiful as usual,” he says


“Thank you.”


He leans back in his chair, “I am glad you agreed to meet up with me.”


“I needed some fresh air.”


“As usual,” he smiles broadly.


Afterwards we order our food and eat silently.






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