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Episode 31





We pulled out of the kiss and he placed his forehead on mine,I looked into his face and he had this mixed expression on


“Crystal”he called and I hummed


“I just…I don’t really know what to say,there are a lot I want to say but I don’t know where to start,I’m confused”


“You are free to say it whenever and however you want,just tell me when you’re ready,I also have things to say to you”


“ about a date..say,tomorrow?”


“Tomorrow works for me..see you at 9pm”I said and left the closet,it finally happened,I kissed Ken!!someone should hold me or I’ll die of excitement,I can’t believe it,i just hope he didn’t kiss me because of kissing sake,I hope he feels the same way for me,I can’t wait for tomorrow to come,I hope what he wants to tell me wouldn’t be disappointing


I walked to class and I couldn’t hold the grin sneaking to my face,i sat down at the middle of B and Abby and they both stared at me waiting for me to talk,I sighed and I squealed


“We kissed”I whisper yelled and they both went silent before they gave the loudest squeal ever


“Are you kidding me?”Abby asked


“No…we really kissed..I still can’t believe it”


“Oh my gosh..okay,what else happened”Bianca asked


“Nothing..he only told me he has a lot to say and he’ll say all of em tomorrow”





“Yeah..we’re going on a date…I can’t wait for it to come honestly”I squealed and they both squealed with me,I can’t wait to get out of single zone





I was coming out of the bathroom after a bathe when I saw Clara with my phone and a shocked plus furious expression on her face


I walked to her and snatched the phone from her grasp


“Jackson are you insane”I screamed at me and I stared at her in confusion


“What do you mean”


“What the hell are you planning with some Tiana girl,what does she mean by the operation to destroy Madison,what the hell is going on”she fired and I gasped


“Did you read my messages”


“That’s not the f**king deal right now,the deal is that why the hell are you bent on making Madison’s life a living hell”


“Hey…you paid me to leak her nudes so we aren’t different”I said as a matter of fact


“No,we are different,I have a conscience and it haunts me every blessed day,I’ve got to realize that what I did was devilish and if I have the chance to change the past I would gladly do so but you,you don’t even feel remorseful,you’re ganging up with some girl to destroy her again…haven’t you had enough?”she yelled


“I don’t f**king care of what you think”I yelled back


“Oh really?then watch me call Madison and tell her all about your plans”she said going to her phone


“Clara put that phone down”


“I’m not!”she yelled and she dialed the number..I rang and fear gripped me,


“Clara out the damn phone down”I yelled but she didn’t budge


I rushed to her and tried to snatch the phone from her but she was quick to dodge The call was picked and fear gripped me


“Hello Madison..don’t bother about who is speaking to you but….


Unconsciously,I grabbed an object that was on the stool beside me and I pierced her with it,I reached for the phone on the floor and I cut the call


“Ja..jackson”i heard Clara call in a low frail voice and I turned to my side,what I saw shocked me..Clara,in the pool of her own blood,my eyes trailed to her tummy and that was when it dawned on me that I pierced Clara with a knife,I bent to her and I placed my hands on her bleeding tummy


“Don…don’t do it”


Was all she said before her body went cold,I’ve just killed a person,I’ve just murdered Clara,oh my God..what I’m I gonna do


I panicked round the room with beads of sweat on my forehead,I wore my pants and shirt and I rushed to the kitchen store,I took a big bag out and i went back to the room,I unzipped the bag and I placed Clara in it zipping it back up with the knife inside


I carried the bag that contained clara and I took the stairs to the driveway,I looked around to be sure if anyone was looking before I proceeded to my car,I dropped the bag into the backseat and I drove off with my hands trembling and my heart pounding hard on my chest


I made for the bridge and I got out of the car,I made sure I wore a hoodie and face cap so as not to be recognized


I looked for any cars or anybody near the area and fortunately,I found no one


I quickly went to the backseat and I carried the bag out,I went to the railings of the bridge and I sighed deeply before throwing it over the bridge to the water below


