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Episode 32




I yawned and opened my eyes slightly but closed it back due to the lights,I opened it slowly and I turned my head to see Romeo sleeping peacefully,how can one be so handsome in his sleep jeez


I tried to stand up but I couldn’t because I am caged in Rommy’s hands and legs,I smiled lightly and pushed my fingers in his hair fiddling with it


“Rommy”I called tapping his lips




He groaned and I laughed,this guy surely wants me to get to school late today


“Romeo,I need to go prepare”


He smirked and pouted playfully tightening his grip round me


“Dude”I yelled hitting him on the chest but I was the one that got hurt in the process,his chest is as hard as a rock


I hissed and my eyes went to my tatted name on his chest,I blushed and I ran my hands on it before I kissed it


“You know rape is a punishable offence by the law right?”he asked and I darted my eyes to his face,he still has his eyes closed


“Rommy,do you wanna be late today?”


“I don’t care,let’s skip school today”he whined with a pout still closing his eyes


“No,you find skipping school fun,I find it as truancy”




“Romeo open your eyes”




I reached for his eyes and tried to open his eye lids with my hand but he was closing it so tight


“Romeo come on”


He smiled before he opened his eyes slowly,the way he opened it was like a rose flower blooming under the sun,he finally opened his eyes and he batted his eyelashes rapidly before he glued his gaze to my face


“Hey pumpkin”


I hissed and glared at him making him to laugh


“You know,glaring doesn’t fit you”




“Yup…you look ugly when you glare”


“Whatever,look at the time”


I pointed to the giant love shaped wall clock and he shrugged




“Dude,its 6.20am”


“I ask again…so?”


“Let me go”I whined and he gave a babyish cry


“Lemme go”


“Not after you give me a good morning kiss princess”


I rolled my eyes and placed my lips on his but that was my worst mistake because he rolled me over,pinned me on the bed devouring my lips like its some kind of food


“Romeo,this early”


“What?”he whispered kissing my neck to my collar bone


“Rommy come on”I whined pushing his head away from my neck


“Are you really gonna do this to me?”


“We’re gonna be late”


“Who the hell cares about that”


“I do dumdum”


“Please..just a quickie please…pretty please”



I looked at him and I bursted into laughter,I can’t believe this guy,I can’t believe he’s on his knees with his hands clasped together,begging like a 2year old begging for candy


“Are you serious right now?”he asked with a glare and I laughed again,getting up from the bed


“Please…just a quickie pretty please”I mimicked him and I laughed again


“See what sΒ£x has turned you to”I laughed again and he sat on the bed with his arms crossed and a glare plastered on his face,I’m sure if he should catch me right now,it’ll take God’s miracle for me to escape


I stuck my tongue out to him and he looked away,is he mad at me right now?Well,who cares,it fun taunting and making fun of him


“Awwwn my Romeo is mad at me”I said childishly


“Don’t worry tiger right now,I’ve got a kid to dress for school,and I’ve got stuff to do,calm down..I’m not going anywhere am I?No,all these…”i touched my boobs and wiggled my butt to him”all these are all yours so you’ll surely get more than a quickie from me but right now..its a no no”I said and he hissed falling back to the bed


“I need to go prepare okay,make sure you’ve taken your bathe before I come back or else..”I made a gun with my hand and I shot him with it,I cocked my hips and made a playful bow before I exited the room,I’m sure 7 would have clocked right now and its all because of Romeo


I went to Mitchell’s room and I climbed on his bed,like father like son..what I’m I even saying,Mitch is not officially Romeo’s son right?


I touched his cute little nose and he shuddered before sneezing


“Wakey wakey sleepy head”i said running my hands under his foot-that’s his tickle spot


“Wake up”I increased my tickling and he giggled out turning to the other side,


“Morning baby”


“Morning mama”


I picked him up from the bed and made for the bathroom


I bathed for him and I dressed him up,Romeo wanted to change Mitch’s school but i didn’t allow it,he’s gonna change his school but not now,he has a lot of friends there and its gonna be hard for him to adapt to his new school..He’s just 2yrs old you know


I brushed his hair and I applied gloss


I took him to the kitchen and I placed him on one of the chairs I served him his sandwich and hot coco-his favorite breakfast


“Hey buddy”I heard Romeo call and I turned from the sink to meet his eyes,they did some crazy handshake before Romeo sat down


I shook my head and I served Romeo his own best type of breakfast-beacon and eggs


“Mitch your mama did something to me today”Romeo said and I arched my brow


“What did mama do”


“I told her to give me something,but she didn’t give made me sad”he feigned a sad face and Mitch awwwned sadly


“Mama..give ancle Romeo what he wants”


“Well,here’s the deal baby,I told him I’ll give him what he wants when the thing is ready but no,he wants it when it isn’t ready”I said with a glare


“Is it a must for it to be ready”Romeo asked


“Yeah..its a must”I said through gritted teeth


“Mitch,I told her its not a must of it to be ready,I’ll male it ready but not..your mama is too selfish..she even has it now”


“Now?..mama where is it?”



