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“Your husband here led me on for months, he made me believe that he didn’t care about you, he told me you guys were on the verge of getting a divorce. He even asked me to marry him,” she flaunts her ring in my face.


Staring at ring on her finger, bile burns at the back of my throat & tears sting my eyes as thing razor blades of pain slice across my chest. A spasm of bitterness tightens my rib cage and my stomach cramps, i jolt forward and begin gagging. Kai rushes to my side and he rubs my back as i continue gagging.


“Babe? Are you okay?” he asks


What a damn question for him to ask, how in God’s name am i expected to be okay with all this drama going on?


“Do you want a glass of water?” he asks


Before i can even respond to his question, i puke all over the floor. I feel awful, my stomach feels is cramping and churning as if it has an endless amount of things it needs to rid itself off.


A second time, my stomach tightens then i open my mouth and make a loud groaning grunt as a flood of vomit shoots on the floor. My vision becomes blurry and my head aches as i continue to retch time and time again.


“Babe? What is wrong? Do you think it’s something you ate?” he asks with a worried look and for a minute there, i almost believe that he is genuinely worried about me and then i remember the woman standing in our living room. Lord i feel so sick, i still can’t believe that my husband cheated.




I look up at him and try to speak but throw up again instead until i finish with a low, drawn out moan. I wait for a minute until i am sure i am finished. Then i sit back on my heels wiping my chin with the back of my hand.


“Feeling better?” he asks


I shoot him an evil eye and click my tongue, “Mxxxm.”


“I will grab a mop and clean up the mess,” he says rushing towards the kitchen.


I turn around to my husband’s mistress, “Aren’t you gonna leave?”


She intently looks at me for a minute before she asks, “Are you pregnant?”


“And how is that any of your business?”


“You are pregnant,” she says and Kai chooses that exact moment to walk in.


“Kenzie? Are you pregnant?” Kai asks


Lord this is not how i intended for him to find out, this was supposed to be a special moment for him and i. “Are you pregnant?”He inquires


I pull a deep breath, “Yes i am pregnant,” the words finally rush out of my mouth before i burst into tears. “Oh God Kenzie, why didn’t you tell me?”


“I recently found out, i flew back here to surprise you, guess what? I surprised myself.” “Babe,” he tries to touch me but i yank my hand off his. “Don’t.”


“I am sorry.”


“Sorry to break your conversation but i am not done here.” “Tasha, haven’t you done enough damage already?” Kai asks


She looks at me, “This man you call a husband was part of a gang, do you know that?” she asks “Tasha?” Kai snaps


Tasha looks at me again,” And his fellow gang member helped him to…,” “I think i have heard enough, you may leave now,” i say “I still have a lot to tell you.”


“I said leave my house,” i yell, my hands clenched by my side.


She looks at Kai, “You and i are not yet done,” and with that said, she marches out of the living room, slamming the door behind her back.


“Babe?” Kai begins but i my wave my hand in his face to shut him up. He doesn’t say another word as he starts cleaning up the mess.


I just a little bit of time to breath, to wrap my head around this whole thing, my husband not only cheated on me, he impregnated another woman and he was part of some gang. This man I’d thought i knew so well, my best friend and lover is really a stranger.


He has been lying and sneaking around behind my back.


Oh God. What am i going to do?


After he finished cleaning up, he begins pacing till he eventually stops in front of me.


“Babe, let me explain,” he says


“I don’t want to hear your lies.”


“I can explain.”


“Just leave me alone.”


“What do you want me to do? i will do whatever you say.”


“Leave,” i respond


“What do you mean i should leave?”


“I want you out of this house now i don’t care where you will stay just not here.”


“Babe let’s talk about this,” he pleads.


“Leave!” i scream.


“You are sure?”


“Yes,” i nod my head.


“Okay, i will leave so you can calm down but i will be back.”


He heads for the bedroom, he returns a few minutes later with his backpack and car keys. He looks at me one more time obviously hoping i will change my mind and when i don’t say anything he walks out of the door.


I hear the garage door open a few minutes later and when he drives out, my heart breaks to pieces, i never knew a time would come when my marriage would crumble right before my eyes.




Kenzie asked me to leave, i still can’t believe she did that, i thought she would allow me to explain but she didn’t even give me a minute to do so. Lord i hope she calms down soon so i can make her understand that what happened with Tasha was just a misunderstanding.


When i accepted to help Prisca out, i didn’t know it would get this far, i didn’t even know Tasha would be crazy enough to face my wife and tell her what she just did.


I love my wife a lot i really hope she forgives me atleast for the sake of Sofia and the child she is expecting.


“Why the hell did you tell Tasha about the gang?” i ask Prisca when i arrive at her house.


“I wanted her to understand what you and i share.”


“Never let your emotions control you,” i yell, “Have you forgotten that was one of our rules?”


“I am sorry i didn’t know she would come to your house.”


“That woman is crazy she wants to ruin my marriage.”


“Allow Kenzie to calm down, i am sure she will forgive you.”


“You think so?”




“If you say so.”




I am driving back to the hotel thinking about my next move, from the look of things, Kai loves his wife a lot, i don’t know why he lead me on, he still owes me an explanation and i won’t rest till i get it.


And what hurts me the most is that she is pregnant while i lost my own child, why should life be so unfair, if i lose my marriage, he must lose his too, i will make sure of that.


Right now i don’t even know what do with myself, the divorce is still in the process, it hasn’t been finalized, maybe i should go and beg Fred to forgive me and take me back.






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