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Episode 33




“You don’t get it Tania,I killed her..I killed Clara”I yelled throwing anything my hands can reach away angrily


“Dude,you’ve got to calm down”


“I didn’t mean to kill her,I just picked the knife and stabbed her without knowing,i didn’t mean to”I said slumping on the sofa with my head bowed in regret


“There there Jackie,look…”she sat beside me and sighed”you didn’t mean to kill her but the deal is done,what has happened has happened,yeah you’ve killed her and so what?You didn’t like the girl in the first place so stop acting all worked up,what matters now is that we’ve got to know if anyone say you dispose her because its hard to tell”




“Shh..”she placed her index finger on my lips and she smiled seductively


“Don’t think about it,I’ve gat your back..right now,I need you”she whispered seductively and she bit my earlobe,I grabbed her by the ass and I turned her to lie on the couch


“Make me forget about everything”I whispered huskily and she giggled before pulling me close by my collar and crashing her lips on mine,maybe,Tania is right,I shouldn’t be bothered


(Let’s start singing Jackson’s burial song.. ati gbe baba rele )





I sat in front of my dressing mirror applying little touch ups on my face,I sighed and I hugged myself dreamingly,I can’t wait to hear what Ken has to say..I squealed and covered my face shyly,Ken will soon be here I guess My phone dinged and I checked it


i’m outside of your house


I quickly brushed my straightened hair and I winked at my reflection in the mirror I’m wearing a black long sleeved turtle neck crop top and a high waist leather body hug mini skirt…with white sneakers,I don’t wanna dress too formal and at the same time too casual so I chose this combination


I grinned before picking my white purse and exiting the room


“Oo ohh…looking good my dear”my mum said with wiggled brows and I smiled


“Thanks mum”


“Don’t keep the young man waiting..go go go and don’t forget,you’re giving me the full gist when you come back okay”she said and I nodded with a wink..mum can be so dramatic sometimes


I walked out of the house and I smiled at Ken who was leaning on his car busy doing stuff on his phone,he’s wearing and black and white stripped shirt with black jeans and white sneakers and also a black bandana tied on his head He looks so hot



“Umm..”I cleared my throat and he looked up from his phone,his head stopped mid way with his mouth hanging in the air,his eyes roamed round my body and I tucked my hair behind my ear shyly


“I’’m sorry but I’m uh…I’m here for Crystal”


I smiled and walked to him


“You’re staring at her dumdum”I said and he widened his eyes


“Crystal?Oh my look different”


“In a good or bad way”


“In a very good way,you look alluring and beautiful..gorgeous is an understatement”


“Well thank you,I must say you’re looking handsome yourself”


“Thanks…um,let’s get going”he opened the door for me and I went in the car,he got into the car and he drove off,I kept stealing glances at him and whenever he caught me,I always blush and look away


We got to our destination-a restaurant to be precised,he got down and opened the door for me,I stepped out of the car and he wrapped his left hand round my waist as we walked into the fancy restaurant


“Mr.Anderson good evening sir”a man greeted an Ken smiled


“Our reservation please”


“Oh yeah,right this way sir”he led us to our reservation and I kept admiring the place


“Isn’t this place like a rooftop or something?”I asked


“Yeah it is”


He pulled a chair for me to seat and I mouthed a thank you,the jazz band playing in the background added to the romantic scenery





“Yes please”


I poured the wine into our respective glasses and we cheered Our orders were brought and Ken tipped the waiter


“Ken this is amazing”




“Yeah,like..I didn’t even know you could do all these”


“I guess I had it in me then”


“Yeah..don’t feel too good about yourself”I said with a playful eye roll and he chuckled


I noticed Ken’s eyes was on me throughout the time I was eating and I’m getting a little bit uncomfortable




“What is what?”


“Why are you staring at me like that?”


“I don’t know…I just find my eyes glued to your beautiful face”


“Oh really”


I placed my elbows on the table with my fingers intertwined under my chin


“ know what?”




“I don’t even know where to start but..I think I’ll start like Crystal,I really like like you,I started liking you the very day you spilled hot cocoa



on me in 10th grade and I actually bullied you just so I could get close to you,well,it worked I got close to you and you annoy me a lot which I liked,I loved how you get angry anytime I tease you and also,I loved making fun of you because it made me like you more,I was so obsessed that I made sure I threatened any guy that has a crush or is making advances towards you..that’s why most guys fear you and that’s because of me,I really wanted to tell you how I felt but I couldn’t and when we graduated from highschool and you left for about 1 year,I really missed you..i stopped all my bad boy ways because of you..I thought calling and texting would work but it didn’t,I yearned for you..sleeping with other girls didn’t work,it was like I was glued to you especially that day after we both got drunk and we had um..s£x,you thought it was just a normal s£x but to me it was more,I took your virginity for God’s sake its not just normal…I wanted to make it up to you but I didn’t know how to,so when you came back and resumed at our school I was overwhelmed with joy,I was so happy you were back


