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Episode 27





She stood up with rage and raised her hand to slap me but I caught it in mid-air,I smirked at her before I twisted her stupid hand making sure I heard a “crank” sound before I released her and kicked her making her to crash on a nearby table She screamed in pain and I looked around,people have already gathered with their phones up including my two crazy friends


I looked ahead and I saw a worker carrying a bowl filled with something


“Hey what do you have there”I asked her


“Um..grease”she said and I smirked


“Give me”


She stretched the bowl to me and I turned to face the idiot


“This is for my hair”I said before emptying the whole content on her hair and body,I slammed the bowl on her head making her to crash on the table behind her I went to the bitch and pulled her by the hair,turning her to face me,she was staring at me in fury but who gives a f**k


“Now listen bitch”I said scornfully


“When you wanna talk to me,you talk to me like a human,not an animal that was released from the jungle okay”


I pushed her back to the table and she crashed in it again


I took a towel from a girl beside me and I used it to clean my face and hair


“Hey”she screamed at me and I turned to face her


“You are such a whore,you know you should be ashamed of yourself,chasing after people’s boyfriend and for what?Because he’s rich and famous and handsome,Romeo is mine…


“Was yours”I cut in


“You see..”I walked closer to her and I stopped at her front”look,you have to change this mentality of yours thinking all girls are like you Tiana,no,that’s not it,you see in life when you’re in possession of something,you have to keep it,you have to nurture it,you have to take care of it,you have to love it so it won’t slip off your hands,but unfortunately for you,you didn’t do that,all you gave the poor guy was problem upon problems,now he saw the perfect antidote for the problem and he went for it,and BTW I’m the antidote,look Tiana let me advice you woman to woman,stop giving yourself unnecessary headache and live a life,you’re fighting a lost battle,Romeo is mine and when I say mine,I mean M.I.N.E…read my lips mine,so stop acting like you are in charge of him okay and PS I didn’t “snatch” your “boyfriend”..get that to your good for nothing skull”


“You’re gonna regret this Abigail”she said and I laughed



“Oh baby girl,there’s nothing to regret,you’re the one that should get your head straight”


I walked away from her and pulled B and Crystal with me as I walked out Firstly,I need to wash my hair,it stinks



Romeo’s POV


My mouth opened in shock as I watched Abby beat up and gave Tiana the savagery of her life,is this my girlfriend or someone else,this Abby I’m seeing talks like a savage queen,even her eyes says “I’m the boss bitch”


I can’t believe this is Abby,I need to go back to Texas,I think some spirit has possessed Abby


But to be honest,I love this Abby,she looks unstoppable and fierce


I smiled and walked down the stairs with my jacket hung on my shoulders,I got to the garage and I got into my car..I put my shades on and I opened the roof My phone rang and I put my ear pod on


“hey buddy



“I’m on my way to Texas now



“good..cos Abby is on fire



“I know..I’m so proud of her


I wiped invisible tears from my face



“Tiana is almost crying…I can’t believe Abby beat her up like that..its so shocking


“yeah…she has some explanations to do



“yeah..just come quick



“I’ll be there in about two hours


I laughed again when I remembered how Tania looked when Abby turned a bowl of grease over her head…she looked funny





“You were on fire”Crystal screamed and I laughed as I dried my hair with the hair dryer


“Wow..I can’t wait to see more of your Madison side”Bianca said and I laughed


“God,it feels good to let that all out,I’ve been wishing to do that for months”I said


“Gosh did you see her face”Crystal said and we bursted into laughter again


“I know was like…


Bianca did a ugly face and we laughed again…these girls are so crazy


The door banged open and the witch herself came in with two of her minions


“Ooh…Tiana,you can use my hair dryer”Crystal said stretching her hair dryer to Tiana


She gave Crystal a scornful look before she stumped into one of the bathrooms We bursted into laughter again,she looks so pathetic,we walked out of the ladies making fun of Tiana as we walked back to class


