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“Are you okay?” Prisca asks when I barge into her house.


“No,” I shake my head


“What happened?”


“Can I have a drink first?”




She pours a red wine into a glass and hands it to me. I grab the glass and gulp the drink in one gulp. Then I throw myself on the couch next to where she is sitting.




“Fred didn’t sleep home last night.”


Her eyes widen, “Say what?”


I shrug, “We had an argument last night, he came home late with the kids apparently he had gone for the brail that Anna organized.”


“The same brail you asked him not to attend?”


“The same one.”


“Go on.”


I fill my glass again and take a large sip of wine, “So I asked him why he had gone for that brail, he got mad, one thing led to another and before I knew it he was gone.”


“He drove out on you?”




I waited for him the whole night but to no avail, I tried to call him but his phones are switched off.”


“Did you try calling Anna?”


“I actually went to her house, this is where I am coming from, I didn’t find Fred but I warned her to stay away from him.”


She takes a deep breath, “Could he be cheating on you?”


“I don’t know, from the time that Fred and I got married this is the first time he has slept out.”


“This is unlike Fred, sleeping out? There is more to this than meets the eye,”


“I will find him and if I do, hell will break loose, I will not allow Fred to make me a laughing stock.”


“You need to act fast my sister,” she says


“I will.”


“Anyway that aside, how is Kai?”


I smile, “He should be fine.”


“That smile.”




“You definitely like Kai.”


“Shut up,” I roll my eyes. “I am a married woman and we both know that.”


“So how is Kai?”


“He hasn’t called since the last time we met.”


“And why haven’t you tried to reach out to him?”


“Because I am married,” I flaunt my ring in her face.


“Forget about being married, Kai is the real deal, that man is everything, if you don’t want him, just give him to me.”


“Bitch!” I exclaim


Prisca laughs as she sips her wine, “Atleast I am free to mingle, I am not answerable to anyone.”


“You are lucky.”


“You know what you should do about this situation with Fred?”




“Play it 50/ 50.”




“If Fred sleeps out, sleep out too, show him that what he can do you can also do. We leave in a free world after all. A man shouldn’t treat you like some piece of trash, show him you are valuable.”


“You are right.”


“And you are even lucky you have a man like Kai by your side, open up and just have fun.”


I laugh, “Fred surely needs to be taught a lesson.”


“That man acts like he did you a favour by marrying you when it’s vice versa, he doesn’t deserve you. You deserve better not a teacher. Everyday ma ABCD, when are you gonna have time to travel the world and have fun?” she laughs


“Ala mwandi.”


“So do what you can to put him in his place before he brings in another woman or a child out of wedlock.”


“He wouldn’t dare.”


“Baby, abaume niimbwa , they can’t be trusted.”


I take another sip of my wine and quietly take in what she has just said, Prisca is not married but relationship wise she is very much experienced, I will have to take her advice.


“I have heard you,’ I respond






I left home last night and drove around in circles for almost an hour trying to figure out what to do with Tasha and how to sort out this situation at home.


I could have gone back home last night but I decided to book myself into a hotel and that’s where I spent my night, I wanted to give her some space.


I don’t understand why Tasha is so insecure, ever since I married her I have never looked at another woman, I have never wanted another woman the way I want her. When I vowed to be faithful to her till death do us part, I meant it. Why is it so hard for her to trust me?


I am heading back home now and I hope she has calmed down we need to talk like adults and sort whatever is going on in her mind atleast for the sake of the children they need to be in an environment that is conducive for them. We can’t be arguing all the time.


I drive home and when I get there, the kids run towards me, I scope Taylor in one hand and hold Talia in another hand we walk towards the couch and sit in front of the television.


“I missed you,” Talia says


“Come over here,’ I pull her in my arms and kiss her on her forehead before I hug her tightly. “And I missed you too.”


“Mummy said you had to work, why where you working on a Sunday?”


“I just had an emergency at work,” I respond, I hate lying to my children and the way Talia is looking at me it’s as if she can see through me, like she can tell I am lying.


“Where is mummy?” I ask changing the subject.


“She went out to see a friend,” A strange voice responds, I turn around and find Fatima, the new house help.




She gets down on her knees, “Good afternoon sir, can I get you something to eat?”


I shake my head, “I am okay.”




“I want some ice cream,” Taylor whispers in my ears.


“Let me just change into something else and then I can drive you to the mall for that ice cream.”


She giggles, “Thank you daddy.”


I stand up and take two steps ahead then I look back and stare at my children. They are my happy place, nothing beats being a father to these adorable babies.Recommend you to download Topster Stories App for Exclusive Access To Erotic and Romantic stories.


Some days I wanna pack out of this house and leave Tasha but I don’t think I can handle leaving the girls behind, besides I want them to grow up in stable family.


I want to give my children what I didn’t have, i grew up in a dysfunctional family and life was tough, I want a better life for my babies.


“Daddy why are you staring?” Talia snaps me from my reverie


I smile, “Nothing hun,” I respond before I hurry off to my room.


I change into some clean clothes I already took a bath at the hotel. After that I turn on my phone and there are several messages from Tasha.


I dial Tasha’s line and the phone just ring I call again and still no answer. I am about to walk out of the room when my phone rings, it’s Anna.




“You are alive?”


“Yes. Tsup?”


“Your wife came here to look for you, ala she searched the entire house.”


“She what?”


“She thought you spend the night here.”


“Dude you married a crazy woman, where did you sleep? Wayamba ma out?”


I shake my head, “We had an argument because of the brail so I drove out on her and went to a hotel that’s where I slept.”


“I see.”


“And where are you now?”


“Just got home though Tasha is not here.”


“I see.”


“I will call you later let me just drive the children to the mall.”




I drive the children to the mall, I get them ice cream and a few goodies, we drive to the park where we spend a few hours just having fun and talking about random stuff.


Later in the evening we drive back home, Fatima has already prepared supper for us but none of us feel hungry, the kids go to their room to nap while I go to mine.


I lie on the bed, close my eyes and doze off.


I am awakened by someone shouting and vigorously, I snap my eyes open and sit upright.


“Tasha what is it?” I ask


“Where did you sleep last night?”


“And where are you coming from?”


“That is none of your f**king business.”


“Where did you sleep?”


‘In a hotel.”


She claps her hands together and laughs, “You think I am fool?”




She shots me a deadly stare,” Who is she?”


“Who is who?”


“The girl you have been seeing.”


“You are sick, you need help,’ I rise to my feet and heads for the door.


She grabs me roughly pulling my shirt.


“What exactly do you want?” I yell


“The truth.”


“I love you Tasha I would never cheat on you, why do you doubt me?”


“I can feel it, you have another woman by your side.”


“You know what? I am fade up, I am tired of explaining myself to you, I am just so tired. Maybe you and should take a break.”


“What do you mean a break?”


I take a deep breath, “I will go away for some time, I will give you space so you can think of what you really want? I can’t do this anymore.”


“You wouldn’t dare.”


“Watch me.”


With that said, I walk out of the room slamming the door behind my back. Maybe what we need is space, some time away from each other.






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