And as usual,we fight a lot but that made me drawn to you more,it got to a point where i thought my feelings were to a waste because you didn’t show any affection towards me…it was like you hated me,because you know..I always find every minute to annoy and taunt you so I actually gave up…maybe being best friends with you so I went back to my,previous life,I went back to being a playboy but to my disappointment it didn’t work


And when you began to give me attitude,when you began to shut me out,I thought,does she hate me that much?Believe me I was more than depressed,I drank myself to stupor that very day I came to school with a bad vibe,because it was so hard for me,when I pulled you into the janitor’s closet,my very motive was to slam your back on the wall and kiss the hell out of you not minding your reaction but when you said you were looking for me because of how I was,I had this slight hope that maybe you feel something for me too so I had to kiss you…I’m sorry if that made you angry but I just want you to see that I’m not a jerk,I’m not,I’ve been acting like a jerk so I could get close to you…I didn’t mean to bully you and I’m not some bad boy,yeah I was but I’ve changed,I changed because of you..if only you can let me prove it..please Crystal..let me prove myself to you”


The fork I was holding fell from my hands and u gulped,I was sweating from beneath,I feel like pulling off my clothes right now,He’s whole confession right now is making me feel something how,I’m excited,shocked,surprised,super happy and the same time,what I’m I even supposed to say..okay Crystal calm down…take deep breaths and tell him how you feel



I picked a bottle water and I gulped down the whole content..I can’t believe I drank all that


“Um..”I started”Ken…I um..”I cleared my throat and I sighed..why is this so hard”um Ken I don’t hate you..its just you did something that uh…that made me dislike you”


“What did I do..whatever I did I’m sorry,I didn’t mean to


“Its okay Ken..”


“I’m sorry..what did I do”


“Okay..after our night graduation party,we both got drunk and we ended up having s£x and like you said you took my V card,I don’t regret it actually but..exactly the night of the second day,I decided to tell you how I felt,I also liked you and I was just bottling it up so I wanted to tell you once and for all because I knew I would be traveling soon..


So I went to your house and um..unfortunately for me,you were having s£x with another girl,I think her name is Martha,the girl that you were dating at that time..what I witnessed hurt me so much that I cried all night…the very time I wanna pour out my feelings you were having fun with another chic,it made it seem as if the thing we shared was nothing..I felt betrayed and heartbroken so I had to travel that same night..I didn’t want to come back but,I did because I thought..who cares if Ken doesn’t like me?I’m gonna go back and show him that I’m not to be toyed with but as usual,your charms blinded me and I ended up falling for you again,I told Bianca and Abby and they advised me not to give in to your annoyance anymore,it will only make me fall more…they said if you truly liked me you would confront me and of course it worked”


“Crystal..I’m..I don’t”he wiped his face and I he crying?Ken is crying




He came to my seat and he fell on his knees


“Ken..what the hell?Stand up”I screamed



He held my two hands and he looked up to my face..he’s really crying…oh God this is unbelievable


“I’m sorry..I’m really sorry,I didn’t know,if I knew I would have come to you and apologized,Crystal I didn’t mean to break you I swear on my life,it just that after that night you said the s£x was nothing I felt bad and angry and that prompted me into sleeping with Martha,if I knew it would break you or…or make you sad believe me I won’t have done that,I’m a jerk I know that okay..just..just give me a chance,I know I can make things right..just forgive me…I’m really sorry” I pulled him up and I hugged him,even i already have tears in my eyes


“I’m sorry”he said with his face buried in my neck and I sniffed


“Its okay,I’m not mad at you,you didn’t know..don’t blame yourself”


“I’m really sorry”he said trying to stifle his tears


I pulled out of the hug and I cleaned his face with my hands


“Look,it seems our problem is misunderstanding..we misunderstood ourselves and it brought problems..turns out the both of us were just doing this all because of feelings and to me you’re not a’re an handsome jerk”I said and he smiled,good..I made him smile


“I can’t believe I cried”he said pulling me close with my waist


“Yeah..feels good to see you cry”


He glared at me and I smiled wrapping my hands round his neck




“Yeah”I looked up to meet his eyes and he smiled


“I love you”he said and I look my lips in blushing like crazy


“I..I love you too”



It took me a lot of self control not to scream out,he smiled and he leaned forward,his eyes on my lips,he placed his lips on mine and he captured it in a kiss,I kissed him back and he smiled in between kisses I got the guy people…I got the guy




“Oh..f**k..mmm”he moaned as I rode him to heaven,threw my head back as I bounced on his d*ck,my boobs bounced as I bounced and he took one of em into his mouth sucking on it


“Oh God”moaned out as I moved back and forth,my eyes almost rolled out of its socket due to the amount of pleasure..he grabbed my ass and he pushed himself deeper into me making me to grunt,my pace reduced and he took my lips in my ass soft squeezes


I broke the kiss and I bit my lips throwing my head back and I felt a warm liquid splash into me,I got off him and collapsed beside him,that was out of this world He pulled me closer to himself with my butt touching his groin.


