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Episode 34




“I have a deal with you Jackson”I gulped and he smirked as he leaned closer,his nose almost touching mine


“Surprised to see me?”he laughed and signalled to one of the guards,they brought a chair and table,they gave him the chair and they placed the table between us,he sat and crossed his legs over each other and he tucked his hands in the pocket of his coat


“Why did you capture me,I have no business with you Romeo Grande”I said when I gathered all my courage and he laughed,he removed his hands from his pocket and leaned on the table with his elbows,what was on my mind was..does he know?


“You see,I’m not a bad guy…but you made me seem like one when I entered,if you don’t have a business with me then why were you shaking like a baby when you saw me”


I didn’t answer,I just looked away from him trying my best to stay cool


“Anyways…”he stretched his hands and an envelope was placed on it by a guard,he reached inside it with his eyes not leaving mine and he brought out a picture..he pushed it to the table and I tried my best not to react because it was Tiana’s pics



“Do you know that lady?”




He hummed and reached for the envelope again,he brought out two pictures and pushed it to the table


I gulped when I saw it was two pics of I and Tiana together


“Well,OK,I know her…she’s my girlfriend”I said and he furrowed his eyebrows,he bit his lips before he bursted into laughter


“Your what?”




He hummed and flicked his fingers and 6 men came inside


“Looks like we’ll be doing this the hard way”


The six men came to me and attached wire like substances to my body,from my head to my toes..


“What are they doing to me”I yelled at him as they plastered the wires,they passed him a remote and he collected it,he twirled the remote in his hands and he flicked his tongue


“You see..I don’t like lies,and for guys like you,lying is like a talent so that’s why…we’ll do this the hard way..”he paused and my breathing increased


“So..”he continued”for every lie you lie,I’m gonna press this button,for every hesitation,I’m gonna press this button,for every waste of time I’m gonna press this beautiful red button..I won’t tell you what it’ll do to you” I tried to wiggle out of my seat but It was impossible


“Now,I as again who is that lady to you”


“My…my girlfriend”he smirked and pressed the button and in a flash,I felt bolts of electricity on my system,it was like I was being fried from inside,it was so damn painful



“Arrrrrghhhhh”I kept screaming as I was electrocuted..he released his hands from the button and I couldn’t move a limb,my hair is already smoking


“It won’t kill you,it’ll only weaken you and bring you unbearable you see what it does right?,again…who is that girl to you”


I gulped and he smirked,his hands going to the button again,I watched as his hands went to the button slowly,and he pressed it…


“Arrrrghhhh”I screamed out again


“I said don’t waste my time”he fired slamming his hands on the table


“I said what the f**k do you have with this woman”he thundered


“Its…its…she called me..two..two weeks ago”I coughed and inhaled was very hard to talk”she um..she offered me a..a deal”


“And what deal is that”


“She..she offered me…one million..dollars..if..if I provide her the nudes of..


“The nudes of…




His eyes grew wild in horror and fury and he slammed his hands on the button again..I can’t take this body is already smoking,my eyes is almost rolled to the back of my sockets,I shook vigorously and my scream vibrated..


“That is for planning with some motherf**ker to humiliate my let me ask you a question,when you were dating Madison..did she cheat on you?




“Did she prove to be a bad girlfriend?Did she um..did she do something bad to you”




“Then give me one good reason,give me a f**king reason why you betrayed her like that..what the hell did she do to you that you went that far took her virginity and leaked are nudes?You’re such a monster..if you had fled without leaking jeep nudes isn’t that enough punishment?But no,you had to act like a bastard..why did you do that huh?Madison is a very innocent girl why would you do that to her”he fired,he was already on his feet now


“Um… paid


“Who the f**k paid you


“Clara,Clara..she..she was Madison’s friend back then..she..she paid me


“And you call her a friend?Where the hell is she”..he took a picture from the envelope and stretched it to my face


“Is that her?”




“Hmm..Clara Antonio,age 20..always seen with you for the past 3months and she was declared missing yesterday after she was seen going into a duplex with you the day before yesterday at 8pm sharp…and she second day,she got missing,what happened to her”


“I..I don’t know”




“What the hell did you do to her..where is Clara Antonio”he screamed and I jerked violently on my chair as I received heavy bolts of electricity Electricity flowed into my system for almost 20mins before he stopped


“I’m gonna ask one more time…where is she”


Tears fell from my face when I remembered what happened



“It…it was an accident”I sniffed and he furrowed his eyebrows before sitting


“What was an accident”


“Two days ago, found my phone and went through it,she found my transactions with Tania and..and she threatened to call Madison to tell her,I thought she was joking but she dialed her number right in front of me and out of shock and fear,…”I chocked on my tears and I bowed my head


“You did what?”


“I grabbed an object on the stool and I stabbed her with it,it was when the deed has been done that I realized that..that I stabbed her..I stabbed Clara with..with a knife but I didn’t know..I just did it,I didn’t mean to kill her”I cried out


“Where is she now?”


