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I am sitting in the doctor’s office awaiting my pregnancy results, I haven’t been feeling too fine the past few days, I have the same symptoms I had when I was pregnant with Sofia, I just want to be sure if I am really pregnant, my husband and I talked about having a boy, I am sure he would be thrilled to know I am expecting.


Speaking of my husband, I miss him terribly I have been away from home for some weeks now my vacation is almost done so I should be heading back home in a day or two.


“Your results are ready and they are positive, congratulations you are two pregnant,” the doctor says when she finally walks in.


My heart skips a beat and a huge smile instantly plays on my lips, “This is wonderful news.”


“Yes it is.”


The doctor and I discuss a few things before I finally leave and drive back home, I am tempted to call my husband but this news is too amazing to be shared via the phone, I am heading back home tonight. I want to surprise him.


As soon as o get home, a book a flight and start packing my things, I am not really sure how I should break the news to him but I want it to be special, something he will always look back at.


“What’s going on?” My cousin Faith asks


I smile, “I am going back home, I miss my husband.”


She rolls her eyes, “I thought you were leaving in two days time.”


“Actually I am pregnant and I can’t wait to break the news to Kai.”


“Awwww!” she screams in excitement.


“I know right.”


“Congratulations sister, I hope it’s a boy.”


“I hope so too.”


“Let me freshen up so I can drive you and Sofia to the airport.”






I rise from the chair and run to the bathroom and throw up, I can hardly breathe as I retch continuously even when my stomach is empty.


Tears stream down my cheeks as the sour smell of vomit fills in the room. This is like the fifth time I am throwing up in one hour, I feel sick and weak as if I have malaria.


I don’t understand what’s happening to me, i have been experiencing constant vomiting and diarrhoea for the past two days, I never experienced these kind of symptoms when I was pregnant with my first two kids, why is this one so different? I am constantly drinking fluids so I don’t completely become weak.


When I finally walk back into the living room, Kai hands me some water.


“Take this,” he says


“Thank you,” I smile at him. He such a gentleman, I fall in love with him every single day. I think Kai is my soul mate because I can connect with him in more ways than I did with Fred.


Speaking of Fred, he signed the papers I sent to him, I am glad he didn’t fight this, Fred is a great man, I know he will find someone who loves him for who he is.


I can’t wait for our divorce to be finalized so that I can start my life again with Kai.


“How are you feeling?” he asks


“Weak and nauseous.”


“It will get better with time.”


“I hope so.”


“I know so.”


I smile, “I love you.”


His phone rings before he responds, he picks it up and stares at it for a moment, “I have to take this call.”






“Time is running out,” I said to the person on the other end of the line.


“That’s why I called.”


“I am all ears.”


“Have you been giving her the water I gave you?” she asks


“Yes, give her more of the water tonight, it will make her sick, you will drive her to the usual clinic and then we stick to the rest of the plan. I am tired of playing hide and seek, it’s about time Tasha gets to meet her rival.”


I sigh in relief, “Finally, I can get my life back on track.”


“And I can marry the love of my life, you are a life saver brother, I shall forever be indebted to you.”


“You know I would do anything for you right?”


“I know.”


“I took the risk for you.”


“I am grateful, I owe you one,” she says before she ends the call.




“Home sweet Home,” I exclaim as I throw myself on the couch while Sofia runs upstairs to her room, she obviously missed her toys. I called my sister Trish when we landed and she drove us home. More interesting stories from


She said she is meeting someone for some drinks so she couldn’t enter the house, my sister is dramatic can you imagine she charged me for the ride she said something about fuel being expensive. I have never seen someone who loves money as much as she does.


The house looks clean and tidy but although the floor needs to be swept and the furniture encased with a deep layer of dust needs cleaning. This will have to wait until a little later.


I walk into the bedroom and set my bag on the bed then I look around the room and realise that it looks exactly as I left it, it doesn’t look like someone slept in it.


There are no dirty clothes scattered on the floor and the laundry basket is empty, I walk to his closet and search through it, some clothes are missing and when I look around, I realise that one of the suitcases is missing.


What the hell is going on? Where is Kai? Did he travel? I wonder, I talked to him just last night and he said he was home. A sinking feeling tags at the pit of my stomach as a mixture of thoughts & questions fill my mind.


I pick up my phone and call Kai, his phone goes unanswered so I try his office number and listen with worry to perpetual ringing. When I finally get off the bed, I head to the bathroom for a quick shower, after that, I walk into the kitchen to prepare something to eat for Sofia.


Speaking of Sofia, she hasn’t come out of her room since we got back I walk into her room and find her sleeping she has her arms wrapped around her favourite teddy bear, this little girl always melts my heart, I take a quick photo of her and head back to my cooking.


I spend the rest of the day cleaning up and moving a few things in the living room. By 9 pm, I am surprised that Kai hasn’t called me back so I pick my phone and decide to call him again.


“Baby!” He answers


“I have been trying to call you,” I say


“I saw your missed calls, I was just a little held up. I just got home from work, I was actually about to call you.”


“You are home?” I ask


“Yes and the house is boring without you, I miss you terribly.”


For a moment there I am a little confused, what does he mean he is home? Which home is he talking about?


“Kai,” I hear a voice on the other side of the line.


“Who is that?”


“Kai!” it comes out more like a scream and the line drops dead at the moment. I stare at my phone for a second, wondering what just happened.




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