I’m really tired and the idiot was lying down enjoying himself while I did all the work,I feel like I need a year’s sleep right now,he even cumed inside me..gosh


“You okay?”he asked when he noticed I was quiet


“I wanna sleep”I whined


“I’m sorry,I made you work a little bit”he kissed my shoulders


“A little bit?I rode for like an hour”I silently screamed and he laughed


“Now you know how tiring it is”


I sighed and I turned to face him


“You know you released inside me right?”




“I’m not on drugs you know”


“What’s wrong in you having a baby for me”he asked with a smirk


“Nothing but..I still have a lot ahead you know..and a baby isn’t what I should be thinking of”


“Whatever,you’ll use some tomorrow”


“Its already tomorrow dummy”




“Its gonna be like..1am or something right now”


He glanced at the wall clock and he flicked his tongue


“Its 20mins past one”


“Wow..from like..11.30pm”




“I wanna sleep..good morning”I said and he chuckled


“Good morning”





I opened my eyes and I groaned at what I was cuddling,it isn’t the normal warm and hard body and I’m not even perceiving the perfect sweet fragrance,I opened my eyes and I smiled,I’m hugging my Teddy


“Good morning”it said and I chuckled..Rommy must have replaced himself with it,I played with the nose of the teddy and I giggled like a kid


I got up from the bed and I went to my closet,I wore a bum short and one of his shirt


I walked downstairs and I heard chattering from the kitchen,I walked to the kitchen and I rested on the doorframe smiling at my boys who were talking about something I don’t know



“So…Natty said her mama is gonna bring her baby brother soon”Mitch said “Hmmm”Romeo hummed


“Yup…she said that her mama has her baby brother in her tummy and she’s gonna bring him soon”


“Wow..amazing right?”


“Yes,when is my baby brother gonna be in mama’s tummy?”Mitch asked and Romeo paused before he chuckled


“You want a baby brother?”




“How about a baby sister”


“Yes I want a baby sister”he squealed and Romeo laughed


“Well,your mama and I will work on that”Romeo said and I raised my eye brows…is this guy okay


“Speaking of your mama..”he turned and winked at me”good morning sunshine”


“Morning”I said walking to them


“Mama good morning”


“Morning baby”I pecked him on the forehead “Mama..ancle Romeo said you’ll gimmie a baby sister” “Um…that’s not a promise”


“But I want one”he whined and I laughed



“Actually,you’ll get a baby sister but not’ll surely have one but not now okay”I said and he nodded sadly


“This is all your fault..why the hell will you tell him that”I whisper yelled at Romeo and he shrugged


“Idiot”I spat and he winked


Romeo has gone out again…I have a feeling he’s hiding something from me,He’s been gone for almost two hours now and I’m missing him,I’ll surely ask him what he’s been up to but on a second thought,I don’t want to be nosy,I know my Romeo can’t cheat on me,maybe he’s doing some work or something..and maybe he’s just at Ken’s place


Even if he’s doing something and he doesn’t that’s enough for me to know that I don’t need to know about it




I was coming out from the club when I felt something hit me hard on the head making me to go unconscious


I groaned and I opened my eyes,I feel this banging headache what happened,I looked around and I found myself chained to a chair,even my mouth was tapped I looked round in fear and I trembled,how did I get here?the only thing I remembered is me being hit


When did I come here,there was no light in the room I was locked in except for a little light emanating from the little window


I heard a door creak open fear gripped me,foot steps came towards me and my breathing has become harsh due to the fear in me right now


The footsteps became louder and harsher,the person finally stopped at my front and bent to my height placing his\her hands at the arm of the chair I was chained to The person was wearing a mask so I couldn’t see the face of the person,the person chuckled and shook his head,he reached for his mask and he pulled it off My eyes widened and he grinned


“Hello Jason…I have a deal with you”he said and I started trembling,how is he here,how did he find me…what the hell is happening .








Crystal and Ken are finally together oo..who else also finds it surprising that Ken had all these feelings all along


And Mitch calm’ll soon have a baby sister or let me say baby sisters I told you to sing Jackson’s burial song with me oo..oya 1 2 3


Ati gbe baba rele kapaichumermerichupako






Diamond In The Rough




BY:Authoress Timi



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