Tiana’s POV


“Are you gonna let her go scot free?”Bailey,one of my minions said


“That is a very stupid question because I won’t seat down I watch Abigail humiliate me,I might have lost Romeo but I will male her pay for crossing my path,she would regret ever looking me and the eyes,she dared humiliate me,me!!A whole Tiana Gold,no,she would surely bear the consequences..I’ll make her beg,I’ll make her cower before me..I’ll make her kiss my feet,she’ll know I’m not to be joked with,she’ll understand the meaning of suffering when I’m done with her”I screamed and they flinched


Get ready Abigail Maxwell,your worst nightmare is coming to haunt you down and I won’t stop until you know how dangerous I can be


Romeo’s POV



I walked into my room as soon as I got home,mum isn’t back yet..oh well,I need to go see Abby


I picked my car keys and I walked to the driveway..


I parked my car in an empty space and I stepped out,I can’t believe I’ve been absent from school for 3 weeks


Its closing time already,I took off my shades and I walked into the building,eyes were following me as I walked…well,why won’t they


I sighted Abby and her friends in the hallway and I walked to them,only her sight gives me joy,what has this girl done to me


Bianca noticed me coming and she grinned and nudged Crystal by the side,Crystal looked up and saw me..she almost squealed but Bianca stuffed her mouth with a hotdog,she didn’t want Abby to know I was here,walked closer to them and I wrapped me hands round my woman,she stiffened and turned to face me,her face lit up in delight as soon as she saw it was me


“Rommy”she squealed jumping on me and wrapping her hands round my neck


“Hey babe”


I pecked her on the lips and she flushed


“I missed you”she pouted and I smiled


“Um…hello,human beings here”Bianca said waving her hands,I chuckled and I went to then hugging them and pecking them on the cheek


“Mr.Romeo Grande”I heard Ken say and I looked ahead


“Watsup man”


We did our special handshake and we topped it with a hug


“Missed your sorry ass”he said and I smiled


“Well,I’m back and back to stay”I said


I turned to face Abby and I grinned at her


“I saw the news”I said and she gasped



“You should have seen your girl this afternoon”Ken said as we walked out “She was on fire”Bianca added and Crystal hummed in agreement “Where did all that come from”I asked in surprise and she shrugged


“Bye guys”I waved at others as I opened the door for Abby,she got in and I closed the door,I got into the car and I drove off


“I ask again…where did all that come from”


“Well,that’s just the me I’ve been hiding for 2 years”


“Wow…you must have been a really bad girl when you were still Madison”


“Actually,I was a good slash bad girl”she said with a wink and I chuckled


We drove to Mitch’s school to pick him up and surprisingly,he hugged me before hugging Abby,even Abby was surprised


“Where are we going,this is not the way to my house”Abby said “Well,you’re going to my house” “But..what about Mitch”



“You’re both going to my house and you’re both gonna live there from now on”


“But..what about my house”


“forget about’re living with me now”




“Don’t you wanna live with me?”


“Its not that Romeo..its just…isn’t it too early?”



“What do you mean by too early”


“We’ve just started dating like two days ago you know”


“Ohh..then fine,I’ll take you to your house then”I turned back and took the route to her house,I expected her to stop me but no,she just sat there


I parked in front of her house and she sighed as she unfastened her seat belt


“Romeo are you okay?”


“I’m fine”I replied obviously pissed


She sighed and leaned to me and pecked me on the lips


“Don’t be mad at me okay..I’ll live in your house but not now okay”she said and I huffed playfully


“Come on..Rommy”she pouted and I smiled,her cuteness always gets me


“Fine…I’m not mad anymore”I said and she smiled


“I’ll call you okay”she said and wanted to step out but I pulled her back and captured her lips in a kiss


“Love you”I said and she chuckled


“Love you too baby”


She gave me one final peck on the lips before she got out,she picked Mitch from


the backseat and she waved at me before stepping into the house…I couldn’t stop


grinning,I’m crazily in love people










Diamond In The Rough




BY:Authoress Timi




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