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Episode 24



Madison’s POV


I groaned and turned to the other side of the bed trying trying to feel Romeo but I felt nothing but the bed,I opened my eyes slowly and I yawned,I looked beside me and I couldn’t find him,I sat upright and I stretched,images of last night flashed through my head and I squealed covering my face with the pillow,I brought the pillow from my face and I squealed again,I couldn’t stop blushing,how he had his tongue all over my body,the way he….oh my Goood…my face is as red as a tomato


right now,I took the duvet from my body and oops I’m naked,I looked in the floor and I saw the shirt I wore yesterday,I picked it up and wore it,jeez I’m not even on panties


I walked to the mirror and I gasped at the sight of my neck and collar bone,hickeys here,hickeys there,hickeys everywhere,I blushed and looked away from the mirror,I feel incredibly happy and hyped for no reason


I now see one of the reasons why Tiana doesn’t wanna leave Rommy,He’s damn good on,He’s an expert,there’s no doubt that a woman can get addicted to him


I feel like having him this morning too..


Oh my God why I’m I even having such thoughts,I need deliverance I left the room and took the stairs to the living room,where is Romeo


I heard some clanks of metal and someone whistling from the kitchen,I walked to the kitchen and why didn’t I see how luxurious this place is yesterday,its so spacious,everything is in lemon and white,the tiles are white,the cupboard and counter and every other furniture is lemon and white


There’s a dinning in the kitchen and of course the table is white with lemon table mat and the chairs are lemon and white



I looked at the super handsome dude who was with his head phone on shaking his head to the rhythm of the song and whistling


I walked to him and wrapped my hands round him from his back placing my head on his back ,jeez his body is as hard as a rock


“Awwwn she’s awake”he said and I chuckled holding him tighter


“I wanted to bring you breakfast in bed,why did you wake up”he whined and I laughed,he turned to face me and he smiled out his dimples,I’m starting to think he’s the sΒ£xiest guy on earth


“Good morning”


He pecked my forehead and I smiled


“Good morning”I replied standing on my toes to peck him on the lips,I wonder why he’s so tall


“Had a good sleep”he asked wrapping his hands round my waist,I wrapped my hands round his neck and I sighed


“The best”I said and he had a smug smirk on


“Yeah…that’s the work of Romeo and Romeo junior”


“Who is Romeo junior”I asked and he peeked down,I also looked down and


“Oh God,seriously”I whined swatting his arms


“What?its just the truth”he said nonchalantly and I bit my lips He carried me up with my butt and placed me on the counter


“What are you cooking”I asked pushing my fingers into his hair,fiddling with it


“Just spicy macaroni and barbeque”I hummed and he took his lips in


“Abby”he called and I brought my hands from his hair to his neck




“I love you”he said and I blushed burying my face in his chest


“God you always get me anytime you say that”I said still blushing


“I know…and I won’t stop saying it”


“Hmm..well I love you too”


“I know”he said with a wink and I glared at him playfully He switched of the gas and he served the food in plates


“You know,it surprises me how big this place is and you don’t have any worker”


“I do actually”


He carried me down from the counter and pulled a chair out for me to seat,I sat down and he passed my food to me


“So where are they”i asked


He sat down with a sigh and shrugged


“Well,i needed some alone time to get my head together so I told them to take a break till further notice,I didn’t have much workers tho..just a gardener,a security guard,six maids and one cook”


“You have a cook?”




“So you don’t cook yourself”


“I do sometimes but the cook cooks for me most of the time”he said and I hummed,i took a spoon of macaroni into my mouth and holy gods of deliciousness its so tasty,well durr,Romeo made it


“We’re going out today”



“To?”i asked


“Anywhere you wanna go and i wanna show the world my woman”he said and I grinned


“Hmm…and who is this woman if I may ask”


“Well,for starters she’s beautiful,super sweet,she has this super seductive body,there’s something about her that makes me wanna say “I love you” to her over and over again,she clouds my thoughts 24\7,she’s the definition of perfect,she’s cute,she has this habit of biting her bottom lip and time she’s shy which turns me on so please stop biting your lips or I won’t hesitate to turn you over this table and f**k you hard


I quickly took my lips from my mouth,laughing hard,is he being serious right now?