“Well,after I figured out that I stabbed her,I tried to revive her but she was long gone so I zipped her up in a bag along side with the knife and I disposed her”




“In the river”


“Which river”


“The one at Kori highway…”


“’ve got a lot of things to do for me Jackson..and I want you to cooperate”he said and I nodded,what’s left for me in this world anyways,my secret is out..I’m a gonner




“I want you to send divers to look for the body of Clara and keep an eye on that bastard,watch his every move..he must not betray us”I said to one of my men and



he bowed,I glanced at my wrist watch and holy shit its 7.30pm..I checked my phone and 72missed calls from Maddy? I gotta go home and fast..


I drove to the airport and I was led to my private jet,I know Abby will be so mad at me


I drove into the house in full speed and I rushed inside..


“Abby”I called and I didn’t get any answer,I walked to the living room and there she was,on the couch sleeping..she must have fell asleep while waiting for me,I walked to her and I bent to peck her on the forehead..she opened her eyes slowly and she sat up..she rubbed her eyes with the back of her palm and she widened her eyes when she saw me


“Rommy”she squealed throwing herself on me


“Oh my God,I was damn worried..I thought something bad happened..where did you go..what happened”she asked all at once and I smiled before pulling out of the hug


“I’m fine..nothing happened”


“Thank God,I’ve even called Mum out of worry..I was really scared made me panic”


“I’m sorry”I said and kissed her


“Romeo…is there something you’re not telling me?”she asked worriedly and I sighed..I really wanna tell her but I can’t for now


“Look,its okay if you don’t wanna tell you..


“No its not like that”I cut in”the thing is that..I’ve been planning something but I don’t wanna tell you until I’m done”


“Is it like a surprise?”she asked with anxiety and I smiled


“I wouldn’t say that but if that’s how you put it then..surprise it is”


“Yay!”she squealed and I smiled


“Let’s go sleep”I swooped her off her feet and she gave a sharp scream


“You sound like a baby”I said and she rolled her eyes


“Are you sleeping?”she asked trailing her hands up and down my abs


“Let me guess you wanna talk?”


“Yeah”she said in a giggle


“ you still wanna know about my dad?”


“Yeah”she said and I hummed stroking her hair


“Well,my mum’s story is kinda similar to yours,I guess that’s why she really pitied you”


“What do you mean”she asked raising up her head from my chest


“You see my mum always told me my dad died through an accident..well,I believed it because I was a little boy back then but when I turned 13..I started doubting the story so I confronted her one day and she told me the truth”


“And what’s that?”


“My mum used to have this boyfriend when she was 19..she said she really loved,a lot so they were the best couple back then-well she said that they were-they did everything together,she spends most of her time at his place and all that stuff..along the line,my mum got pregnant for him and she thought it was good news because they guy has always been adoring her,treating her like a queen,make promises that he’ll spend the rest of his life with her and that he doesn’t mind having a baby with her but all that was just a show so he could get money from my mum..all he wanted was money grand parents were



on the day she announced to him that she was pregnant,she got the shocker of her life..the bastard told her to abort mum opposed and it got into a big fight leading to domestic violence”


“Your dad hit your mum?..what an animal”


“I know right,thank God she didn’t loose me in the course,the motherf**ker left the country that same week and when he came back,he was already married with a son,well,my mum didn’t need him the because she was already a strong woman..she had me and she pursued her dream..and boom!here she is today”


“That guy is so must have been sad growing up without a father right?”


“Hmm…not really tho but I’ve always wanted someone to call a dad”


“ sad..your voice is already breaking..Romeo are you okay?”she raised her head to view my face and I quickly wiped the tears away


“Rommy”she cooed and pulled me to to lie on her chest,I wrapped my hands round her waist and she pecked my hair


“Its okay baby”


“Mama”I said in a babyish tone and she laughed


“What..isn’t that how Mitch sounds”


“Actually he sounds like..mama”she said in a more babyish tone and I chuckled


“You’re good”




“How did you learn how to impersonate a baby’s voice that good?”


“I didn’t learn..I just know how to do it”






“Do you hate your mum after what happened?”she sighed and tsked


“ much as I try to,it doesn’t work..I still love my mum..really but I can’t just bring myself to accept that fact,she chased me out Romeo..I went through a lot with my baby,I almost me still loving her is making me mad at myself”


“You can’t hate her Madison,I know what she did was really bad but you’ve got to forgive her okay,if I were you,I’ll do worse but I’ll also not forget the fact that she’s my mum and that’s one thing..just forgive her okay..please…for me”I pouted and she looked away


“Come on,my queen,hunny bun,sweetheart,my peanut butter in my jelly,the love of my life,mother to my upcoming kids,mama”with every word,I gave her a kiss and she was blushing all through


“Fine..I will forgive her”


“Thanks baby”I returned my head back to her chest and I smiled at how her heart is beating


“I wanna sleep”I said


“Good night”


“Good night beautiful”









Diamond In The Rough




BY:Authoress Timi



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