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“The grass isn’t always greener, that’s just a filter.”


Sunday morning, I say bye to Kai and promise to be back soon before I drive over to Prisca’s house. I spent the night with Kai and he made love to me almost the whole night.


Kai is a great lover, he is an expert he made love to my body in a way that my husband never has and now I don’t feel like I want to let him go, I want more I hope he feels the same too.


Pulling up in front of her driveway, I step out of the car and close it behind my back then I head for the front door.


“Hello,” I push the door open and walk in.


“I am in the bedroom,” she calls out.


I head towards her room and walk in, she is lying on her bed eating fries and watching a movie.


“Hey you,” I say before I throw myself on the bed.


“Grow up,” she rolls her eyes.


I roll my eyes back at her,” You look tired,” I say


She yawns loudly, “I got in this morning, my body is sore I have body pains.”


“Whore!” I exclaim


“Whatever. Aren’t you supposed to be at church? What are you doing here this early on a Sunday morning?”


“Well I didn’t sleep home I am just coming back from Kai’s apartment.”


“You slept over at his apartment?” she asks






“I found a bra and underwear in Fred’s laundry basket I was so upset I went over to Kai’s place and…”




“I had s£x with him.”


“You what?” she asks, dropping the fries in her hands in surprise, startling me.




“You had s£x with Kai? Are you for real? Tasha? You are a married woman, what was going through your mind?”


I give her a questioning look I thought she would be happy that I finally did what she has always been telling me to do. 50/ 50, she always says and I did just that.


“I thought you would be thrilled to know that I got back at Fred and finally gave in to Kai.”


“Well I didn’t expect you to sleep with him, I told you to have fun but not this way.”


“But he cheated,” I say


“So? I know I said 50/ 50 but I didn’t expect you to go through with it.”


“Kai is fun and I love him, he made love to me in a way that no one ever has.”


“I told you to have fun not to go around falling in love with other men, have you forgotten that Kai is married too?”


“He is separated from his wife currently.”


Abaume nimbwa I have told you that several times, he could be lying to you.”


“Now you are confusing me.”


She takes my hand, “Did you have s£x with Kai at his house?”


“No, he has another apartment.”


“If he was over his wife he wouldn’t have had an issue taking you to his house, I want you to be careful Tasha,” she says


“I will be careful I promise.”




After an hour, I decide to head back home, is seriously didn’t expect Prisca to react like that, I thought she would be happy that I am finally stepping out of my comfort zone and trying out new things.


When I finally get home, Fred is out. I take a shower and change into something comfortable before I decide to prepare lunch, I haven’t cooked for my husband in a while, I don’t know why I suddenly feel the need to do something for him, maybe I am just feeling guilty for sleeping with Kai.


I spend the next two hours in the chicken cooking his favourite and when I am done, I set the table and wait for him, there is this sinking feeling at the pit of my stomach and I can’t seem to shake it off.


When Fred walks into the house later, he doesn’t even spare me a single look but heads straight to our room. I follow him.


“Hey,” I say, he is sitting at his desk, turning on his laptop it seems he went to church.


“Hello,” he says without looking up at me.


“How was church?” I ask trying to make my voice sound as normal as possible.




“What was the theme of the service?”I ask




“I see.”


There is a brief silence before I open my mouth again, “Lunch is ready,” I say


“I am not hungry.”


“What did you eat?”


“What do you want?” he asks




“You left this house calling me names and accusing me of cheating and now you are back pretending like all is well, what do you really want Tasha?”


“I was just trying to be civil with my husband.”


“I am not interested.”




“I said leave me alone,” he yells


Defeated, I turn and walk out of the room this is not how I thought he would respond.




Later in the evening, I am lying on the bed with my phone in my hands Fred is still sitting at his desk, he has typing almost the whole day and he hasn’t said a word to me.


My phone vibrates shortly after, “I miss you,” the text from Kai reads.


“Hey,” I respond


“You don’t miss me?”


“I do.”


“Yesterday was amazing, when are we gonna be together again?” he asks


“My husband is home.”




“I am trying to give him my attention.”


“I have been thinking about you all day.”




“I think I am falling for you.”


My heart skips a bit and my breath stops, “ No.”


“I am falling for you and I know you feel the same, I could see it in your eyes yesterday and the way your body responded to my touch, that was confirmation enough.”


“We are both married.”


“You know I am willing to kick her out for him if you are willing to do the same.”


“I don’t know.”


“After what we shared last night, I think you should give us a chance.”


“Let’s meet and talk tomorrow, my husband is looking at me in a weird way.”




I put my phone back on the bed and Fred focuses his attention back on his laptop, I hate it when he ignores me, why do I feel so guilty as if he can see through me, as if he knows what I just did.




“I am trying to work here I will appreciate it if you can keep quiet, watch a movie or something.”






“Congratulations buddy,” she lifts her drink and clank his glass with it.


“Thank you,” I smile graciously at her.


Then she takes a large sip and swallows, this is her favourite wine, I guess she loves the light sweet taste that it has.


“So now that step two has been successfully executed what next?”


“You need to make her believe that you have deeply fallen in love with her & then when you have her in the palms of your hands, infiltrate yourself in her life so that your relationship with her should be revealed.”




“How long will your wife be away?” she asks


“Two months.”


“That is enough time for you to get this and done with.”




“Tasha’s days with Fred are numbered,” she smiles


“I am glad I could help.”


“Thank you.”


“Anytime buddy.”





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