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Episode 35





In two days,Abigail or should I say Madison’s life is gonna crumble,she’s gonna watch me destroy her life,I’m sure Romeo doesn’t know about her ugly past and Alexa that sponsored her doesn’t know too like..who would even tell that to the world


When Romeo finds out,he’s gonna be so heartbroken,and I’ll be there for him Where is Jackson anyways,I’ve been waiting for him for about an hour,the door opened and the devil himself walked in


“Where have you been”I asked as he came inside,he slumped on the bed and I crawled on top of him


“Drinking”he replied


“Got laid?”I asked


“Yeah and I’m drained”


“You know we’ll strike in the next two days right?”


“Oh yeah and I think we have to go over the plan”he said and I nodded in approval,he sat up and I snuggled closer


“So this is it,we’ll go to the competition under cover so no one will know we’re there,then you’ll go backstage and bribe the person in charge to play the tape right at the middle of the competition and then when he\she does,you’ll exit straight Then I’ll take off my cover so as to meet Romeo who would have been shattered at that time and of course I’ll take him home and I’ll execute the rest of my plan..the money would be sent to you just as you leave and we’ll never cross paths again”


“Nice plan..I can’t wait for that day”he said eagerly and I smirked..this guy is such a fool,I can’t believe he expects me to give him a million dollars,I was planning to kill him after all these ends but I think I have a better thing,I’ll just blackmail him..its just like killing two birds with a stone..I’ll destroy Abigail,I get my Rommy back







“Look,I know you’re mad at your mum but that shouldn’t make you ignore her like a plague you know,she missed out the time she was supposed to be there for your sister and she regrets it and now is the time she needs you,do you wanna make the same mistake she made and end up regretting as she’s doing now?”


“Its just..I’m just so..


“Furious,I know…believe me if it was me,I would have done worse..I know how it feels watching someone you love suffer,its not an easy task,but just forgive your mum okay,she’s already as miserable as anything..she really misses Abigail..sorry damn much,you have to forgive your mum”




“Do you promise me that?


“Yeah..”I sniffed”I’ve forgiven her already”


“That’s my boy,take these”


He stretched some tickets to me


“Those are three VIP tickets for the upcoming competition,you know your sister is in it right?”




“Yeah those are the ticket for it,I’ve booked a flight for you to Texas and you’ll be leaving in the next 3hrs so you have to go tell your parents”


“Okay..thank you so much,I really appreciate,how will I ever repay you”


“Naah its nothing,you’ve repaid me enough by standing by Madison’s side all these while,if not for you I wouldn’t even have met her..I should be the one thanking you”



I smiled and squealed mentally,I’m gonna see Madison for the first time in two years..I’m very happy




I didn’t really have time to make up with mum because when I told her and dad that we are going to see Madison,they couldn’t hold their excitements,they ran round the house like kids promised a trip to Disney land


I guess Romeo was right,mum really misses Madison


I sighed as I slumped on the bed,We arrived in one of Romeo’s houses or let me say mansions..because house is an understatement,I was arranging my clothes in my wardrobe when I heard a knock on the door of my room..I walked to it and opened it revealing mum


“Um..I came to give you this”she stretched my best type of deodorant to me,I can’t do without using it,its like my habit,but it finished like a day ago and I haven’t had the chance to buy a new one..I’ve been so occupied


“Um..while arranging your room I figured out your old was used out so I bought


this on my way from work,I wanted to give you yesterday but..I forgot”


Awwwn…that’s so sweet of her,I collected it from her and I smiled as I twirled it in


my hands


“I’ll be going now”she turned to leave but I held her hand,oh my God I feel like I’m holding a tissue,her hand is so light,I can even feel her bones,what happened to my mum


“I..I wanna talk to you..mum”I said and her face lit up,I’m sure excitement bursted


into her veins the very moment I added “mum”..its been long I called her that


She regained herself and she nodded before coming in,I closed the door behind me


and I left the door post


I sat on the bed and I patted beside me for her to seat,she sat down and I sighed deeply not knowing what to say


“Mum..”I took her hands and sighed again”look,I’m sorry,I’m sorry for everything I said..I was just so angry,you really made Maddy sorrowful…you and dad,she missed you guys and you didn’t even acknowledge her,dad realized his mistake not



even up to a week she left but you,you just..”I paused when she started shedding tears,I’m even making things worse


“Son,don’t apologize,I’m the one at fault,I didn’t act like how a true mother should have acted,which mother in her right mind will chase her one and only daughter out of the house with a new born baby,I acted like a monster Jay and it took me time to realize that..I’m really sorry,I wish I could turn the hands off time to make things right..I…


I cut her short by pulling her into a hug


“Its okay mum,its fine..don’t cry okay”she nodded on my shoulders and I smiled


“Looks like I’m interrupting something”


We disentangled from the hug and we turned our direction to the door


“Hey dad”


“Hey son..looks like you’ve both made up,thank God for that”he said as he came to us


“Yeah..everything is fine now,it just remains Madison”


“Its gonna be hard with her you know,we really are supposed to get smacking from her”Dad said and mum chuckled


All their saying isn’t true,I’m sure if sis sets eyes on them,she’ll breakdown and forgive them in a flash,that’s how soft she is





“Baa baa black sheep have you any wool..yes sir yes sir three bags for the master one for the me..and one for the little boy miniminimini”


“Jesus Mitch”I exclaimed when I heard what my little boy just sang


“What?’he asked in a giggle


“That’s not how to sing it”I said


“I know it mama..I know it”


“Okay sing”


“Baa baa black sheep have you any wool,yes sir yes sir three bags full,one for the master,one for the


“And one for the little boy that sells cocaine down the street”I heard a masculine voice sing and I turned back..