“Do you have to be so raw?”


“What”he shrugged”its the truth,whenever you do that I get really turned on”he said and I got shy and bit my lips again making him to groan in frustration


“Okay..sorry sorry..”I said in between laughs and I cleared my throat


I stared at him as I slowly took the spoon into my mouth,I deliberately bit my lips again,this time slowly and seductively


“Okay that’s it”he banged his spoon on the table and charged towards my seat,I screamed and he started chasing me round the kitchen,I ran out of the kitchen still screaming


“I’m gonna get you and when I do,you’re in some big f**king soup”he yelled as he chased me,he chased me round the sitting room and to be honest,I’m getting tired,I took the stairs to the room and I got into the room trying to close the door but he was faster and stronger,he caught me by my waist and pulled me to himself making me feel his bulge on my butt,he pushed me to the bed falling on top of me


“Stop screaming like I’m about to rape you”he said and I kept screaming



“Get off me”I whined and he pinned my two hands with one of his hands above my head


“No”he said with a pout before he leaned closer taking my lips in his,the kiss was slow and passionate,I tried to free my hands from his grip but he didn’t let go,is he kidding me right now?He sneaked his free hand into my shirt and he gasped when his hands touched my bare butt


“You aren’t even on panties?”he asked and I shook my head with my chest rising up and down as I breathed


He resumed the kiss and he let go of my hand which immediately went to his neck pulling him closer as we ate into each other’s tongue hungrily


His hands caressed my butt up to my back,I wrapped my legs round his torso and his hands went to my boob giving it a light squeeze,he broke the kiss to look at me and he smirked


“You know I’m supposed to let you rest”


“Well,you’re doing a good job”I said sarcastically and he laughed burying his face in my almost naked chest,he hummed and I started playing with his hair


“Romeo where’s my phone”I asked and he raised his head up from my chest


“I kept it”he said returning his head to my chest




“Because j don’t want any disturbance,I want it to be only you and I”


“But I need to call Bianca,Mitch is with her”he groaned and snuggled up to my neck giving it a little kiss


“You’ll call her later”he whined


“No..I need to call her now”



“Fine”he groaned and stood up from my body to the dressing table,he opened a drawer and brought out my phone,I collected it from him and I placed a video call through Bianca,I laced the phone horizontally letting it rest on a pillow,I laid on the bed with my tummy and Romeo placed his head on my butt wrapping his hands round my waist,this guy is too spoilt,Bianca finally picked and she squealed as soon as she picked



“Oh my God,Crystal come quick”she screamed,Crystal appeared with Mitch in her hands and my little baby screamed as he saw me








“mama”he squealed the more and I laughed



“how are Bianca and Crystal taking good care of you?



“mmm-mmm,mama i got a car



“what car


Bianca turned the phone to the direction of a giant blue toy car,it even has benz logo on it



“wow..its beautiful..who bought it for you



“aunt Alexa



“did you tell her thank you?






“don’t worry mama’s coming home soon okay


“No you’re not”I heard Romeo say and I rolled my eyes









“Its better you tell him you’re spending a week here”he said again and I turned back to glare at him


“Take your head off my ass”I said and he stuck out his tongue at me



“ooh..I see what’s going on..hey Mitch how about you go play with you it round the house”Bianca said and Mitch squealed getting down from


her lap



“okay…I need the full gist”Crystal said



“what gist”



Bianca: “I’ll slap you,full gist now”



“i’ll gist you when I’m back



Crystal: “wait a sec…what are those on your neck?


I looked down to my neck and I quickly covered it with my hands but they already say it anyways


Bianca: “are those what I think they are?



Bianca&Crystal: “Hickeys”they both squealed and I covered my face with my hands


Crystal: “oh my God,it was it



“was it hot



“gentle or rough



“did he hit the right places



“how many times did you cum



“how long is his c*ck



“fleshy or bony



“short,medium or long



“you guys should stop it,its embarrassing”I snapped and they busted into laughter


“what?we were just asking questions “well,he’s here”I whispered and Crystal gasped


“Romeo my man,hope you weren’t rough on our little Abby last night”she screamed and Romeo chuckled, crawling up to lie beside me


“hey guys



“ahem…the boss man



“back to my question,hope you handled her well last night” Romeo took his lips in and licked it before he smirked


“yeah,she couldn’t moaning my name Gosh this is embarrassing



“oh my God i can already imagine..”Romeo” She mimicked in a girl’s moaning voice



“harder Romeo



“yeah Romeo..that’s it Romeo



B” “let me ride you Ro..


