Sat. Feb 10th, 2024






I have been in an irritated mood since yesterday when Tasha accused me of cheating and walked out of the house on me. I seriously have no idea where the bra and underwear came from.


I asked Fatima and she said she had no idea and I know they can’t be hers because they are too small. When Tasha walked out yesterday, I thought she would come back like she usually does but when she didn’t I tried calling her and when she didn’t pick up after 50 attempts i began to lose my mind.


I am glad she is back home and right now she is fast asleep but I can’t bring myself to pretend that everything is okay like she is doing. I love Tasha a lot but if she is tired of us, I am willing to let her go, I will not force her to stay with me no matter how much it will hurt to see her happy with someone else.


Maybe she has found someone else like my sister said, I quickly grab her phone and try to check it but it has a password which adds to my suspicions because she has never had one before.


I spend the next hours turning and tossing, my mind is troubled and I am restless. I have a sinking feeling at the pit of my stomach and it won’t go away, I know something is not right.


At last, dawn peeps through the window penetrating through the panes. I roll out of bed and head for the bathroom. I stand in the shower and turn on the warm water as it flows over my body.


The water is refreshing and it helps me clear all the bad thoughts from my mind, maybe all she needs is space, things will get better soon, I think to myself.


I am still in the shower when Tasha walks in and sits on the toilet. The hissing of emptying her bladder fills the bathroom, shortly after the toilet flashes.


Afterwards she walks towards me, stepping in close behind me she wraps her arms around me and presses herself against me, I turn around and she smiles up at me. Then she takes hold of my member and I push her hand away.


Her eyes widen in shock, on any other day, this gesture would have me melting in her hands but today it just won’t work, I won’t give into her advances. The s£x is great yes but it doesn’t permanently solve our issues, it is just a temporarily fix and that’s not what we need, we need more than s£x to sort our problems out.


She leans in close and tries to kiss me but I pull away from her and this infuriates her.


“Are you sleeping with her? Is she better than me in bed? Am I not attractive anymore?” she asks


Tasha is very manipulative, I know what she is trying to do but it won’t work.


“Fred?” she blinks away tears that are about to fall.


And did I tell you she is a good actress too? She would definitely win an Oscar Award. If you don’t know her very well, you would think she is being real when she is definitely acting.


“Are you gonna just stand there or you will allow me to take my bath in peace?” I ask


“You have never rejected me,” she says


“There is always a first.”


“You are definitely cheating on me.”


“If that makes you sleep better at night then maybe yes I am cheating,” I respond


“You will regret this,” she clicks her tongue and storms out of the bathroom.


I spend a few more minutes in the bathroom before I walk back to the room. Tasha is pacing back and forth, she has an angry look on her face for a minute there I feel sorry for answering her that.


“Are you okay?” I ask


“Mxxxm,” she clicks her tongue before she marches towards the bathroom.


I walk towards the closet and pull out a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, casual on a Monday because we have a field trip with the children at school.


As I am getting dressed, Tasha’s phone starts ringing and I am about to pick it up when she quickly rushes into the room and pushes me to get the phone first, luckily I don’t fall but I am caught by surprise.


“Hello,” she answers the call as she intently stares at me.


“I just finished taking my bath I will get back to you soon,” she says


“I am gonna be late for work so let me get dressed and then we can talk as I drive for work”


“Okay,” she says again before she ends the call and places the phone on the table.


“What was that about? I growl


“None of your business.”


“Oh, that’s how we are playing now?”


“This is my phone darling, don’t you dare pick it up when it rings.”




I finish getting dressed and head downstairs where I have my breakfast afterwards I leave for work without saying bye to Tasha.


“Freddie!” Anna exclaims when she sees me.


“Hey you.”


She engulfs me in a quick hug, “How was your weekend?”


“It was beautiful,’ I say


“I see.”


“So what are you so excited about?” I ask


“It’s a new week, new things I am just excited.”


“Good for you.”


“So, how about dinner with me tonight?” she asks




“Just like that?”








My day hasn’t really been a good one, firstly Fred has been avoiding me, as if that’s not enough he rejected me and had the guts to answer me in like I am nobody. If I had any doubts about him cheating, they have been cleared, Fred and I have had big fights before and he has never rejected my advances. He is cheating on me and I am sure the bitch is giving it to him real good.


For a moment there, I was beginning to feel guilty for cheating on him but I think he totally deserves it.


Anyway I have been moving up and down at the office, I can’t wait to get this day done with.


I am excited because Kai is treating to dinner at the house, he is gonna cook for me, isn’t that romantic?






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