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Dinner was memorable, one glass of wine was enough to make me relax and feel comfortable. The rest of the evening, we talk about families, our upbringings, politics and business. The majority of the time is focused on politics, collectively our favourite topic.


“This has been amazing,” he says. “A lot of women don’t talk about politics nor do they analyze it like you do. I am really impressed, you are quiet a funny and intelligent woman.”


I feel my cheeks burn with excitement.


For desert, he orders carrot cake and apple pie, both are incredible. By the time we finish, I am stuffed. He pays the bill, stands up and helps me up. With his hand on my back, he leads me out of the restaurant. I shudder with pleasure at the feel of his hand on my back but I manage to keep my emotions under control. I don’t want to give him mixed signals, I am a married woman after all and this is just friendship.


As we stand next to my car, his eyes stare into mine, for a few minutes no words are spoken between us. The look in his makes my heart flutter, I don’t remember the last time I felt this excited by a man’s look.


“Thanks for dinner, this place is amazing and the food is out of this world,’ I say “I really had fun, you helped keep my mind occupied, for a moment there I forgot about my issues with Fred.”


“I had a great time too I hope we get to spend some more time together.”




He shots me a serious stare.




He clears his throat, “Tasha I love you I want to make you happy. I know I promised to just be friends with you but I can’t do that. I want more from you.”


Before I can even respond, he leans forward and gently kisses me on my lips, I know I should push him off me, atleast that’s what my mind keeps telling me but my body keeps betraying me. I lean into the kiss and put my hands on his shoulders. He deepens the kiss holding me as close as he can.


Finally he draws his head back leaning his forehead on mine, “You make me feel things that no one has ever made me feel,” he says


“You know I am a married woman right?”


“Gosh Tasha, must you bring that up all the time? We were having a great moment and you just spoilt it,” he moves away from me.




“Maybe you should get going,” he says in a harsh and cold tone.


“I am sorry I didn’t mean to make you angry.”


“It’s fine.”


He opens my car door but I shut it, I hold his hand, “I am sorry,” I whisper. Without thinking about it, I lean in and smash my mouth over his. That spurs him in action, he takes over, the kiss is light at first but soon it is more. Wrapping my hands around his neck, I hold on. I don’t mind kissing him over and over he tastes and smells so good.


“Am I forgiven now?” I ask when I finally pull away.


I feel his smile against my jaw, “I can’t be mad at you for more than one second.”




“I think I should get going now,” I start to move away but he keeps me close to him. His hand caresses my back gently and I sink against him.


Near my ear he says, “I wish you didn’t have to go back home.”


“But I have too,’ I whisper


“I know.”


“I will find time to see you again soon.”




“I cross my heart and hope to die.”


He laughs.


“And please think about what I asked you, give us a chance. Let me make you happy.”


“I will definitely think about it.”




He kisses me again before he helps me into my car I wave at him before I start the car and drive out of the driveway. Great night I had, Kai is really a great man I wish I met him earlier.


An hour later, I pull into the garage and step out of the car. My phone rings as I am about to open the door, i don’t even glance at the caller ID before I answer.


“Tasha,” the familiar voice speaks on the other side of the line.


“What?” I angrily respond when I realise its Fred and not Kai.


“Are the children sleeping? I would like to say goodnight if they still awake,” he says


I laugh, “Are you serious?”




“I just got home I don’t know they are awake or asleep.”


“This time?”




“And where the hell are you coming from?”


“None of your business.”


“I am still your husband.”


“Runaway husband,” I burst out laughing, “You left on your own free will, don’t call to ask me silly questions. If you want to see your children, you know where to find them,” I say before I end the call.


I open the door and walk in, the house looks quiet seems the children are sleeping, I head straight to my room I kick off my shoes, undress and take out my pajamas.


I am about to wear my pajamas when my phone rings again.


“What do you want?” I ask, raising my voice in anger.


“Hey,” Kai says


“Kai,” I breathe out.


“Are you okay?”


“Yes, just that Fred called me a few minutes ago and I cut the call, I thought he was the one calling again.”


“Are you okay?”




“You are home already?”




“What are you doing?”


“Getting ready for bed.”


“Wish I could see you right now. I wish I could lie next to you and hold you in my arms I wish I could wake up to you every single morning.”


My heart skips a beat, I am a married woman I shouldn’t be feeling like this but I can’t help it, Kai has a way with words, he makes me feel wanted.


“Give me a chance to love you.”


“It’s not that easy.”


“I know.”


“Let’s take things slowly.”


“I could work with that.”


“Are you home yet?” I asked trying to change the subject


“I just pulled into my driveway.”


“Aren’t you supposed to be with your wife right now?”


He sighs, “That one bores me I would rather be with you.”


“I see.”


“Anyway, I have to sleep I have a busy day tomorrow.”


“Sleep tight darling.”


“Good night.”


“I love you.”


My heart skips a beat he isn’t supposed to say things like that so instead of responding, I end the call.




As soon as Tasha ends the call, I delete her number from the call history, I place my phone in my pocket and step out of the car, grabbing the banquet of flowers and chocolate I got for my wife, I walk towards the door. I open the door and walk in before I firmly close it behind my back.


My wife appears from the kitchen to welcome me she has a huge smile on her face when she sees the flowers in my hands.


“Darling you are back?” she says




I hand her the flowers and the chocolate.


“Thank you baby,” she places them on the table.


“You are welcome.”


“Where is Sofia?”


“She is sleeping.”


“So soon?” I ask glancing at my wrist watch. Sofia is my 5 year old daughter.


“She fell down and started crying, I soothed her and she fell asleep.”


“How did she fall?”


“You know Sofia she was running up and about.”




“Can I set up the table now or you will first have your bath?”


“My bath first.”




I rush up to my room for a quick warm shower before I join my wife for supper, even though I am not hungry, I have to eat others wise she will begin to question my way abouts and I can’t afford for her to know about Tasha.






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