I quickly cut the call before they keep taunting me with their stupid moaning voices


Romeo kept laughing at me,I glared at him and he he looked at me innocent


“I’m gonna kill you”I screamed grabbing a pillow and sitting on him,I banged the pillow on his head furiously and he kept laughing


“What did I do”I whined


“What did you do?…you’re asking me what you did you asshole”I screamed as I kept hitting him with the pillow


“Okay okay..I’m sorry”he said but no,I’m not done yet


“I’m sorry mama”he pouted cutely bashing his eye lashes rapidly and I hissed before getting off him and slumping on the bed beside him breathing heavily


“I need a bath”I said as I stood up


“Let me bathe with you”he pouted and I hissed pushing him back to the bed with full force and I ran into the bathroom before he regained himself


I took my bathe and came out of the bathroom wrapped in a white towel His eyes roamed down my body as is stepped out and I shook my head


“Stop eye raping me and go bathe”he smiled and pointed to three shopping bags on the bed


“Wear everything you see there…”he said with a wink before going into the bathroom


I walked to the bags and I peeked inside them one after the other,one contained a black turtle neck long sleeved fitted mini gown and a white jacket



I looked into the second one and it contained a pair of white sneakers and a pair of black wedge lace up boots


The third one contained hair accessories and jeweleries..i looked further and I saw a black matching lingerie and lace up bra.. They all look super expensive




I wore the undies and they fitted me did he know my size?


I wore the gown and it stopped at my mid thighs,it glued to my body like a second skin


I was still debating on what shoes to wear when Romeo came out of his bathroom with a towel wrapped round his waist,he didn’t even tie it properly because I can see his V cut


I stared at how water dripped from his head to his chest down to his abs


“Who is eye raping who now?”he said with a smirk and I scoffed


I finally settled on the wedge lace up boots and I wore it,I packed my hair into a bun and I applied a little lip gloss on my lips


I wore silver drop earrings and a silver chocker necklace I wore my jacket and I picked up a small hand bag


I turned from the dressing mirror to Romeo and he is looking hot


He wore ripped white jeans with white T.Shrit and a lemon jacket with lemon sneakers,he brushed his hair backwards making him look cute,he had two studs on in right ear and one in his left


“Ready?”he asked and I nodded,he took my hands in his and we left the room






Tiana’s POV


Its been two f**king weeks and I’ve not seen Romeo,his lime isn’t even going,I had to ask his mother for his whereabouts,I dislike that his mother,and I have a feeling she doesn’t like me too but I have to put on a show


She told me he’s out of the country and j asked where exactly she said he doesn’t want anyone to look for him


I’m his girlfriend for God’s sake I have the right to look for him


I huffed as I stumped into my room,I think I need to surf the internet to keep me busy


I was going through some news feed when I saw something that made me furious




~ROMEO GRANDE HAVING FUN WITH AN UNKNOWN LADY~ I clicked on the headlines and I read the content


~Our very own Romeo Grande was spotted in LA today at a mall with an anonymous pretty lady,some recognised the woman to be one of his team mates in the Alexa Grande’s competition that took place recently


There are no doubts that these two have something going on between them because the pictures that were shown said it all,they were seen holding hands,hugging,Romeo Grande wrapping his hands round her waist possessively The questions people are asking now are.. “Are they in a relationship?


“Who is the lady with him


“Has he broken up with the girl we all knew as his girlfriend-Tiana Gold “Why is he in LA with her~


I angrily smashed my phone on the wall and I screamed out dare that bitch


How dare Romeo,I’m here looking for how to get to him and he’s in LA having fun with that bitch


And his bitchy mother also told me he was out of the country They are all dead..Abigail is gonna die in my arms bet it with me .








Diamond in The Rough




BY:Authoress Timi




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