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It’s been a few days since Tasha told the children about the divorce. It hasn’t been easy on any of us but life must go on. Life without Tasha is not the same.


The wounds she has inflicted on the inside are so deep words can’t even begin to decipher the ache in my heart. That woman was everything to me, when I married her I was the happiest man on earth I was so


excited, it felt like I had won myself a jackpot. And when we had our girls, I was content I always thought we would grow old together but look at us now.


Isn’t it funny how life can change in the blink of an eye? What we love, our happiness and security can all be taken away and one word “DIVORCE” can change everything.


When you marry someone, you build your life around them & even though you know that things are not moving as good as you would want them to, you hold on so tight and hope that they eventually turn around. And then one day they walk up to you and ask for a divorce because you are no longer what they need to be happy, “How the hell did we get here?”


Anyway, I am sitting in the living room on the couch looking at a photo Album of Tasha’s which contains several pictures of our family, she left the photo album for the girls so they can look back at their lives.


There is a bright smile on my face as I stumble on our wedding photos. In those photos, Tasha looks happy and content. She was wearing a simple mermaid gown but she looked gorgeous.


Lord, what happened to us? I wonder, for a moment there I squeeze my eyes shut and think about all the good times we shared especially in the early years of our marriage.


“You have to let go,” a voice says in my head.


“I know,” I respond before I open my eyes and fix my gaze back on the photo album.


I hope that man loves her as much as I do i hope he makes her smile and I really- really hope he is worth it. It is about 20 minutes later when a knock comes at my door. I walk to the door and open it, to find a delivery man standing on my door step.


“Fred Sakala?” he asks




“I have a parcel for you.”




“You just have to sign for it,” he says handing me a pen and showing me where to sign. After that he hands me a big manila envelope and says, “You have a nice day Mr. Sakala.” and he walks off.


I close the door, walk back to the couch and sit down. I open the envelope, I go through the contents and what I discover makes me sick to my stomach, there is a white paper with the words, “Petition for Divorce” written in block letters followed by Tasha’s formal signature.


So this happening? I grip on the paper tightly as betrayal and hurt stings deeply within me. Tasha is seriously divorcing me, I thought she would wait a little longer but it seems she is in a rush to marry her new lover.


I quickly read through the rest of the paper and neatly swerve the pen along the line next to my name. Staring at my signature for a moment, I would do anything to save my marriage but it’s done & I just have to accept things as they are.




Standing in front of the mirror I eyes myself critically in the mirror, my dress is elegant and s£xy, the makeup is on point and my hair looks amazing. “I am a beautiful woman, any man would be blessed to have me as his wife, I am a keeper, I am the favour,” I say these words to myself over and over again.


Satisfied with myself, I walk away from the mirror then I grab my car keys and purse.


I walk out of the house and get into my car I throw my handbag into the passenger side and drive off. I am in high spirits as I drive towards Fred’s house, since Tasha moved out and she is pursuing a divorce, I figured this was the right time for me to have Fred all to myself, he is hurting and I know men heal by having s£x with someone else, I will offer him this and more, Fred is the man for me, I am certain now more than ever.


I will make Fred comfortable and then I will seduce him, after he has a piece of me, there will be no turning back.


I get to Fred’s house an hour later and pull up in his driveway, stepping out of my car, I head for the front door, I knock twice and wait, the door is opened a minute later by Prisca, Tasha’s friend.


Prisca and I lock eyes, we hold the gaze for what seems like forever before she breaks it and smiles at me, “Hey,” she says


“Hello, is Fred in?”


“Yes,” she steps aside and allows me to enter.


“What is it about this woman?” There is something about this woman that doesn’t ring true and it seriously gives me the creeps. When I enter the living room, I find Fred and Patrick playing cards. I didn’t expect to find Patrick here, he called in the morning and asked if we could spend the afternoon together but I told him I would be held up.


“Babe,” he says


I manage a weak smile, “Hey,” I walk over to him and lightly kiss his lips.


“I thought you had a busy afternoon,” he shots me a questioning look.


“Ya, I had a lunch date with a friend but she canceled so I thought I would come over and cheer Fred up.”


“I see,” he responds.


“Hey buddy,” Fred greets


“Hey you. How are you?”


“I am trying.”


“Okay, “I sit down next to Patrick and Prisca joins us a little later. “Lunch will be served soon,” she announces.


“Thanks,” Patrick responds


They continue playing cards while talking about random stuff though Fred isn’t talking much, the divorce issue is still affecting him, I really wanted this afternoon to be just about me and him.


“Isn’t she your wife’s friend? What is she doing here?” I ask when Prisca walks back to the kitchen.


“Yes, she is Tasha’s friend, to be honest with you I don’t know why she is here but if you ask me, she is here for the same reason as you.”


My heart slams hard against my chest, “Which is?”


“To sympathize with me.”




“I don’t think she should be here?” I say


“Why?” Prisca shoots in, I didn’t even notice she was standing on the door way.


“You are Tasha’s friend, you probably knew she was cheating and now you are here being sympathetic towards friend, what really is your motive?”


She laughs, “Tasha is my friend but I am not happy with what she did, I am only here to help Fred get by,” she snaps


“I know your type,” I respond


“And what is my type?”


“I want everyone out of my house,” Fred yells before I can respond He catches everyone off guard.


“I don’t need your sympathy, just leave my house already,” he says Patrick stands, “Babe I think you should leave,” he says “Yes leave,” Prisca says


“You too,” he points at her and I burst out laughing.




“Fine,” I shake my head and walk towards the door, Prisca grabs her bag too and walks behind me.


I head straight to my car and just before I get in, she grabs my hand and I turn around.


“Fred is my Best friend’s husband, I know they are going through a rough patch right now but he will forgive her soon because he loves her so back off,” she warns


I am about to respond when my phone rings, I pull my hand from hers and get into my car.


“I am watching you,” she says before she marches off.




“Auntie I have been waiting,” Fatima says, her voice is impatient.


“I told you I will sort you out soon.”


“This wasn’t part of our agreement, you promised to pay as soon as I accomplished my mission.” “But you pulled out.”


“A deal is a deal, pay me my money or I tell Fred you sent me to his house to work as a maid so I could spy on him and his wife.”


“You wouldn’t dare.”


“Watch me.”


“Ba Fatty, you are threatening me?”


“Auntie just send me my money, I have bills to pay,” she hangs up before I can say else. That girl is stupid, she will regret threatening me, for peace’s sake, I will settle her I don’t want her to ruin the only chance I have to be with friend.






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