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I am lying on the bed reading a book and texting when i feel a sharp pain in my stomach and lower back so I shift around on the bed thinking that the pain will go away, I haven’t been too fine for the past few days. All of a sudden, I feel sick to my stomach I throw the sheet off and run to the toilet where I vomit.


It seems like forever before I can breathe again and rise to my feet.


I have been throwing up constantly for the past few days, my body aches and I can’t seem to keep any food in my system. I haven’t been able to admit to myself the possibility that I might be pregnant.


I have been having unprotected s£x Kai though I am on the pill.


I brush my teeth quickly before showering and dressing in a record ten minutes.


After that, I am on my way to the pharmacy across the road to buy a pregnancy test kit, I have to be sure I am really pregnant before I tell Kai about it and if he wants still wants us to be together then I am game.


After buying the kit, I hurry back home to take the test. I rush into the bathroom and nervously read the procedure. Afterwards I gather some of my urine in a cup and soak the stick from the kit in it.


I pace back and forth as I anxiously wait for the results, after what seems like forever I pick the stick and stare at it, it is positive- I am pregnant for Kai.


I am very sure it is his because Fred and I haven’t been intimate for a couple of months now.


Shortly after that discovery, I am on my way to Kai’s house.


When I finally get to his house, I greet Kai with a warm hug and a kiss, I can’t wait to tell him but I am scared of his reaction.


“What a pleasant surprise,” he says


“I have something to tell you,” I pull him towards the living room.


“I am all ears.”


“I’m pregnant,” I finally spill the news.


“You are?” he asks, his face his unreadable, I don’t know if he is excited or not.


“Yes, I used a pregnancy test.”


“That’s great,” he says


“Is that all you will say?” I ask


“Could the child be mine?” he asks


For a minute there I feel sick again, his question makes me want to vomit all over again.


“Did you hear what I asked?”


“I heard you.”




“The child is yours but from the look on your face, you are not amused, I thought you wanted us to get married and start a family.”


He silently scratches his head,” I am just shocked.”


“I am out of here,” I say turning towards the door but he holds my hands and intently stares at me. “I just wanted to be sure. I didn’t want to get my hopes high for nothing.” “I see.”



He pulls me closer to him and kisses me while rubbing my tummy, “I can’t wait to m]=-eet our baby,” he says. “Me too.”




Tasha is lying in my bed I wore her down after our intense love making session.


I can’t believe she is pregnant, this messes up everything, she told me she was on the pill how could she get so careless. How am I gonna get out of this without my wife finding out?


I have been trying to call this silly woman who made me do all this but she isn’t picking up my calls, I feel so helpless right now, I didn’t intend for this to get this far, a lot is at stake, how do we go ahead with the original plan when a child is involved?


When my phone finally rings, I grab it and answer without checking the caller ID.




“You have been calling?” she asks


“There is a problem.”


“I am all ears.”


“She is pregnant, Tasha is pregnant,” I say




I roll my eyes as if she can see me,” How do people get pregnant? We have been having s£x.”


“Weren’t you using protection?”


“She said she was on the pill.”


“Are you sure she is pregnant though?”


“Yes, what are we gonna do?”


“We? Am I the one with a weak pull out game?”


“This is our mess don’t you dare put it all on me,” I snap


“She has to abort.”


“You want her to abort my baby?”


“That’s the only way out otherwise it’s gonna be so hard for you to get rid of her. You make her abort and then you dump her end of show.”


“It’s not that easy.”


“Think about it. Think about your wife and Sofia.”


The knot in my stomach tightens at the mention of my wife and daughter, they are my first priority, I have to do what I can to end this stupid affair.


“I will get back to you, I need to think.”




I end the call and head back to the bedroom.




I just ended my phone call with Kai, to say I am happy is an understatement I am thrilled. Tasha just played herself by getting pregnant for Kai this is exactly what I needed to pull the final string.


Phase two is complete, a foolish woman destroys her home with her own hands, I believe Tasha has just done that, they will be no one to blame but herself when things finally come crumbling down.


Well, it’s time to work my magic, Tasha is going down Fred will officially be mine, I have waited for so long for this, I can’t believe my dream is finally going to be fulfilled.


Phase three is the final straw, after this there is no going back, I am ready to end this game just like I started it.




“How are things going with Patrick?” Trish asks. We are sitting in front of the television watching big brother Nigeria.


I shrug, “Okay.”


“Just okay?”




“And has Fred said a thing about your relationship with Patrick?”


“He just asked me to take things slow with Patrick.”


“I see.”


“I don’t know what to do anymore to get Fred.”


“Fuck him out of that marriage,” she laughs


I roll my eyes, “Fred is a saint he would never agree to have s£x with me not even his dreams.”


“Then you will have to wait.”


After that evening that Fred played a fast one on me and Patrick, I decide to accept Patrick’s proposal so I could make Fred jealous but it hasn’t been working.


Fred’s eyes are only for Tasha, I wonder what that evil woman has that I don’t have. I am slowly losing it, all my efforts to get that man have proven futile, what am I gonna do now?


“Don’t lose hope,” she says


“I am f**king tired.”


“All things work together for the good of those who love the lord,” she laughs


“You are mocking me?”


“I am quoting the scripture for you.”


“I see.”


“Cheer up darling.”








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