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“Every wise woman builds her house but with her own hands the foolish one tears hers down.” Proverbs 14:1


I am sitting in front of the television though my mind is elsewhere, my heart is racing, there is a sinking feeling at the pit of my stomach that something is going to happen and my hands are kind of sweaty. I feel so uneasy.


A knock at the door startles me out of my thoughts and I jump a little before i walk towards the door. When I open it, Chansa is standing at my door step and he has an envelope in his hands.


“Come in,” I open the door wider and step aside, when he walks in, I shut it firmly behind my back.


“Please take a seat,” I point at the couch.


“Thank you,” he responds


I sit on the couch across from his, “How have you been? Did you find out anything about my wife?” I nervously ask.


“I have been fine and yes I did find out more than enough.”


I clear my throat, “Let’s hear it.”


He hands me the envelope, “Everything you need is in there,” he says


My hands trembling, I tear the envelope open.


Inside, I find two photographs. I stare at the photos and my heart clenches at the sight of Tasha with another man.


They looked so happy together, in one photo they were in a restaurant holding hands and in another, kissing passionately in front of a car.


“Are you okay?” Chansa asks


“Yes,” I lie


He hands me some papers, “You will find information about the man in these papers.”




“Thank you,” I hand him some money before I walk him out of the house.


I walk back into the house, pour myself a glass of whiskey, gulp down the beer and throw myself on the couch. Then I get the papers that Chansa left and start going through them, based on the report, the man she has been cheating on me with is married with one child and they have been together for a few months now.

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He has even included the address of the apartment where they meet from and apparently it’s the same address that I received via text earlier this evening from a strange number.


Grabbing my car keys, I decide to head over to the apartment because I am sure Tasha is there right now, I need to see her with him to believe truly that she is cheating- talk of giving her the benefit of the doubt.


I get into my car and start the engine, the drive to his house is stressing, I keep telling myself that there is a mistake somewhere that my wife can never cheat on me, that this is a nightmare and someone will soon wake me up.


An hour later, I arrive at my destination.


Taking a deep breath, I step out of the car and strode up to the front door. I walk up to the door to the sound of loud moaning. I feel the usual knot in my stomach as I push the door open.


I slowly make my way to where the sound is coming from, I walk into what looks like a living room and that’s when I see her, my Tasha, my beautiful wife of 11 years and mother of my two babies is in the having s£x with another man on his living room floor.


For a moment there, I see my whole life flash before my eye and I die not physically though. A mixture of emotions sweeps through me, I feel weak, I feel rage and I feel worthless.


“Fred?” her eyes are wide with shock when she sees me. The guy instantly detaches from her and hides behind the couch. No homo, he is handsome, I bet he has several woman running to him.


“Tasha,” I fake a smile


“What are you doing here?” she asks, I search her eyes to see if there is any hint of guilt in them but there is none, she isn’t remorseful at all.


“You will find me at home,” I respond before I turn and walk out of the house and back to my car.


You know how I feel? Like I have been hit by a track and I have lost my limbs. The pain is unbearable it’s like nothing I have ever experienced before. I drive back home at high speed.


And when I get home, I sit on the floor of my bedroom and wait patiently for Tasha.


She barges into the house an hour later and we lock eyes then she walks towards the bed, kicks off her shoes and sits down.


“I didn’t want you to find out this way,” she says


“Why?” I ask


She begins fiddling with her fingers as her head hangs down, “I don’t really know how this started but you pushed me to him,” she says


Anger courses through me in an instant. “Me? How?”


“You cheated first,” she says


I laugh, “I would never cheat on you and you know it. For the past eleven years I haven’t looked at a woman the way I look at you, I have been faithful to the end.”


“Stop lying,” I cut in, “You and Sharon where sleeping together, have you forgotten how I found her underwear in your clothes?”


I give a mirthless laugh, “I have never cheated on you, I swear on the lives of Taylor and Talia, God is my witness.”


“You are serious?”




“Where did you meet him?”


“That’s not important.”


“It is to me.”


“No,” I shake my head.


“Can I ask you another question? And I want you to be completely honest with me, you owe me that atleast. Are you in love with him?”


She looks at me for a minute as a tear slides down her face, I know her answer even before she opens her mouth to say, “Yes, I love him a love.”


At that moment my heart begins to ache, I feel as if someone has just stabbed me in my chest.


“So you want to be with him?” I ask an obvious question.


“I am carrying his child,” she whispers


I feel numb as I ask the next question, “Does his wife know?” I ask


“They are in the process of a divorce she doesn’t know about my pregnancy.”


“What next?”


“I am moving out of the house today and I plan to file for a divorce as soon as possible.”


“You can’t be serious,” I respond.


“I am serious Fred this is the end of the road for us. I will always love and appreciate you.”


“I always thought I was more than enough for you but I was so wrong, wasn’t i?”


“You are enough I just wanted more.”


“You are good man Fred and I wish you the best.”


She stands up, grabs a suitcase and packs some of her stuff. I watch her silently, where did I go wrong with her? I loved her since the first day, I promised her I would be faithful and I did just that, where did I go wrong? Is love ever enough?


“Sometimes love is never enough Fred,” she says as if reading my mind.


I give her a questioning look.


“You said that out loud,” she responds


“I have to go now,” she says when she is done packing.


“What can I do to make you stay?”


“There’s nothing you can do to make me stay,” she says


I feel the tears in my eyes begin to stream down my cheeks as I grab her hand and wrap my hands around her.


“I have to go,” she says pulling herself from me.


“I hope he is worth it.”


“He is.”


And with that said, Tasha marches out of the house.




Sitting at the far end of the room, I watch her silently as she moves with the rhythm of the beat. She sure knows how to move her assets. When the song ends, she turns and finds me staring.


“Why are you looking at me that way?” she asks


“You amaze me,” I respond


She walks back to the couch and grabs the glass in my hands she takes a large sip and hands it back to me.


“You are an excellent brother Kai,” she says


“What next?”


“You keep her entertained for two weeks while I work my magic on Fred, as soon as Fred falls into my trap you dump her and leave the country for a while.”


“The child?”


“Let me handle that,” she says with a smile on her face.







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