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“Cheaters always want you to be loyal while they are being unfaithful”


Less than five minutes later I arrive at the diner, I step out of my car and walk towards the entrance. I spot Kai the minute I walk in, he is sitting next to the window and he is typing away on his phone.


“Hello,” I smile


He looks up, “That was fast.”


“I drive like a bus driver.”


He laughs.


I sit down on the chair across from his.


“How was work?”




“Care for a cup of coffee and some muffins? There muffins are the best you won’t regret it.”


“Challenge accepted.”


He calls for the waiter and we make an order, our food comes in less than ten minutes and true to his words, the muffins are heaven sent. I make a mental note to get some for girls before I leave.


“So what’s up?” I ask


“My wife and I had an argument,” he says pain written all over his face, “We exchanged some mean words and in the end I told her I want a divorce.”


“You did?” I ask eyes wide open.


“Yes, I am done I just can’t do this anymore, she is suffocating me.”


“That is really sad.”


Fred and I have had so many fights and arguments but I have never thought of divorcing him. The thought of a divorce gives me the chills I don’t think I would be brave enough to ask him for a divorce.


“You are okay?” he asks




“I am sorry for burdening you with my issues.”


“What are friends for?”


He smiles, “You get me in a way that nobody does.”


“I feel the same.”


“So how about we watch a movie, a comedy to lift up your spirits, ” I suggest


“Let’s do this,” he says




I hate to see him this sad I hope by the time we are done with the movie he will feel better. Kai’s wife is unappreciative she doesn’t deserve a man like him. If he were mine, I would never hurt him in anyway.




I am in a very good mood, my wife and I will get to spend some time together today after a long time, I am treating her to a romantic dinner later in the evening. I left work early and went to the mall where I bought her a beautiful turquoise dress I know Tasha will do justice to the dress.


It’s been a while since our last dinner date- just me and her. The girls are at Amelia’s house she picked them up from school, she wants to spend some time with them, Amelia loves the girls as though they where hers, if I died today I would die a happy person because I know my girls are in safe hands.


When I finally get home, I take a long shower and wait for Tasha. I lie on the bed and watch a movie as I wait for Tasha. After watching for a few minutes I end up dozing.


When I awake, the room is dark and there is no sign of Tasha, I grab my phone and check the time, its a few minutes to 9 Pm. I dial her number it rings several times without a response.


“Where is she?” I wonder as I roll out of bed, I turn on the lights and head downstairs. Fatty is eating supper in the kitchen.


“Sir,” she stands when she sees me.


“Hello, have you heard anything from my wife?”




“Is anything the matter?”


“No,” I turn and walk out then head back to my room. After waiting for a few more minutes, I call the restaurant and reschedule the reservation because the time has almost passed.


Afterwards, I brush my teeth, splash some water on my face and head to bed. I am too angry to do anything, so I lay on the bed staring at the ceiling. This marriage is slowly draining me I am tired of trying to fight for someone who’s okay with losing me.




Kai and I laughed heartily as we walked out of the theater we watched about three comedy movies.


“The last movie was the funniest, I haven’t seen something that funny in years,” he says


“Me too.”


We walk towards the car park slowly, I wish we could spend the whole night watching movies and laughing, Kai is funny, we have the same taste in movies and our conversations are never dry.


We get to the car park and lean against my car.


“I had a great time, I feel a whole lot better now,” he says


“I had a great time too.”


There is a brief silence between us as we just stare at each other.


“I have never wanted to do anything as much as I want to kiss you right now,” he whispers.


“I know we agreed to be friends but I can’t help it,” he says before I can respond.


My mind says I should say no, I should push him away because I am married and so is he but my body is telling a different story.


“Then do it,” I say


He cups my cheek with his hand as he leans in and presses his lips to mine.


I wrap my arms around his neck and desperately kiss him back, I could kiss him forever but unfortunately we have to get back to our lives so I put back.




“It’s getting late.”


“Are you okay?” he says full of concern.




“When am I gonna see you again?”


“I don’t know,” I respond


“I have an idea.”


“Which is?”


“How about we go out of town for the entire weekend just you and I, no disturbances, no phones,” he says as he plays with my hands.


“Out of town?”




One part of me is telling me to tell him no and to run away from him but the other side, the winning side is screaming how amazing it would be to spend the weekend with him out of town.


“Think about it” he says


“I will.”


“Sure.” He says before he pulls me closer and kisses me, a long sure kiss. There is no hurry in the kiss, he is kissing me slowly with tenderness it takes my breath away. Finally we detach from each other.


“I have to go.”




“Call me when you get home and thanks for everything.”


I turn to leave but turn when I am about to get into my car, “Take care and call me if you want someone to talk to.”






I stand in the car park watching her drive off, I am almost sure I am getting close. Tasha is attracted to me, I can see it in her eyes, she wants me, she is ready to risk it all for me, I have her where I wanted her to be and there is no turning back.


When I embarked on this journey, I thought she would play hard to get but Tasha is an easy target. That woman is easily taken by words I pity her husband because their marriage is headed for disaster.


My phone rings, I glance on the screen to see who is calling before I press the answer button.


“Hey you.”


“Just checking in,” she says. “Are we making progress?”


“We are getting there.”


“Let me know if you need my help.”




I hung up, get into my car put it in drive and speed out of the parking lot.





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