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I park my car in my driveway and begin unpacking the groceries before I make my way inside, shutting the front door behind my back.


When I walk into the living room, Sofia is playing quietly with her toys in front on the television.


I stand in the doorway for a moment just staring at her. They grow up so fast, a few years ago, she was an adorable infant and now she is my precious little girl.


Sofia is my greatest gift from God, nothing is dearer than a daughter, I would give up my life for her.


“Daddy,” Sofia squeals with delight when she finally sees me. She jumps of the couch and runs towards me and I carry her in my arms.


“Where is mummy?” I ask as we head to the kitchen.


“She is in her room,” she responds


I set the plastics on the kitchen table then we walk back into the living room, Sofia and I exchange a few words before I decide to check on my wife in the bedroom.


“Hey baby, welcome back,” my wife says warmly as I enter the bedroom.


She pulls me into a deep kiss which I return with excitement. We kiss briefly before my ringing phone interrupts us and my wife pulls away first.


“I will set the table as you attend to that,” she says


“Not fair,” I frown


“It could be important Bae.”


“This is not over,” I say


She laughs, “Let’s wait and see what you’ve got for me, I think I am ready for baby number two.”


I burst out laughing as she walks out of the room closing the door firmly behind her back. I grab my phone and look at the caller I.D before I answer it.








“How far?”


“Things aren’t moving as fast as I want them to.”


“Give it time.”


“I don’t have the time to wait around I need this done with immediately, I have a wife and child on the line, I don’t want them finding out about her.”


“I know.”


“I am doing my part, please do yours and do it real quick.”


I ended the call before she could respond. After that call, I change into something comfortable and join my wife and daughter at the dining table.


My wife is a very good cook I enjoy her food I rarely eat out. Her restaurant is actually a huge success because of her great skill in the kitchen.


“You fixed dinner so I will clean up,” I said later after we finished eating.


“Babe, I can do this,” she says


“You and Sofia should relax while I clean up.”


I clear the table and return the dishes to the kitchen. Standing over the sink, I wash the dishes. A few minutes later, I finish washing the dishes and make my way to the living room.


“Movie time,” I squeal in excitement




I throw myself on the couch next to my wife as she flips through the channels for a movie we can watch, finally she settles for an American comedy and we all fix our eyes on the television.


A few minutes into the movie, my phone vibrates, my phone grabs it and hands it to me then she focuses her eyes back on the television.


“I miss you,” I read the text from Tasha. ‘I wish you were here right now, the kids are giving me a tough time, are you free? Can we talk? I just need to vent for a few minutes.”


Shaking my head, I delete the messages, turn my phone off, place it back on the table and focus my eyes back on the television.




I turn and toss in bed, checking my phone every second waiting for Kai to respond to my messages he was supposed to have responded an hour ago and now his phone is even off. I just needed someone to talk to, I can’t talk to Prisca because she is out with her sugar daddy and he doesn’t like it when she picks calls when they are together, he is quiet clingy.


The past few days have really been hectic, I can’t get the girls to listen to me, Fred has to come back home, I have been trying to call him but he keeps ignoring my calls. I know he is staying at his sister’s place I called her too and answered me rudely. Can you imagine that that foolish woman cut my call? She hasn’t heard the last of me I will surely deal with her, in fact I will sue her for marriage interference. Being a woman like me, she is supposed to tell her brother to come back home to his wife and kids but instead she decides to welcome him into her house.


Anyway, I guess I have to sleep it’s obvious Kai won’t call or text me back tonight maybe he is busy with his wife. My stomach drops at the thought of his wife and for some strange reason, I feel jealous. I know Kai and I are just friends and I shouldn’t be feeling this way but I can’t help it, I can’t deal with the thought of him making love to another woman not even his wife.


Oh God, what the hell is wrong with me? My heart is beating so hard and fast, I want to scream. I feel like am about to lose my mind. To clear my head, I roll out of bed to watch television in the living room, Fatty and the girls are already sleeping.




I am lying in bed, going through the photos of Fred on my phone, poring over them for the hundredth time. He is a handsome man, very humble and down to earth. He is passionate about his job, he is prayerful….just what


I want in a husband.


My biological clock is slowly ticking and everyone else around me is either married, engaged or in a serious relationship while I am still single, I have dated quite a few times and I have had my fair share of heartbreaks, I am not gonna go that road again.


I need to go through with the plan so that I may end up with Fred his wife doesn’t deserve him after all. I will treat Fred better than she treats him, I will take care of his children as if they were my own. Once he is with me, I won’t even give him the time to think about Tasha.


“Make his wife think as if you guys are having an affair,” I smile mischievously as the plan runs through my mind, I guess it’s my time to take over, Tasha has to leave.




Kai’s wife and daughter!!




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