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I drive around in circles before i decide to book myself into a hotel. I need a cold shower first and then i will be able to process everything that has just happened to me.


Pulling in front of Lusaka Hotel, i step out of my car feeling exhausted and dizzy. I grab my bags and head for the hotel entrance.


Then i walk straight to the hotel registration desk and book myself a room.


After the receptionist hands me the key card to my room, i walk into my room. I close and lock the door behind me. Dropping my bags on the floor, i get undressed and head for the bathroom. I take a long cold shower while thinking about my next move in life.

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The last few hours have been the most devastating hours of my life, as if losing my son wasn’t enough, my best friend and the love of my life played a fast one on me.


I still find it hard to believe that the person i considered my sister and best friend would hurt me in such a manner, indeed the saddest thing about betrayal is that it never comes from your enemies.


I step out of the bathroom and get dressed, i feel tired, my exhaustion is overwhelming but the questions racing through my mind are even more intense, i need to see Kai, he has to tell me why he would lead me on when he had no intention of catching me.


Kia ruined my marriage, i will ruin his even if it’s the last thing i do. Kai never took me to his matrimonial house but i know where it is, there was a time i tracked him down, that was before we our affair started.


When i am fully clothed, i grab my car keys and head out of the door to my vehicle.




I am sitting on the couch in deep thoughts trying to figure out what is going on with my husband. Kai is avoiding me and from the way he has been behaving, i know he is hiding something.


Kai isn’t home at the moment, he went out with Sofia, i hope by the time he gets back, he will be willing to talk i want him to tell me the truth no matter how painful it is.


A moment later, a knock at the door startles me from my thoughts; i slide off the couch and head for the front door, i open the door to find a beautiful woman standing on my door step.


“Hello,” i smile politely.


“Kenzie?” she asks




“Is your husband home?”




‘I need to talk to you and him, do you mind if i come in and wait?”


“And you are?”


“A friend from work,” she responds, it’s strange that i don’t know her, i know almost all of Kai’ friends from work, maybe she is new, he could have hired her when i was away.


“Come in,” i step aside and allow her in.


“Thank you.”


“Please take a seat,” i point at an empty couch.


“Thank you,” she sits down.


“Can i get you anything to drink?”


“Water would do,” she responds


“Okay,” i rush to the kitchen and get her a glass of cold water.


“Thank you,” she says when i hand the glass to her, she takes a small sip and places it on the table next to her.


“You are welcome,” i sit on the couch across from hers and grab my phone before i start typing away with my sister.




I keep stealing short glances at Kenzie as she types on her phone, lord the woman is beautiful, i feel ugly in her presence, why would a man cheat on a beautiful woman like this?


I really thought i was one of the most beautiful women around, well atleast that’s what always told me but looking at this woman right now, maybe i was wrong all along.


For the next few minutes, we sit in silence, she is so busy on her phone, it’s as though i don’t even exist. Like what woman would allow a strange woman to sit in her house and wait for her husband without asking any questions? I know i wouldn’t tolerate that, i never allowed any strange women in my house, i am psycho like that.


After what seems like forever, i hear the front door creak open and then it is closes again. Afterwards, Sofia comes rushing into the room, she is more beautiful in person than in the photos. She has a banquet of flowers in her hands which she hands to her mother.


“Daddy loves you so much,” she says


Kenzie smiles and gets the flowers from her she sniffs them and smiles again.


“Thank you darling, “she responds


Sofia turns to me and gives me a questioning look, “Hey,” she says.


I am about to respond when Kai walks into the room carrying a bottle of wine in his hands. He looks at me and his widen in shock, i guess he didn’t expect to see me here.




Kai stands frozen for a moment, staring at the woman who claimed to be his work mate, his face looks pale it’s as if he has seen a ghost. There is something about this woman that gives me the chills. And from the look of things there is more between her and Kai than just work.




When i walk into the room, i get the shock of my life Tasha is sitting in my living room. Why would she even come here, what the f**k was she thinking? Does she want to ruin my marriage?


“Are you okay?” my wife asks.


“Yes,” i try not to panic. I have to find a way to get Tasha out of here before she says anything to Kenzie, that’s if she hasn’t said anything yet.


“Kai,” Tasha stands up she walks closer to me and wraps her hands around me unexpectedly. What the f**k? Is this woman insane? I push her off me.


“What are you doing here? I ask


“I am here for you my darling,” she responds.


“Darling?” Kenzie shots me a questioning look. I choose to remain silent, what’s a man supposed to do in such a situation?


“Tasha i think you should leave,” i say




“You know why.”


“I am not leaving, i am here to talk, i have so many questions for you and you will answer them weather you like it or not.”




“Sofia, go to your room right now,” Kenzie says. When Sofia is gone, Kenzie faces me, “What’s going on? Who is this woman?” she asks


“She is a nobody,” i respond


“Now i am a nobody?” Tasha asks


“Tasha leave,” i grab her hand.


“I am not going anywhere, we have to talk.”


“Leave my house now, i will call you later.”


“I said i am not going anywhere.”


“What the hell is going on here?” Kenzie yells, i can tell from her voice that she is angry.




“Don’t babe me,” she cuts me off before i can finish. She looks at Tasha and asks, “Who are you? I am asking this question for the last time and if you are not willing to respond, please leave my house,” she says.


“Your husband knows who i am.”


“Tasha leave!” i yell losing my patience.


“I am not gonna leave so shut the f**k up,” she snaps.


I am losing my patience at this moment, if Tasha doesn’t leave my house this moment, i might have to drag her out by force, i will not allow her to ruin things between Kenzie and i.




“Please leave my house,” i plead with her, i don’t know who she is and what hold she has on my husband, i just want this woman out of my house because she isn’t making any sense.


She looks at my husband, “Are you gonna tell her or should i?” she asks


“Please,” he begs.


“Tell me what?”


“Tasha don’t,” Kai holds her hand but it seems his plea, falls on deaf ears.


“Kai? She begins, “You thought you would ruin my marriage and go scot free?” she asks.


Her question takes me off guard and for a moment my heart races.


“Tasha, let’s talk about this some other time,” Kai pleads.


“I lost our baby,” she says. “I lost our son Kai.”


“Baby?” my mouth falls open with shock.


“Yes, your husband and i have been having an affair, i was even pregnant for him but unfortunately i lost our son,” she says.


At that moment i feel sick, tears well in my eyes and my entire body rushes with mixed emotions. I was right all along Kai has been cheating on me.






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