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“You deserve someone who is terrified to lose you.”




“How are things between you and Tasha?” my sister asks


I asked her out for lunch so we could talk, the girls are still at her house, I don’t want them to witness the tension between Tasha and i. The house seems too small for the both of us we are barely civil to each other. I am angry at her for accusing me of cheating when I have been nothing but faithful to her. I am angry because she chose to believe everybody else but me.


“Are you okay?” my sister asks, firmly holding my hand, I zoned out like I always do when I am thinking about Tasha, that woman irritates me but I can’t picture my life without her.


She is the love of my life and the mother of my children maybe she isn’t happy with me, maybe I should let her go like Anna suggested but what will happen to our children and the life we have built together.


“Fred?” she waves her hands in my face.


“Tasha and I have been fighting a lot, she thinks I am cheating.”


“That bitch.”


“Don’t start please Amelia.”


“I am tired of Tasha mistreating you. You need to let her go.”


“Is it okay if the kids can stay with you for another week or two until we sort this out? I don’t want them witnessing what’s happening at home.”


“Yes, I have no problem being with the girls, they brighten up my days.”


“Thank you.”


“You are welcome. I am worried about you Fred, let Tasha go, you don’t have to divorce her but you could be on separation for a few months.”


“I will think about that.”


“Please do.”


I spend an hour with my sister, chatting away as we have our lunch. When we finish we walk out and I hug her before she drives off and I get into my car and drive back home.


When I get home, I find Tasha standing in front of the mirror doing her makeup she is clad in a sleeveless emerald flare short dress which hugs her body perfectly.


I sit on the edge of the bed and watch her as she finishes doing her makeup. Then she grabs some shoes from her closet and slips them on to her feet. She quickly sprays some perfume and grabs her purse.


“I am meeting a friend up for lunch, see you later,” she says




She walks out of the room and closes the door behind her back.


“Dear God please save my marriage, I know you hate divorces,” I whisper as I lay on the bed. I have a sinking feeling at the pit of my stomach, I feel like my marriage is about to end and that scares me a lot.




“You are going out?” I ask my husband


“Yes, I am meeting up a friend for lunch,” he responds


I frown he has been spending time out a lot the past few days I don’t know what to make of it.




“I thought we would be taking Sofia for a movie.”


“Oh that,” he hits his head with his hand


“Yes that.”


“I am sorry baby I totally forgot can we take her next week?”


“You don’t have time for us anymore.”


“What is that supposed to mean?” he asks


“You come back very late from work and you are out with friends the entire weekend, Kai what is going on?”


He laughs, “Nothing is going on here.”


“Something is defiantly going on and you need to be honest with me.”


He walks over to me and holds my hands in his while intently staring at me, “Nothing is going on, I am just going to have fun with some friends. Is there a problem with that?”


“There is no problem with spending time with your friends however I have a problem with you putting your job and friends before your family,” I say a little louder than I expected


“Stop being insecure, I am not going anywhere, I love you.”


“Fine,” I respond, choosing not to argue any further, I know a lost battle when I see one.


“You are upset?”


“No,” I shake my head.


“I can cancel the meeting with my friends so we can spend the day together.”


“It’s okay,” I say softly


“I don’t like it when you are upset and it’s not okay.”


“Do whatever pleases your heart,” I say


“Fine, I am not going anywhere.”


He kicks off his shoes before he removes his coat and joins me in bed, “I am not going anywhere.”


I frown and turn the other side.


“Let me just text my friends that I will not make it today.”


“You don’t have to stay because of me and Sofia we will find our way to the movies.”


“You and Sofia are my life I want you to be happy at all times.”


He grabs his phone and types something before he types something then he turns it off and places it on the table.


“I am sorry if I have been too busy,” he whispers






More silence.


“Babe,” he moves closer and starts kissing along my neck a few times. I draw in a breath of air.


“I am sorry I didn’t mean to hurt you.”


“It’s alright,” I respond before I turn to face him, i can’t afford to stay mad at him for a long time even if I try.


“How about we start making baby number two?” he asks with a mocking smile on his lips.


I roll my eyes,” In your dreams.”


“A little boy to run around the house,” he says


“And we have Sofia, isn’t she more than enough? That girl makes noise for five children.”


He laughs, “Come on.”


“Fine,” I respond as I try to climb on top of him but he flips my body over and climbs on top of me instead then he begins to kiss me, he kisses me passionately igniting the fire within me.


He continues to kiss me as he slips the dress off my body. Kicking off his pants, he eases every inch of himself inside of me and I moan as he takes his time thrusting in and out of me with deep strokes.


When it is over, my heart is overwhelmed with joy and I feel more connected to him than before. I lay my head on his chest as he brushes my hair out of my face.




The tension between Fred and I has continued, the feeling that he is cheating on me seems to increase with every smile as he texts on his phone and every time he gets home later than his usual time.


The same Sharon woman called me the other day, she told me she will accept my husband if he doesn’t stop pursuing her. I didn’t even bother to ask Fred because I know he would deny it so I have just decided to do me and live my life to the fullest, Fred can do as he pleases as well.


I am on my way to meet up with Kai at our favourite restaurant when my phone vibrates and I pick it up.


“Sorry, I can’t make it for lunch something came up,” I read his message.


I try to dial the number but it takes me off to voicemail, what could have happened that he would cancel our date for? Anyway, I decided to go ahead and have lunch all by myself.








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