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I am sitting on couch while Sofia is sitting on the rug between my legs I am braiding her thick hair. I braid her hair every night so that it doesn’t get into knots and tangles during the night.


The television is on, Sofia is watching Word girl, it’s one of her favourite shows, I love how it helps enrich her vocabulary and expands her speaking skills.


My husband isn’t home he had to attend a late business meeting.






“Do you know that my birthday is next month?” she asks and I burst out laughing. How can I not know when I gave birth to her?




“How can I not know?” I ask


“Well I was just reminding you.”


“What do you want for your sixth birthday?” I ask


I still can’t believe she turns six in a month’s time it feels my heart with joy to see how God preserved her life when the odds were against her. Sofia was born at six months, she was so small I could hardly look at her without breaking down, no one expected her to survive, the doctors had given us a week, it was a 50/ 50 situation but look at us now, God has been too good to us.


While I was braiding my daughter’s hair, a knock sounded at the front door. I get up from my seat and walk over to the door. I open the door revealing my sister Trish, smiling.


Trish is the only sibling I have she is a year older than me though is tiny and short that makes her look older than me. Must I also mention I behave better than her? Trish behaves like a teenager.


“Hey sister,” she hugs me


“Hey,” I hug her back.


“Can I come in?”




I step aside and she walks in then I close the door firmly behind my back.


“Auntie Trish?” My little girl squeals with excitement.


“Hey baby,” Trish scopes her in her hands, then she hugs and kisses.


“I missed you,” Sofia says, I love how my sister and daughter bond, she is her second mother. “Missed you too,” she says


Afterwards, I continue braiding Sofia’s hair.


“I am starving,” Trish says


“There is food on the table, you can dish up for yourself.”


She kicks off her shoes, removes her coat and puts it on the couch before she disappears into the living room. I finish braiding Sofia’s hair and she says goodnight to my sister.


“Brush your teeth and change into your pajamas,” I say to her as she walks towards the stairs.


“Night, mom.”


“Night boo.”


“This food is amazing, you are still a good cook,” she says “Whatever.”


“Where is your husband?”



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She glances at the clock then back at me.


“He had a late business meeting,” I say before she says anything.






“I know what you were about to say.”


She shrugs, “I am not saying anything.”


“I know you.”


She sticks out her tongue then laughs, “Just forget it.”


“What are you doing here?” I ask


“Can’t I visit my baby sister anymore?”


“You never visit unless you want something, I haven’t seen you in months, don’t tell me you just appeared to say hi.”


She laughs, “This food is amazing.”


“Don’t try and change the topic.”


“Fine,” she rolls her eyes again, “I need some money, I will pay you back as soon as I get paid.”


I shot her a quizzical look, “I sent you money a few weeks ago, what did you do with that money?”


“Well, I had bills to pay.”


“Trish! Trish! Trish?”


“What? Are you gonna help me or not?”


“This life of drinking and gambling will not take you anywhere,” I say “Don’t start preaching to me.”


“I am serious, you need to set your priorities right, you can’t be squandering money on useless things.” “Will you help me or not?” she asks in a harsh tone. “How much do you want?”


“A three thousand, I will pay you back soon.”


I roll my eyes, she never pays me back not once, not ever, Trish needs to set her priorities right, at her age she should be married but she chooses to waste her life on useless things.


“I will send you the money tomorrow let me run this through with my husband.” “You are trying to rub the fact that I am not married in my face?” “Nah.”




“You will never change,” I laugh


“I have to get going now.”


“I thought you will be spending the night.”


“Nah, I have a meeting.”


“At this time?”


“Late business meeting,” she responds and I chuckle.




I stand up and walk towards my room, I grab my purse from my bag and remove 5 hundred kwacha notes then I head back to the living room and hand them to her.


“Thank you so much,” she hugs me, “I will be waiting for that three thousand tomorrow.”


“Oh God.”


I walk her to the door and as soon as she leaves I close the door and head back to the living room. I wait for my husband for a few minutes before I decide to head to bed, I had a busy day and I am tired. He will wake me up when he gets home.




An hour quickly flies by a sinking feeling settles at the pit of my stomach, I haven’t been able to sleep so i am in the living room trying to watch some television as I wait for my wife.


Glancing at my empty glass, I refill it and take before I take a big gulp of wine, I allow the warmth of the alcohol to thaw me out then I check the time again and shake my head.


Finally after about twenty minutes later, I hear the sound of her cat pulling up in the driveway and then the front door opens and she walks in. She has this huge smile and glow on her face.


“Hey you,” she kicks her shoes off, puts her bag on the table and sits next to me.




“Fred? Are you okay? Did anything happen while I was away?”


More silence


“Picture no sound?” she asks


I set my glass on the table as I turned to head to the bedroom and she follows me.


“What was that?” she asks slamming the door behind her back. “Why are you ignoring me?”


“Where have you been?”


“Oh it’s that?”


“Yes that,” I snap


“I had a late business meeting sorry I didn’t call or text it was a last minute thing.”


“Tasha,” I pause taking a deep breath and letting out slowly, “Are you tired of this marriage? Do I irritate you? Do you want us to get a divorce?” The question rushes out of my mouth before I can stop it.


“What is this? Where are all these questions coming from?”


“You don’t respect me anymore, I keep trying to make things work between us but you are making it hard for me, you act like I don’t exist and honestly I am tired, do you want us to get a divorce?”


“You know,” she says in a steady voice, “I don’t owe you any explanation and that divorce issue you are bringing up is silly, you want to leave me and our two kids so you can run off with your concubine?”


“This isn’t about me Tasha.”


She shrugs, “Whatever.”


“I had a busy night I need to rest, if you have nothing more to say then allow me to rest.”




“Thank you.”


I grab my phone and pajamas, “I will sleep in the guest room,” I say


“Suit yourself,” she responds as I walk out of the door.







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