“It there”Romeo said pointing




“There..look there”


I trailed his hands to where he was pointing and…


“Romeo”I yelled picking up a spatular


“She wants to kill me”he yelled running away from the kitchen with me running after him with my spatular


Mitch watched as we ran round the living room and he couldn’t stop laughing and giggling


I finally caught up with him and I gave him a spanking of a lifetime,I dropped the spatular in the kitchen and I took the stairs


“Make sure you wash the dishes after you’re done with your food”I yelled as I walked up the spiral staircase


I got to the room and I went to the bathroom straight..I took my bathe and I dressed up


I walked out of the room and I went straight to the driveway


“Took you long enough”Romeo said and I rolled my eyes


I entered the car and he drove out of the compound,I removed my phone from my bag and I went to my call log,I stared at the unknown number that called me yesterday and I couldn’t stop wondering who it could be..the person sounded as if she wanted to call me urgently but then the person cut the phone,who could it have been?I’ve been trying to call the number since but its always saying switched off


“Seriously,you won’t hold my hand just because of what happened this morning”




“You know you’re acting childish right?”





I hissed and I walked ahead of him,Romeo is such a character…I walked to class and I went straight to my seat


“Hey girl”Bianca said as I sat down


“Hey B,watsup Crystal”


“What’s with you and Romeo,he has a mad expression on”Crystal said


“Well,Romeo he’s just acting childish”


“What happened between you two”Bianca asked and I explained to them


“Wow..Romeo and sΒ£x”Bianca said


“I know right”


“But still,your boyfriend asked for an early morning quickie,that’s like the best quickie ever and you declined?”Crystal asked


“Well,durr,we were already late”


“Who the hell cares about that”Bianca screamed


“Now you’re starting to sound like Romeo”


“He might be acting all fine but deep down,He’s mad”Crystal said




“Yeah..but he won’t show it,that’s Romeo for you…find a way to make it up to him”Bianca said




I didn’t think it’ll hurt his feelings that much,I glanced at him and I see he’s truly hurt,He’s playing with his pen with a sad pout,he looks like a baby deprived of his favorite candy





I turned my gaze to Abby’s seat and I sighed,she’s laughing and giggling when I’m here?After what she did this morning?Gosh,I’m pissed off


“You look like you wanna murder someone”I heard Ken say beside me




“Are you okay”he asked in between chuckles and I hissed,I turned to face him and he has this unusual happy look,nigga is all happy now cos he kissed his long time crush..idiotic human being


“I’m fine”


“Let me guess,she deprived you?”


“Yes..and I’m really pissed off”


He bursted into laughter and I scoffed,I knew that would be his reaction..I say again,idiotic human being


“Pussy freak”he teased and I scoffed.


“I stopped being that a long time ago..I’m now a committed boyfriend”


“Indeed,when you were dating Tania,you had more concubines than Solomon…dude,you still had flings now you’re saying you’ve changed?”


“Well,I can’t do that to Abby you know,she’s different”


“Shut up my friend,I’m sure you’ll still cheat on her,that stupid thing between your legs can’t be controlled”


“I think that statement belongs to you”


“Me?..naaaaah,i can’t promise of not cheating but believe me,I don’t wanna cheat on her but….there’s a possibility I’ll have flings”



“Idiotic human being”


“Whatever,no matter how many flings I have,it doesn’t change the fact that I love her and it doesn’t change the respect I have for her,look,from the very day I met Crystal this respect for her just grew in me,believe me”


“If you really respect her,you won’t have the motive of having flings dumdum,use your brain”


“Whatever..I can’t wait for tonight”he squealed like a little girl and I hissed,such a dumdum





We had a lot of things to do at school,the board of directors visited today to enlighten us on what we should be expecting on the day of the competition,I’m always thinking…this isn’t the first time this competition is holding so why is there an orientation..maybe because of newbies like me,anyways we were taken to the venue the competition would take place and I’ve even forgotten the name of the place,its one big stadium just in the middle of Texas,its very far from school,like a 3hrs drive so due to that,no student except the team would come to school on the day of the competition,its just your house straight to the venue except those that wanna follow the bus


I saw the picture of that Franco guy today and…hmm,truth be told he’s hella handsome…I can see why he competes with Romeo,He’s almost as handsome as Rommy-i said almost-i’m still searching for the person that is as handsome or more handsome that my baby..I’ve not seen anyone


Romeo told me he wants to go visit mum so he went straight after he dropped Mitch and I home


Right now,I’m famished,I need to eat





I got down from my car and I went into the CIA building..that’s where my private investigator works


“Get me Stone”I said to the receptionist who kept throwing seductive glances at me…she looks disgusting whenever she does that



She put a call through Stone and he directed me to his office,I went to his office and he stood up as j entered


“Sir…I’m sorry for not sending…


“Its okay you have it now?”I asked as I sat on one of his cushions




He passed some documents to me and I went through it Hmm


Jackson Salvador


Age 22


Occupation unknown


“This says he was living in New York until he disappeared for two years”


“Yes sir”


“And he came back three months ago..hmm”I ran my eyes round the document and I narrowed my eyebrows,something is fishy about his disappearance


“Any past relationships?”


“Um yes sir and I think this guy has something to do with ma’am Abigail”




“Yes sir,he once dated her”


“Wait..his name is Jackson..could he be…


“Oh my God”I exclaimed


“Is everything okay sir”


If my guess is right,this is the Jackson guy that Madison once dated and also the motherf**king bastard that leaked her nudes and now she’s seen with Tania and



Tania is bad news..the only explanation for this is either that Jackson guys is teaming up with Tania or he’s dating Tania But there’s a high possibility of my first guess


“We need to pay this guy a visit”










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Diamond In The Rough




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