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“No matter how mad you are at your partner, don’t go and seek someone else’s attention. You sit down and make it right. If you can easily go to someone else, you do not love the person you are with.”


A week later,


Its laundry day and I am picking through Fred’s laundry basket trying to remove his clothes so I can hand them over to Fatima.


I reach the bottom of the laundry basket & as I pull out one of his shirts, a bra and a pair of underwear fall out. I pick them up and examine them, they are definitely not mine. The owner seems to be smaller than I am.


Disbelief and rage sweep through me when I realise they could be Sharon’s, the woman who has been bugging me about Fred, the last time she called, she told me she had finally decided to accept Fred’s proposal and she would be taking over my marriage if I wasn’t careful.


So that bastard is really cheating? How could he do this to me? To us? To our children?


Sinking to the ground, I let out a loud cry as I realise that my husband is not who I think he was.


Fred comes into the room a minute later, “what happened?” he asks


“How could you?” I ask in a low soft voice




“I found these in your clothes,” I say pointing at the bra and underwear.


“I have never seen them, I have no idea who they belong to,” he responds


“Lies,” I yell


He gets down on his knees and intently looks at me, “I swear I don’t know where they came from or what they were doing in my laundry basket.”


“You have been sleeping with her?” I ask wiping tears with the palm of my hand, “Have you atleast been using protection?”


He lets out a breath, “Tasha I haven’t been sleeping with anyone, how do you want me to convince you that it’s only you I have been with since we got married?” he tries to touch me but I shot him a serious look and he stops.


“I am tired Fred, just leave me alone.”


“You have got to believe me,” he pleads but I am not having any of his explanation, Fred is a cheating bastard, the existence of the bra and underwear s proof that he is sleeping around, I am glad he has been exposed because no one will vindicate him this time around.

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Maybe he brought that woman into my house and she deliberately left her stuff so I could find them and leave Fred for her well her mission has been accomplished.


“I want to be alone,” I say


“Okay,” he stands up and walks out of the room.


I try calling Prisca so she can tell me what to do but her phone is switched off, after trying again, I give up.


Then my thoughts take me to Kai, I dial his number and wait for him to answer.


“Kai,” I say the moment he picks up




“I really need you,” I respond before I start sobbing into the phone.


“Where are you?” he asks


“I am at home.”


“I will text you and address shortly where you should meet me,” he says




I end the call & he texts me his address then I freshen up a bit before I change into something more appealing and elegant.


Grabbing my handbag and car keys, I head down stairs to the living room where my husband seems to be lost in thought.


“Going somewhere?” he asks as I open the door but I ignore him, I walk out and slam it behind my back.




I end my phone call from Tasha with a huge smile on my lips, I think we finally have her where we want her to be and this is just a perfect moment for me to execute the plan since my wife is out of the country.


I clean up the apartment, put on some soft music then I place a bottle of wine and two glasses on the table. I just rented this apartment a few weeks ago, there is no way in hell I would take Tasha to my matrimonial house that would be disrespecting my wife.


I sit on the couch and patiently wait for her I am wearing a vest and a pair of shorts the earlier we get to this stage of the plan, the better for everyone.


A few minutes later there is a knock on the door, I open the door and she walks in. She looks s£xy as usual, she is clad in a tight yellow dress that is very short and parts of it are made out of lace so you can see through it. Her hair is in a tight ballerina bun and she has minimal make up on her face.




I look around the apartment for a moment before I sit down and try to relax. I don’t even know why I am here in the first place, I am nervous as hell, maybe I should just go back home and cry my heart out.


He silently grabs opens the bottle of wine then gets a glass and fills it before handing it to me. I take a large gulp, the wine tastes good, exactly what I need to relax.


“What happened?” he finally asks


“I found a bra and a pair of underwear in Fred’s washing basket,” I pause. “And they are not mine,” I respond as pain sweeps through me.


“That bastard,” he yells. “How could he hurt you like this?”


“I am so confused right now I don’t even know what to do anymore.”


“I am sorry,” he wraps his hand around me and gently rubs my back, I close my eyes and enjoy the feel of his hand on my back blocking any thoughts of Fred from my mind.


Shortly after, the nervousness disappears and I feel a whole lot better.


We sit in fearful silence for a few minutes just staring at each other, in his eyes I feel safe and secured, I could look at him forever.


Slowly, with his hand on my cheek, he leans in and kisses me softly on the mouth. At first the kiss is slow, tender and passionate this moment right here feels so right and perfect.


Sparks fly and a fire ignites within me as the kiss deepens, his hands caresses the side of my face pulling me ever closer to him. After kissing for what seemed like forever, he finally carries me and takes me to his bedroom. Then he places me on the bed and pulls off my dress and panties.


“You are beautiful,” he whispers before he quickly pulls of his vest, pants and boxers. I gasp in surprise as I stare at the hard length of his member, it is bigger than I imagined. Ever since I got married to Fred, I have never been with anyone else, speaking of Fred, my heart thumps hard at the thought of him.


What am I doing? Am I finally ending my marriage by giving to another what belongs to him? Well he cheated first, I am just showing him that what a man can do, a woman can do triple.


Finally, he sinks into the bed positioning himself between my legs, slowly he eases into me and I gasp at the feel of him stretching me deep within.


“Jesus!” I sigh grinding my hips against him, the chemistry is too much for me to contain.


I cling to him, digging my nails into his back as he strokes in and out.


I feel the fire burning and my breathing increases as I explode calling out his name. Finally we collapse on the bed.


There is no point of return we have finally been joined together. & surprisingly, I don’t feel as guilty as I should. I want to have more of these moments with him maybe Kai is my soul mate after all.


I wake up hours late to find Kai sitting on the edge of the bed staring at me, he has a towel wrapped around his waist but he is shirtless. I smile as he leans down and kisses me.


“I could get used to waking up like this,” I say after he pulls away from me.


“I made you something to eat but you need to freshen up first.”




As soon as he walks out of the room, I grab my phone from my bag to find 50 missed calls from my husband and a few from Prisca, I put my phone on silent before coming over. I make a mental note to call Prisca after my bath but Fred can wait for now.






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