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I awaken to a radiating pain through my lower back, my stomach hurts and my heart race seems to increase by the second, I can hardly breath. I don’t know what’s happening to me but I think it’s about time I went to the hospital, I might be end up losing my son.


I slowly get out of bed and walk towards the door but I don’t get far, my legs become jelly and I feel the last bit of energy drain from me as I sink to the floor. The pain tightens around my abdomen it is strong and intense, like nothing I have ever experienced before.




“Kai,” I scream louder than the first time.






He rushes into the bedroom, “Are you okay?”


“I need to go to the hospital, I think I am losing the baby,” I respond


Grabbing his car keys, he helps me out I struggle down the corridor and down the main staircase. As I reach the middle steps, another sharp pain buckles my knees and I scream.


When I fail to take another step, Kai carries me and takes me to his car, once I am inside and belted into the seat, he walks round to the driver’s seat and starts the car.


He drives as speedily as possible, my heart continues to beat faster than usual and the pain in my stomach feels like I am being shredded.


Soon we reach the hospital and his car comes to a screeching halt, Kai calls for assistance and the nurse walks out with a wheel chair.


She helps me sit before I am rushed into the hospital, Kai gives them the much needed information about my condition and then they rush me into the ER.


When the Doctor starts examining me, I begin gasping for air as the breath seems to be leaving my body. The doctor urges me to breath and then all of a sudden, all I can see is darkness.




As soon as Tasha is taken to the ER, I head out of the hospital and back to my car, I get in and drive back home, wondering if the last phase of the plan will be completed successfully.


I drive up the driveway some minutes later before I step out and head for the door.


When I walk into the house, I head straight to the bedroom and start packing Tasha’s clothes in suitcases and some duffle bags. Then I pack my stuff too.


I rented this house for this specific game and now that we have come to the end of the game, Tasha and I need to leave this house, I am leaving first thing tomorrow morning. I hope she leaves too when she gets back from the hospital.


I take a quick bath and then decide to call my wife, I know she must be mad at me, Tasha almost blew my cover, I had to cut the call and switch my phone off.


Dialing her number, I wait for it to ring, it actually rings several times before she answers and from the tone in her voice, I know she is super furious.




“Where are you?” I furiously ask Kai, hoping he will finally tell me the truth because I am tired of his bullshit i hate the game he is playing. I have this sinking feeling at the pit of my stomach that something is definitely wrong, my husband could even be cheating on me.


“I am at home.”


“Which home?”


“Our home.”


“And who was calling your name when I called? Why did you even cut the line and switch off your phone.”


“My phone went off, the battery was low.”


“And the woman I heard screaming the background?”


“There was no woman in the background I am just alone it must have just been the television.”


I laugh,” I see.”






“How are you? Where is Sofia?”


“She is sleeping.”


“I miss you.”


“I am coming back home tomorrow,” I respond

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“What time should I pick you up from the airport?”


“I will let you know.”




“I am really tired, I have to rest, will talk to you tomorrow,” I hang up before he even responds. My husband is lying to me & this can only mean one thing, he is cheating.


My stomach tightens at the thought of him cheating, I don’t know what I will do if I find out he has being seeing someone else, our marriage has been perfect, Kai hasn’t given me any reasons to distrust him until now.


Anyway, I lie back on the bed and try to sleep but as the night slips away, I try to close my eyes, I just can’t sleep. I keep turning and tossing, I am restless, I have a lot on my mind, I need answers. Eventually my eyes finally give way and I fall asleep.


I don’t know how long I sleep but when I finally wake up, I have a tone of messages from Kai, most of them are about him apologizing and professing his love for me but I ignore them anyway.




I wake up to the sun glaring from the window, something is wrong I can feel it in my bones. My eyes try to adjust to the dark room as I struggle to sit. I wonder how long I have been asleep. I feel so weak though the pain in my stomach is no more.


“My baby?” My heart slams hard against my chest as I touch my stomach.


Where the hell is Kai and how long have I been unconscious?


The door suddenly creaks open and the doctor walks in.


“You are awake? How are you feeling?” he asks


“I am feeling much better,” I respond.




“Where is Kai?”


“He left last night where you were in the ER and he hasn’t returned,” he says


“Kai left?”




“This isn’t making any sense. And my baby? How is he?”


“I am sorry we…,”


“I lost the baby?” I ask cutting his sentence short, my voice is a mare whisper now, faint as much as much as my heart.




“My son,” I whisper as tears start flowing from my eyes.


“I am really sorry.”


I feel empty I had so many plans for my baby boy even though I never got to meet him.


The doctor quickly examines me then he tells me that I am fit to go home. I call Kai but his line takes me straight to voicemail so I end up calling Prisca so she can pick me up.




“Thank you so much for renting out the house to my sister and i.”


“You are welcome.”


“Tasha will be here soon to get her things, let her give you her keys.”


“I will do as wise.”


“Thank you once you, you are a life saver.”


“Anytime for you boo.”


I grab my bag and walk out of the house to my car. I start my car and drive out.


My wife hasn’t called me today I bet she is still angry but I will call her as soon as I get home so I know what time to pick her up. I am happy this Tasha phase is over, it’s about time I started giving my wife my full attention.


Pulling up into my driveway, I grab my bag and open the front door. Entering the living room, I freeze at the sight of my wife sitting on the couch with her legs crossed and her arms folded tightly across her chest. Sofia is playing with her toys on the floor but the minute she sees me she rises to her feet and runs towards me.


“Daddy!” she squeals with excitement.


“Hey baby,” I kiss her forehead.


“I missed you.”


“And I missed you even more.”


My wife shakes her head before she stands up and walks towards the bedroom. I chat with Sofia for a while before I decide to face my wife. When the hell did she come back? Does she know I have been seeing Tasha? Lord, I am busted.






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