“I’m sorry Clara”I said with tears in my eyes before I drove off





“So what did you find out”I asked my private investigator


“Well,our spy has been seeing her with countless meetings with this guy”he said pushing five pictures to me,well,I guess you might be confused so let me



explain…last month when Tania announced her “sudden”departure,for some reason I wasn’t at rest,I knew something was up her sleeves but I couldn’t place my hands on it,so I hired a private investigator to send spies to monitor her every movement so as to know her motive,well,she hasn’t been showing any suspicious move,until last week and I’m suspicious..very suspicious of that guy


“Run a background check on that guy for me ASAP”I said and he nodded


“What about Abby’s mother”


“Well,sir,the lady is the definition of miserable,she has been seen in bars drinking and always saying “I want to see my daughter”,the poor woman really misses her daughter”


“Hmm…I know what to do,give me her number”


He wrote the number down in a piece of paper and stretched it to me,I collected it and I twirled it between my fingers


“Make sure no harm comes to her okay”I said and he nodded


“Well,I gotta take me leave now..”I said standing up


“Yes sir,I’ll run a background check on the guy just like you requested,tonight latest,I’ll send it to you”




We shook hands and we exited the bar,I went to my car and I took off my shades and hoodie as soon as I got it,I didn’t want anyone to recognize me,I don’t want to believe Tania is planning something bad for Abby or else,I’ll kill her with my bear hands




I felt a hand sneak round my waist and I smiled at that familiar fragrance


“You’re back?”I asked as I washed the dishes


“Yeah”he kissed me on my shoulders and I smiled



“Dinner is ready,I’ve been waiting for you”I whined and he laughed turning me to face him


“Missed me much?”I asked squeezing my ass and I nodded


“Go eat,I’ll join you soon,Mitch has been waiting,he didn’t eat because you weren’t home,he wanted to eat with you”


“Oh really..Mitch..buddy I’m home”he yelled walking to the living room and I smiled,its almost as of we’re already married


I giggled at the thought and I continued my washing


“So what did you do when you were out today?”I asked drawing invisible lines on his chest


“Nothing in particular…I just had fun with Ken and other jobless guys”he said and I chuckled


“Jobless indeed”I said with a sigh and he smiled with his eyes closed


“Are you sleeping already?”I asked and he nodded sleepily


“But I wanna talk”I whined


“About what?”he asked still with his eyes closed


“Hmm…oh..I’ve got one,I know this is kinda awkward but um…Romeo..




“Don’t have have a…uh…dad?”I asked lowly and his eyes snapped open,his expression changed and he sighed before closing his eyes back


“I don’t wanna talk about it”





“I would talk about it but I don’t feel like talking about it now”


“I respect that”I said with a smile and my eyes darted to his chest,my eyes caught something and I gasped


“ that my name”I asked running my hands through the ink tatted on his left chest


“What does it look like”




I sat up and I leaned over to his chest,I placed my hands on the left side of his chest where the tattoo was and I smiled,it is clearly my name “Madison”,it looked so beautiful


“But…but why?”


He sighed lazily and he groaned


“Because you’re my heart,I had your name tatted at the left side of my chest because you know..that’s where my heart is and its beating,when you place your hands on it,you feel my heartbeat and that’s what it signifies,my heart belongs to you Madison,don’t break it”he said tiredly and I was already in tears,I whimpered and placed my hand on it,its truly beating…


“Are you crying?


“No…its just,you’re such a dork and it makes me emotional sometimes”I said and he laughed pulling me closer to lie on his chest,he placed his hand on my back rubbing it soothingly


“Don’t be such a cry baby Madison”


“I love how that sounds”


“How what sounds”he asked






“Yeah..I wish you could call my that as from today”


“Yeah yeah..I wanna sleep”he said and I laughed


“Good night my Romeo”I kissed him and he smiled


“Thou shalt not make me blush”he said and i chuckled snuggling closer to him


“Good night baby”he pecked me on the forehead and we cuddled all night








Sorry its short guys…my hand was really aching me while I was typing to I couldn’t type much


I love Romeo..He’s such a darling,He’s relationship with Abby I really cute




Diamond In The Rough




BY:Authoress Timi




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