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My eyes flutter open and shut. My head aches intolerably & my mind is in a daze. Everything feels like a nightmare. I wish i could remain unconscious but i have so many unanswered questions, questions that Prisca and Kai need to answer, they owe me that much.


Awareness returns to me, my eyes open again darting back and forth.


“Finally awake, i see,” Prisca says staring back at me.


I stare at the woman i thought was my friend and a pang of hate shoots through me. This time it’s just the two of us, i wonder where the other woman is and what her involvement in this matter is.


“So like i was saying, Kai is my brother and i sent him to have an affair with you, Kai never loved you he just used you,” she says


I have a lot of questions for her but i don’t know where to start from.


I met Prisca when i was 22 years, which was about 15 years ago, she has never told me about having a brother i only know about her young sister they are just the two of them in their family.


“When did Kai become your brother?” i finally ask, my throat hoarse as i utter those words.


She laughs!


“Kai and i were in a gang together.”


“Huh?” my eyes widen in shock.


“When i lost both my parents at a 15, i had no one to turn to for love and support. I was introduced to the gang by a friend and from then on, i depended on the gang for love and support. The gang made me feel like i belonged and they gave me a sense of security.”


I open my mouth as if i am going to say something and then i shut it abruptly.


“The gang ended when our leader was arrested but even though we all went our separate ways we promised to hold each other down no matter what.”


“My God!”


Prisca continues, “Kai is like the big brother i never had, we know a lot about each other. He would do anything for me and vice versa, he didn’t give it a second thought when i asked him to deal with you for me.”


“So meeting Kai wasn’t an accident?” i ask


She smiles again, “You wanna know what our motto was?” she asks


I shake my head, “No.”


“I will tell you anyway.”




“From this day onward and for the rest of my life, i pledge my support and trust to the dark squad gang. And i pledge my loyalty to all its members. If one bleeds, i bleed with them too,” that was our motto, it still is.


“The gang is no more and we don’t meet publicly like we used to, but we have each other’s backs and we meet secretly once in a while,” she says with a smile on her face.


“Is there anything else i should know?” i ask


“Alice isn’t my biological sister, she was part of the gang too, i adopted her when the gang ended,” she says


“And to think i thought i knew you?”


“There is a lot you don’t know about me best friend,” she says placing an emphasis on “best friend.”


I stare at the woman i thought was my ride or die, “Why did you send Kai to ruin my marriage?”


“Kai didn’t ruin your marriage, you ruined it yourself.”


“You sent him,” i yell


“You know the best lesson i learnt from the gang?”


I choose to keep quiet.


“To win a war, you need to know your enemies’ weaknesses,” she says. “And when i knew yours, it wasn’t so hard to destroy you.”


“When did i become your enemy?”


“When you married the love of my life.”


My head spins, “How is Fred the love of your life? You hate him.”


“Have you ever wondered why i hate him?”


“Of course but i never paid attention to it.”


“She smirks, “I met Fred before you met him. I loved him the minute i set my eyes on him and i wanted him for myself but he declined my offer for us to date.”


“I was devastated when he told me he could never bring himself to love me. Then he disappeared without a trace until a few months later when you introduced us.”


My head hurt, i can’t believe my ears.


“I was hurt, why did all the men prefer you to me? You can get any man just by smiling at him while i have to struggle and plead for men to be with me. Men just sleep with me and leave, all i wanted was someone i could call my own and you took him away.”


“I didn’t take him away,” i yell. “He didn’t want you, how the hell is that my fault?”


“I could have found a way to make things work, he would have loved me eventually but you held on to him even when you didn’t truly love him.”


“I loved Fred.”


“No you didn’t,” she yells


“I did.”


“You don’t disrespect and degrade someone you love Tasha. You don’t cheat and hurt them like you did to Fred.”


“You’ve ruined my life Prisca,” i scream as tears begin to pour down my eyes.


“I am gonna make Fred happy and i will raise your girls as though they were mine.”


“You wouldn’t dare.”


“Watch me.”


“Fred can never be with a woman like you.”


“Watch and learn girl, watch and learn,” she grabs her phone, dials a number and places it on loud speaker, i look at her as it rings, wondering what game she is playing.


“Hello,” Fred answers on the other side of the line and my heart skips a beat. I haven’t spoken to him in a long time and now that i have heard his voice, i must confess i miss him terribly.


“Hey buddy. How are you?”


“I am getting there, i am taking it one day at a time,” he responds.


“I am meeting up with Tasha later in the day do you still want me to talk to her about coming back home to you?”


“No,” he responds. “The kids and i are doing fine, i have made peace with what happened. It’s life.”


His words make my heart aches will he take me back if i decide to go back to him? I know he loves me a lot but is love enough to forgive and take me back?


“Alright. How are the girls?” she asks


“They are fine.”


“Pass my regards to them, i will drop by tomorrow to see you guys.”




“Have a good day,” she says before she ends the call.


She puts her phone back on the table and looks at me, “I am this close to getting Fred, just watch and learn.”


Taking a deep breath, i rise to my feet,” I have to get going now.”


“You should,” she laughs.


I grab my bags and head outside, i feel sick and confused plus i am in need of a cold shower.






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