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After lunch, the girls and I prepare for Mubita’s brail which will be held at Anna’s house, I dress carefully in a pair of grey pants topped with a dark olive shirt.


When I finish getting dressed, I sit on the bed for a long time, contemplating whether or not I should go for this brail because my wife doesn’t approve. I feel guilty as if I am trying to offend her on purpose.


It’s just a brail with some work colleagues, I tell myself.


I step out of my bedroom and head downstairs where the children are waiting for me.


“Finally; Talia exclaims when she sees me.




“You took forever, I was begging to doze.’


I laugh, this girl is a spitting image of her mother, unlike Taylor Talia is a little too talkative, I just hope she doesn’t adopt her mother’s attitude I want my daughter to be humble and respectful.


“Earth to daddy,’ she clicks her fingers in my face and I laugh while shaking my head. I swear these children keep me sane, I don’t know what would have become of me in this house if I didn’t have them.


“Let’s get going girls,’ I announce


‘Yes,’ Talia says


I look at Taylor, she doesn’t even seem interested in going with us her eyes are glued to the television where she is watching Sofia the first.


Turning off the television, I scope Taylor in my hands and she giggles, we walk out of the house and walk to the car, I gently buckle her into her car seat, Talia hops in too and I walk round to the driver’s seat.


Sliding into the driver’s seat, I start the car.


When we get to Anna’s house an hour later, Anna get’s the girls and takes them to the other side of the house where some kids are having fun bouncing up and down on the jumping castle.


I grab a bottle of beer and join my colleagues, the day progresses by so quickly, we spend the whole day talking, laughing, drinking and dancing. There is so much happiness around this place that for a minute I forget about my marital issues. My house is like a battle field, Tasha and I are always arguing, there is no peace between us, we are like two strangers living in the same house and sharing a bed.


I don’t remember when last we had a normal conversation, I truly love my wife and I wish she could see how much her ill-treatment is killing me inside I miss how we used to be in the beginning, if only we could go back in time.


“You are thinking about her?” Anna startles me from my day dreaming.


I didn’t even see her come up to me, I guess I zoned out thinking about Tasha, I wonder if she ever thinks of me as much as I think of her, why is life so unfair? The ones we love don’t seem to love us back and the ones we don’t love are the ones who care and love us.


“Fred,’ she taps my shoulder


“What?” My eyes widen


“You keep zoning out on me.”


‘I am sorry,’ I look up at her.


“I know you are thinking about Tasha,’ she says.


“I can’t help it.”


She pulls me away from the crowd and we find a quite place and she sits down, she pats a place next to her and I sit down too.


“Spit it out,’ she says


I laugh, ‘I seriously don’t know what to do about Tasha anymore,’ I begin


She takes a deep breath, ‘anything new happen?’


“She left the house as usual to meet up with her friend Prisca, I don’t know if she will be back.”


“You need to put that woman in her place.”




“Put your foot down as the man of the house, give her rules to follow and if she doesn’t kick her out.”


I burst out laughing, ‘Better said than done.’


‘This is no joking matter, for how long will you allow your wife to step all over you?”


“I know.”


I glance at my clock, “It’s getting late I think the girls and I need to leave.”


“Always avoiding the topic.”


“Oh please.”


“I will never stop talking about this, as long as you allow her to treat you like trash I will talk.”


“Leave me alone Anna.”


We stand up and walk towards the girls they seem to be having so much fun.

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“Can’t you stay for a little while?”


“Tomorrow is church we need to be well rested.”


“Ya the perfect family.”


I ignore her then I get the girls and say bye to my friends.


Anna walks us to my car, which is parked in her driveway.


“We had a nice time, thanks for inviting us,’ I smile softly.


‘I am glad you came, today was fun we should do this more often,’ she says


“I will see you on Monday.”




I drive home and when we finally arrive, the children are sleeping in the back seat I wake Talia up and carry Taylor into the house. When I walk into the house I am surprised to find Tasha sitting on the couch, she is holding a can of beer in her hands.


I didn’t expect to find her home.




She ignores me.


“Mummy,” Talia hugs her


“Hey my darling, where are you coming from?”


‘Auntie Anna’s place,’ she exclaims, ‘we had so much fun.’


Tasha shoots me an evil look, she is furious I can see it in her eyes.


“I am glad you had fun.”


I take Taylor to her room and tuck her in, Talia joins her shortly she grabs a book and jumps into her bed. I kick my shoes off, slip my feet into my flip-flops and join Tasha.


I sit on the couch across from hers she looks up at me then downs the rest of her drink and crushes the can in her hand.


“So you went for the party even thought I didn’t approve? And you had the guts to take my children to your girlfriend’s house?”


“You know Anna is like family, she is not my girlfriend besides it was a work brail.”


“Fuck off,” she snaps


“Suit yourself,’ I stand up.


I am heading towards the bedroom when she grabs me roughly from behind, I turn around and I face her. I shoot her an angry look before I raise my hand ready to slap her but I drop it the minute I realise what I am about to do, I have never raised my hand on any woman I will not start now.


“Oh so you want to beat me up?’ she laughs “Unbelievable.”


“Tasha please just leave me alone.”


“Fred what sort of a husband are you? I came back home early to spend some time with my children but you were not here and I tried to call you but your phone was off.”


“I was busy.”


“Busy sleeping with Anna?”


I shake my head, “I don’t have the time to argue with a mad woman.”


With that she gets angry and grabs a vase from the table which she slams on the floor. She begins yelling and calling me all names while throwing everything she grabs at me.


“I will castrate you if I find out you are cheating on me,’ she yells


I don’t want the kids to wake up so I rush for the door and run outside, she comes after me with cooking stick, I quickly get into my car and drive off.




Meet Prisca




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