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“What do you want here?” I ask in a shaky voice, he was the last person I would have expected to see.


Without responding, he stands up and stretches.


“What do you want?” I ask again


“You,” he responds


“Fuck Kai, you shouldn’t have come to my house, my husband and kids are home. What is this?” I nervously ask


“Why have you been avoiding me? Why did you block and blacklist my numbers?” he queries.


“I am a married woman and I have no business with you,” I respond urgently. “My husband and I are trying to make things work and I don’t you coming between us.”


“So you are just gonna kick me out now that things are working out between you and your darling husband?”


“I am sorry I didn’t intend to lead you on but please forget about me.”


“Just like that?”




There is a brief silence between us before he walks towards me closing the space between us, I try turning back but he moves quickly and grabs me by my waist pulling me closer to him.


My heart slams hard against my chest, “My husband is upstairs, he could appear any moment from now,” I whisper




“You need to leave now.”




I try to pull myself away from him but he is stronger than me. I hope Fred and the kids don’t appear otherwise how can I explain being wrapped in the arms of another man?


He leans in quickly trying to kiss me I try to resist but my body responds to the kiss. There is a desperate hunger in his kiss and I respond the same forgetting about Fred and the kids.


After a minute, he detaches himself from me.


“And she says she doesn’t want anything to do with me?” He laughs


“Kai, please leave, this is insane,” I say steering him towards the door.


“I will leave but first you and I need to talk, let’s end this in a civilized manner.”




“And you should unblock me.”


“Fine I will,” I say desperately


“I hope you stick to your words or else there will be fire on the mountain,” he gives me a peck on the check and walks out of the door.


“Lord that was close,” I sink to the floor and close my eyes, I seriously thought I had gotten over Kai but with little kiss from him, my body just melted.


I allow my thoughts to wander, how do I get over this little fling with Kai? Why did I get involved with him in the first place? Lord my body craves for his touch but I can’t do that to Fred, not after everything he has done for me I have to get Kai out of my system as soon as possible.


“Tasha!” Fred calls startling me from my reverie, I didn’t even hear him come downstairs he is with the girls.




“Are you okay?” he asks


“Mummy why are you sitting on the floor?” Tailia asks “You look sad, have you been crying?”


I stand, take a breath and let my shoulders drop, “I am fine my darling.”


“Are you okay?” he asks, his voice deep with worry.




“Who came to see you?”


“Just someone from work, he gave me some bad news,” I lie


“Care to talk about it?”


“No,” I shake my head, “I will be fine. Are you guys heading out?”


“Yes! Wanna get some movies for the girls from Amelia.”




“Wanna come with us?” he asks




He sighs and nods, “Alright, I will see you later then,” he holds the girls hands and walks out of the house.


I head towards my room, pull my cell out of my bag, dial Prisca’s number and wait, my heart hammering hard in my chest.


“Tasha,” Prisca instantly responded


“Girl, Kai was here.”




“In my house, a few minutes ago and he kissed me. Fred and the girls where upstairs, can you imagine what would have happened if he had walked in on us?”


She laughs.


“It’s funny?”


“My bad, what was Kai doing in your house?”


“He came to find out why I blocked him and why I have been avoiding him.”




“I told him I am making things between Fred and I, he asked me to unblock him so we can talk like civilized people, what should I do?”


“Unblock him.”


“That’s not all.”


“I am all ears.”


“He wants to see me.”


“I see.”


“What should I do?”


“You want my honest opinion?”




“Schedule a meeting and meet up with him, you led him on after all and you owe him a decent break up.”


“Break up?” I roll my eyes


“Whatever it is, you owe him that much, end things on a good note and try to make things work with your husband if that will make you happy, I just hope Fred doesn’t end up cheating on you when you finally decide to be a humble submissive wife.”


“Fred loves me and I know sometimes he can be annoying but Fred is definitely not a cheat.”


She laughs out loud, “All men are cheats, your husband is no different he is just clever I am sure he covers his tracks carefully. “


“Oh please.”


“I am telling you the truth, the quietest and humble are the worst, ask me how I know.”


“You are the expert I know.”




“Anyway, I will find time to see Kai and end things in a civilized manner. I will talk to you later I want to check on Fatty and what she is preparing for supper.”


“Alright babe, I love you.”


“I love you too.” I end the call


I head back downstairs to the kitchen Fatty is standing behind the stove cooking.


“How far are you with that?” I ask


She turns to face me, “I am almost done.”


“Okay you need to hurry, my husband and children will be back shortly.”




I turn round and I am about to walk out of the kitchen when Fatty calls my name.




“Who was that man?” she asks


I shot her a quizzical look, “What man?”


“The one who came to see you, he looked familiar.”


“Did I employ to ask me stupid questions?” I yell


She nods her head, “No madam.”


“Instead of watching my life try watching your weight, you dirty fat thing. Mxxxm,” I click my tongue.


“I am sorry.”


“You had better be.”


With that said, I march out of the room.




I am sitting in front of the television, watching the news, my little girl is playing with her toys on the other side of the room and my wife is busy preparing supper in the kitchen.


I came home straight after I left Tasha’s home, she has been avoiding me and that sort of delayed the plan a bit, I need to get this over and done with, the sooner she gives into me the better for everyone.


My phone rings a few minutes later, looking at the caller ID, I pick up almost immediately.


“How far?”


“Back to square one but I will make progress soon.”


“We are running out of time.”


“I know.”


“I have something different in mind do you have enough time to talk?”


“Call me tomorrow morning, I can’t talk now.”












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