Wed. May 29th, 2024




He did not propose oo oo..


Anyways,I just wanna say that,I think this story has thought us something


One thing I learnt is that everything happens for a reason either good or bad


And also,never give up,yes,the world isn’t always a bed of roses but you just need


to strive and believe that you can make it so


Look at Madison…she was betrayed,everyone turned their backs on her..she was left with only one person to lean on


The most important people in her life left her to her fate


Think about how shameful she was when she found out her nudes were leaked..who can live with such shame shame humiliation


She even became a mother at such a tender age…but didn’t she give up? NO!If the world turns its back on you then turn your back on the world


Show the world that yeah,I’m a fighter and I’ll fight till I make you see that I can be somebody


.it isn’t gonna be easy at first,but the more you strive the more chances of you


winning the battle of life


Stay positive and stay gold


Thanks for riding with me along this story




Diamond In The Rough




BY:Authoress Timi




Epilogue Next >>>>


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