“Romeo,I’m trying to teach this boy because he’s getting the song wrong and you brought in your stupid remix?”


“Come on,it sounds better than”one for the little boy that lives across the lane”


“Nonsense”I rolled my eyes and he chuckled


“Good morning my beautiful wife”he said and the ice cream scooper dropped from my hands..he smirked and picked it up


“What is wrong with you wifey”


I blushed and looked away,why is he calling me his wife,we are not even married yet,and before we get married,its gonna take time


“No..nothing and can you please stop calling me that?”


“What wifey”


“That word”


“What word wifey”


“Wifey!”I screamed and Mitch gave a little laugh


“Why?don’t you like it?”he asked hugging me from the back


“I like it but..



“But what?”he asked nuzzling his face in my neck


“It sounds strange when since we aren’ know..married”


He chuckled and kissed my neck before placing his chin on my shoulder


“I don’t care about that”he said and I turned my head to the side to view his face


“You’re my wife and that’s it”


I smiled and he kissed me


“ did it again..Ancle Romeo is Dada”Mitch screamed and I covered my mouth with my hands as I laughed…even Romeo was surprised


“Dada?”Romeo asked going to him


“Yes..”Mitch answered and Rommy smiled


“Well guess what?”




“I’m your dada”Romeo said and Mitch squealed


“Really”He screamed




“Arrrchhh…”he screamed throwing himself at him,Romeo carried him up and twirled him in a circle before placing him to seat on his neck with his legs by the side of his neck,Mitch held his head for support and I just watched their drama


“But said he’s not daddy”




Romeo gave me a “if you say it”look and I sighed



“Yeah..he’s your dad”he laughed out and I smiled,I guess he has always wanted a dad…I can’t help to think “where exactly is Jackson..what if he’s still coming to get me..what if he sees me one day and he wants to claim Mitch…what if he takes my baby away from me”


That can’t happen,I’ve got Romeo,mum and friends at my side..they can’t let that happen





“Did he send the tape?”I asked Stone over the phone



yes sir..I’ll forward it to you soon





I dropped my phone and almost immediately,my phone dinged…I plugged in my headphones and I listened to the tape..I couldn’t help but laugh,this Tania girl is so dumb and she this desperate?I can’t do this on my own,I need to contact someone..Bianca and Ken will do


I grabbed my jacket and I took my phone


“Baby..I’m going out,I’ll be back before dinner okay”


“Yeah yeah…be safe”she pecked me on the lips and I gave Mitch a forehead kiss,oh and I forgot to tell you guys…I’M OFFICIALLY A DADA…isn’t that great?


I got on my bike and I drove off..I’ve already contacted them to meet me in a nearby dinner


I parked my bike and I got off it,I walked into the average dinner and of course,I didn’t forget to hide my identity,I sighted the two of them at the far end and i walked to them


“What’s with the kabuki mask”Bianca asked and I chuckled


“How you guys doing?”I asked as I sat down


“Doing great as usual..what’s up,why did you contact us”


“I need you help”


A waiter dropped three glasses of Ru beers on our table and I nodded


“With?”Bianca asked taking a sip of her beer


“To deal with Tiana”


“Count me in”Ken chipped in


“Listen to this”


I plugged in a earpiece and I gave them one ear each,they both listened to it and I waited patiently for them to talk


“That girl needs help”Bianca said


“Real help”Ken added


“Just because of a guy?How dumber can she get?”Bianca said and I chuckled


“We need to make all these backfire right at her”


“I have the right thing but we’ll need Crystal..she’s the one in possession of the thing”Bianca said and I raised my eye brows what’s she saying


Bianca called Crystal and she didn’t want to come at first but when she heard Ken was present,she agreed in a swift,are they like..a thing now?


“Hey guys”we heard a shriek behind us and we turned..the crazy one is here


“Hey baby”she bent and kissed Ken and I opened my mouth in shock..when did all these happen


“Baby?”I asked with a confused look


“Story for another day”Ken said



“Anyways,I’m here..what do you need me for”she asked taking a seat and grabbing my glass of beer


“Do you still have the video?”Bianca asked


“Who wouldn’t?I would never delete it for anything”she said with a wink


“What are you guys talking about..what video?”I asked


“Yeah..I’m also lost”Ken added


Crystal sighed and did something with her phone and I heard my phone ding..Ken’s phone also beeped


We glanced at our phone at the same time and I hissed


“We are in the middle of something and you sent me a video?”


“Yeah..not funny Crystal”Ken added


“Just watch idiots and you guys should use ear piece”Bianca said


“Why’s that?”I asked


“You’ll know”Crystal said with a wink and I rolled my eyes


I connected my headphones to my phone and I clicked on eyes almost popped out of its sockets at what I saw..what in the name of s£xuality is going that…is that Tania?She’s been p*ssy licked by a girl?I can’t even see the girl’s face because she has her face buried in Tania’s coochie


“What the f**k”Ken exclaimed removing the ear piece from his ears


“This in unbelievable”I said


“Yes misters…and we all know what to do with that right?That’s our backfiring


tool..Tania won’t know what hut her”Bianca said and I nodded with a mischievous


smile..this is perfect








Tania’s life yaff burst in BURST!!!!


Awwwwn…wifey ..Romeo sa


And you guys should be ashamed of yourselves ooo ..two years old pikin is single baa baa black sheep like a pro..I’m sure most of you don’t know it


And Romeo is officially a DADA






Diamond In The Rough




BY:Authoress Timi




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