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“When a man truly loves a woman, she becomes his weakness.”


The minute we get to the car park, I break into a fit of laughter I think I should try acting I am so good at it.


“What was that all about?” Fred growls with a questioning tone.


“Let’s go home and talk,” I respond


“And if I say no?”


“You wouldn’t want me to take this issue to the church now would you?”


I know how much Fred respects our spiritual parents at church and he wouldn’t want to be in their bad books, they regard him in high esteem because of how he conducts himself.


“You wouldn’t dare.”


“Try me.”


He looks at me, a penetrating gaze that meets my eyes.


“Fine,” he responds in a cold tone.


“See you home,” I say before I get into my car. He walks over to his car and gets in. He starts the car and immediately makes a U-turn and heads home. Then I get into my car too and follow him.


When I arrive, I see his car in the driveway. I get out of the car and walk into the house.


“Madam,” Fatima rushes towards me she obviously wants to say that my husband is back.




“Your husband..,”


“Okay,” she wasn’t allowed to finish her statement as I cut in.


I go upstairs and walk into the bedroom I open the door and find him sitting on the bed.


“Why did you come to my work place to cause havoc?” he asks


“I missed you,” I respond


“Tasha!” he yells, “You embarrassed me in front of my boss how dare you wash our dirty linen in public?”


“The children miss you I wanted you back home what did you expect me to do?”


“This is not the right way to solve issues.”


“You are my husband Fred, this is where you belong and not at your sister’s place,” I respond


He shakes his head, Fred doesn’t talk much and he doesn’t love confrontations, he is calm and always humble even when we are having an argument he never really raises his voice at me.


“I am tired of fighting Tasha,” he says


“I am tired of fighting too,” I respond kicking off my shoes.




“I want to make things work between us, I know I can be unbearable and sometimes I overreact but I love you Fred, you are my husband till death do us apart, I will not allow you to walk out on me. I won’t allow a woman like Anna to take over what’s mine.”


He sighs, “What has Anna got to do with this?”


“That slut wants to come in between us.”


“There you go again.”


“I am serious.”


“Anna is just a friend and nothing more.”


“You are too blind to see that she wants you to f**k her.”


“Stop it.”


“Tell her to stay away from you I swear I won’t be responsible for the damage I will do to her.”


“What should I do to make you realise that I love you and only you, I have never looked at another woman the way I look at you.”




I undo the rubber band around my ponytail, letting my long hair fall softly on my shoulders before I begin to unbutton the buttons on my blouse and let it slide from my arms.


“What are you doing?”


“I am undressing, I feel a little bit hot, I want to bath,” I smile


“We are having a serious conversation Tasha.”


“Listen Fred, you are my husband and whatever issues we have we will sort them out by ourselves, I am sorry for pushing you over the edge, can we make up already?”


“Just like that?”


Next I undo the buttons at the top of my jeans and unzip the fly I wiggle the down past my hips and let my pants fall to the floor stepping out of my jeans.


Then I unhook my bra and slip out of my underwear now I am standing naked in front of him.


He lets out a deep sigh, I know he is trying so hard to ignore me but he can’t, my plan is working.


“Wanna take a bath with me?”


He shakes his head.


I walk towards him, ten feet from him I stop then I look into his lust filled eyes, Fred and I haven’t had s£x in like three months, he is a man and I know he has needs.


“Babe, come and bath with me,” I say


“Tasha, s£x won’t solve the issues at hand. You came to my work place and told lies about me, how do you think my boss will look at me tomorrow when I report for work?”


Ignoring his question, I lean towards him softly on the lips while my hand heads towards his groin.


“Tasha,” he takes a sharp intake of breath.


I smile knowing that I have him exactly where I want him to be. Fred has never resisted my advances his body always magically responds to my touch, he was truly made for me.


“I missed you,” I whisper


“I missed you,” he responds before he pulls me closer to him and hungrily kisses me like a starved child, he pulls away after a while gasping for air.


I quickly pull off his shirt and he kick off his shoes while I unbuckle his belt then I unzip his trousers and push them down his legs. Afterwards he takes control he carries me and puts me on the bed.


Well the rest is history!




Tasha and I are lying in bed, we made love, had a bath together and went back to bed, she has her head on my chest and this feels really wonderful like those first days when we got married and had nothing to worry about.


I wish things could remain like this forever but with Tasha I know that is impossible, she will go back to being her normal self soon. What happened to the woman I married? How did she turn out into this? I can hardly recognize who she is I hope her actions at work didn’t cost me my job.


“We should get dressed so we can pick the girls at school.”




“Talia will be excited to see you.”


“I can’t wait to see them as well, I miss them too.”


We roll out of bed and change into our clothes before we walk out of the house to my car. I drive off to the girl’s school by the time we arrive it’s almost time for them to knock off.


My wife and I are leaning on the car when the girls come running towards us.


“My babies,” I exclaim


“Daddy,” Talia says excitedly when she sees me I scope her in my hands and wrap my hands around her before I kiss her forehead.


“I missed you daddy,” she says


“And I missed you too my princess,” I put her down and carry Taylor.


“Hey you.”


“I missed you daddy, she says softly.”


“I missed you too.”


“Are you gonna leave again?” she asks


“No my darling, I won’t I am back.”


“Yes!” Talia exclaims


“Let’s get going.” Tasha says.






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