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An hour later I pull up I front of my house, before I step out of my car, I check my phone and as suspected Kai has texted.


“Are you home already? I know I promised to lay low but I can’t stop thinking about you.’


I feel the warmth of the blush crawling up my cheeks as I respond to his message.


“I just got home & you really need to stop texting me, I am married woman remember?’


A second later there is another vibration on my phone and this time around the warmth spreads through my body as i read his text, ‘I wish I met you earlier, you are everything I want in a woman.’


‘Stop it.’


‘I am serious.’


‘When am i gonna see you again?’


‘Boy bye,’ I respond before I tuck my phone back into my purse. I get out of my car and shut the door then I walk towards the house, I hope he will stop texting me. As far as everyone is concerned, Fred and I have the perfect marriage even though we have been having issues the past few years I don’t want to ruin the illusion by starting an affair with another man.


Fred and I come a long way he took me to school and made me the person I am today. I love and appreciate him though my actions speak a different story. I do love him but in my own special way though sometimes he irritates me and another thing I hate is his job.


I wish he can go back to school and just study something else, he is below me and sometimes I feel I deserve better, I should be married to a CEO of a company and not a teacher.


Anyway, I push the door open and enter the house firmly closing the door behind me. As I walk into the living room, I see a strange lady sitting on my couch watching television.


“Who are you?’ I ask pinching my eyebrows together.


She instantly stands up and smiles at me, “Hello madam,’ she reaches out to shake my hand.


“And you are?’ I ask once again


“I am Leah.”


“And what are you doing in my house? Why are you even sitting on my clean couch?’ My voice isn’t pleasant. I hate to find strangers sitting on my couch, they are quiet expensive.


Before she responds, Fred comes out of the kitchen with a beer in one hand. He walks over to me, leans down to kiss me and nuzzle my neck but I push him off me.


“Who is she?’


“Her name is Leah and she is here for the interview.’


I exhale loudly, ‘She is the maid?’




‘And you allowed her into my living room? You asked her to sit on my couch? Do you know how much these are? They cost me a fortune Fred.’


‘Tasha come on, you expected me to ask her to sit on the floor?’


‘Outside on the verandah, we don’t even know this woman, for all we care she could be a criminal,’ I snap.


‘My bad.’


‘You always find ways to annoy me.”


“I am sorry.’


I shake my head and turn to the woman in question, ‘Please carry your bag and leave my house.’




‘I said leave?’ I yell


She grabs her bag and runs out of the house Fred is about to go after her but I grab his arm, “you wouldn’t dare run after a stranger would you?’


He takes a deep breath, ‘You are impossible.’


“I don’t like that woman so let us wait for someone else, well unless you have other motives.’


He takes a sip from his beer and throws himself on the couch.


“Where are my babies?’


“In there room.’




I walk to the children’s bedroom they are laying on the bed watching Sofia the first, there all time favourite.


“Hey my darlings.’


“Mummy!’ they jump up and down.


I scope Taylor in my hands and hug her tightly, ‘My bambino is growing so big,’ I whisper


She giggles.


I sit on the bed and Talia hugs me from behind, ‘What did you get us?’






I hand her the small plastic with the cake I got from the café, she shares with her sister and they start eating. I love my children a lot though they are more close to their father because he spends a lot of time with them plus I am a little strict and their father is always tolerant of them.


I spend some time with them reading and singing for them, afterwards some more ladies come for the interview and I interview them one after the other till I finally find one that I like.


Her name is Fatima, she is dark in complexion and not very beautiful, I love how is she dressed, long blue dress, a head wrap around her head and some black sandals.


“So I will see you tomorrow Fatty,’ I wave at her as she walks out of the gate.




I rush back to my room I get a quick shower and brush my teeth. After leaving the bathroom, I walk back into the bedroom I make the bed before I get dressed.


I decide to wear a yellow off the shoulder blouse and pink slacks I let my hair fall loosely on my shoulders and slip my feet into a pair of sandals.


I apply my make up perfectly then I scan my perfume shelf, grab one of my favourite perfumes, spritz here and there walk out of my room leaving a trail of fragrance behind.


When I get to the kitchen, Fred and the kids are having their lunch.


“I will see you later.’


‘Okay,’ he responds.


I kiss the girls goodbye and head out of the house, I am meeting up with my best friend Prisca for lunch, we will go shopping after lunch and then later in the evening go clubbing.


Prisca and I have been friends for more than ten years, she is my go to person, she is my sister from another mother, I love her whole heartedly I can never do wrong by her.


I head over to the restaurant I arrive first at our usual meeting place. It is a small restaurant in the outskirts of town. I order myself a drink while waiting for Prisca to arrive.


After what seems like forever, Prisca finally arrives we chit chat for a while before we make our order. “So I met up with Kia today,’ I say


Her eyes widen, ‘Say what?’ she squeals with excitement.


“Shut up.’


‘Details please.’


“He says he likes me and would like me to give him a chance.’




‘I can’t.’




‘I am a married woman, dah!’


‘And who cares?’


“I do.’


‘How are things with Fred?’


I shrug, ‘Same old stuff.’


‘You see.’


“He has his flaws but he loves me and I love him, I am not gonna leave him for someone I hardly know.’


“I am not telling you to leave him, I am just telling you to let loose and have some fun.’


“I only agreed to be friends with him.’


She rolls her eyes and smirks, “Let’s see how long you guys will last as friends.”


“Shut up.”




Meet Fred






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