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A month later,


“Kai,” I scream his name and fall forward onto the pillows.


Before I collapse completely, he wraps his hand around my waist and pumps his own release. Then he lowers us both to the bed with lying on top of me.


“That was mind blowing,” he smiles


“I know right,” i smile back at him.


For the next few minutes, we remain connected, him inside of me.


“Are you comfortable,” he asks


“I am perfectly fine.”


I seriously don’t understand how we got this far, at first I thought this was fun and all but now I am hooked.


Kai is romantic, he does things that surpass my imagination and the s£x is mind blowing. I want more of him.


The past month I have had to lie to Fred in order to spend time with Kai. As far as Fred is concerned I got a promotion at work and I am required to work long hours, weekends inclusive.


Church has even become a thing of the past for me i spend every free time I have with Kai.


Kai is my breath of fresh air, he makes me feel alive and as much as the guilt is eating me up. I can’t stay away from him I am addicted to his touch, maybe I am just obsessed I don’t know but I think I am ready to break the rules for him.


“So I have been thinking,” he says lightly kissing my lips.






“I am all ears.”


“I want to marry you Tasha,” he says and my heart instantly slams hard against my chest, I didn’t expect to hear these words from him.




“I want us to get married,” he says again


“Your wife?”


“You know my wife and I have been on separation, we are in the process of finalizing our divorce.”


“I see.”


“That is all you will say?”


“I am short of words.”


“Tasha I have fallen in love with you and I want us to get married, I kicked my wife out because I knew it’s you I wanted to be with. How about you? What sacrifices are you willing to make?”


“I have children with Fred.”


“I have a child with my wife.”


“I know.”


“You will have to make a decision Tasha, it’s either Fred or me,” he says before he pulls out of me and rolls out of bed.




“Love is about making sacrifices, I did my part, do yours.”


“It’s not that easy.”


“If you love me as much as you claim to then it won’t be that hard to leave Fred for me.”


“Can I atleast think about it?”


“You can think about it but I don’t think I will be able to see you before then.”


“What?” My eyes widen in shock


“You need to set your priorities straight, if you choose me I will make you life exciting but if you choose to be with your husband, I won’t bug you about it. Follow your heart.”




He gets dressed and walks out of the room I get out of bed too, take a shower and get dressed. I know I want to be with Kai but how do I break this news to Fred and my children without hurting them?


I grab my bag and walk out of the bedroom, Kai is pacing back and forth in the living room he has a bottle of whiskey in his hands. I walk towards him and wrap my hands around him, he flinches.


I kiss his neck, he turns around and our eyes meet, he looks like he has been crying.


“You are okay?” I ask


“Yes,” he nods his head.




“I want to be left alone please leave,” he cuts me off short.






“Okay,” I give him a quick kiss.


Heartbroken, I walk towards the door hoping he will change his mind and call me back but he doesn’t.


I drive out of his apartment with a heavy heart, he truly loves me I can see it in his eyes, I feel the same way too, lord why did I have to cross paths with Kai, my heart is stuck between a rock and a hard place.




“Are you sure about this?” Chansa asks


“Yes,” I respond, taking a sip from my glass of wine.


“You won’t regret hiring me buddy.”


“I know I can always depend on your services.”


“Thank you.”


After I give him more details, I walk him out of the house.


Chansa is a private investigator that I have just hired to track my wife and her way abouts. I have been watching Tasha for the past month she has completely changed into someone I hardly know.


She hardly has time for me and the children, she has stopped going to church and her attitude is intolerable, she is always out on business dates and when she is at home, she gives me the cold shoulder.


Maybe my sister was right after all, Tasha could be seeing someone else but I won’t accuse her without getting proper evidence and that’s the reason I have hired Chansa.


I finish my drink and head towards the bathroom I take a quick shower and get dressed. I am taking Amelia and the girls for a movie and dinner tonight.


I am about to walk out of the room when my phone rings, I pull it from my pocket and stare at it not recognizing the number.






“Hello? Anyone on the line?” I ask


“Hey Fred,” a female voice says on the other end of the line.


“Who am I talking to?”


“My name is not important I just call to give you some important information about Tasha.”


“My wife? Did anything happen to her? Is she okay?”


She chuckles, “Tasha is perfectly fine in fact she is on her way home.”


I sigh in relief, “Oh.”


“Do you know where your wife is coming from?” she asks


“How is that your business?”


“You deserve better, that woman you call a wife is cheat and a whore. I hope you leave her the minute her sneaky ways are exposed” she says before she hungs up.


I sink to the bed feeling sick is Tasha really cheating on me? Who the hell was that woman on the other side of the line and why did her voice sound familiar? I have to get to the bottom of this soon.




“How are things between Fred and his wife?” My auntie asks, Fred gave me a few days off since there is nothing much to do at home because the children are with his sister.


“Intense,” I respond


“What do you mean intense?” she asks


“I think Tasha is cheating on her husband.”


“What makes you think so?”


“She has been in and out of the house she hardly spends time with Fred.”


“I see.”


“And how the underwear issue? How did it end?”


“It eventually just died down you know Fred doesn’t like talking too much.”


“And that’s why I adore him,” she says


“What’s your plan? You wanna be his second wife?”


“I want to be his only wife Tasha has had her share she has to leave that man for me.”


“Should I be honest with you?” I ask




“I don’t see Fred falling in love with someone like you.”




“And I am tired of spying on that couple you pay me what you owe me so I can move on with my life.”




“I have done what you asked me Auntie, that man loves his wife dearly it’s a pity she maltreats him, I don’t want to be part of this plot anymore.”




“Thank you.”






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