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Episode 29







“Romeo I said black and the sparkly nail paint not pink”I yelled and he groaned putting the nail paint back I’m the rack


“Let me do what I wanna do okay,I know what I’m doing”he said as he took the black nail paint from the rack and placed my left hand on his lap


Romeo is helping me with my manis,and he’s not really doing a good job with it,how can you mix blue nail paint and yellow nail paint together?


My boyfriend is crazy and sweet,the past one month with Romeo has been the best I and Mitch moved to his house a week ago and believe me it has been so great living with him,my little Mitch has been getting really along with him,they are kinda best buddies now,The day Alexa caught Romeo and I making out,I almost bursted out of embarrassment,I was expecting her to yell but surprisingly,she started grinning and she came to hug me,I was like what the hell is going on


She was so happy…I remember what she said that day,she said “Finally,I’ve been wishing for this to happen for months,so when are you giving me babies” I laughed my ass out that day,babies?Of all things?


Alexa is such a character..she even warned me not to call her Ma’am again..she told me I should call her “mum”,like ..mum


So yeah,I call her mum now,Romeo has made the last few weeks fun and amazing,his presence is a blessing…I don’t regret anything with him


He’s a sweetheart,he cares for me like an egg,the way he shows how much he loves me is so adorable,he loves me and his actions proves that and I’m not ready to let go of him..He’s all I want


“Pass me the letter stickers please”he said as he filed my nails with rapt attention,I passed him the stickers and he collected it not bringing his head up from my nails and BTW,we’ve not heard from Tania for the past one month,seems she backed out of our lives for real


“Hey baby,stop pulling my hair that hard”


“Sorry mama”


My boys are really doing a good job here,Mitch is combing my hair and Rommy is in charge of my manis and I’m here seating like a queen I am,stuffing my face with pepperoni pizza as I watched the TV…I’m so special



“Hey buddy,give me a that nail paint”Romeo said to Mitch pointing at a multi coloured sparkly nail paint,he passed it to him and he gave a thumbs up,they should be done already,I wanna sleep




“Me too”


I brought my two hands to my face and I awwned at how beautiful my fixed nails were,he used the letter stickers to write his name on the nails and he painted the tip of the nails white using it to form a cloud


“Is that a supposed rainbow?”I asked pointing to the red,pink and yellow line that drew from the edge of the tip to the edge of the bottom




“Its pretty”I cooed and he gave a smug smile..


“Now,let’s check my baby’s hairdo”


I took the mirror and..Jesus Christ!!!! I look like maleficent


“How is it mama”


“Its beautiful”I said and Romeo bursted into laughter


“But he’s laughing”Mitch whined with a pout


“Don’t mind him,He’s crazy,the hairdo is pretty”


He nodded with a smile and I pinched his cheek


He got off from the bed and went outside the room,probably to his game room…


“You know,its bad to lie to a kid”Romeo said pulling me to lie on top of him


“Well,it isn’t lying if its to prevent the kid’s feeling from getting hurt”I said brushing his lips with my index finger



“But truth be told,the hair looks funny, did he even get to pull your head up like this”


“Shut up,its beautiful..I think I’m gonna keep it for the day”I said checking myself in the mirror and blowing a kiss


“’re not keeping this thing”he protested


“I’m too…and you can’t stop me”I stuck my tongue out to him and he chuckled


“You’re adorable”he said and I shrugged as i got off him


“I know…and speaking of knowing,you know the competition is in less than two weeks right?”


I wore my bum short well and he sighed


“Well yeah”


“That’s all you’re gonna say?”I asked laying the bed well


“Yeah,it’ll come,we’ll compete,we’ll win and boom it’ll big deal”


“Hmm…you don’t have to be that full of yourself you know”I said with a wink and he rolled his eyes


“That’s the truth”


I shook my head and I took off my tank top,my yes darted to Romeo who was licking his lips hungrily at my naked boobs


“No……do not come not…arrrghhh…


I screamed as he charged towards me,he chased me round the room and as expected he caught up with me and he threw me on the bed like I weighed nothing


“Romeo..get your hands off me your ass hole”I screamed but no,he didn’t budge


“I said…



He shut me up with a kiss and his hands went to my boobs…I think you know what happens next..




“You were amazing”


I pecked her on the forehead and she glared at me playfully


“You’re insane”


“Yeah…insanely in love with you baby”I kissed her on the lips and she smiled


“Where’s Mitch anyways”


“Downstairs I think”




My hands went to her butt and I rubbed it


“Mind if we go another round”I whispered huskily and she slapped my hands away


“You know,you should have came as a horse”she said throwing the duvet over my face


“Seriously”I said as I took the duvet out of my face and she hissed as she walked to the bathroom,I whistled as she walked,swaying her ass purposely,I can’t get enough of that big ass..jeez


I stood up and I wore my shorts,Abby’s phone rang and I peeped at it…and it says Jason..who’s Jason?


Should I pick it or not…I will not


The ring ended and I shrugged,it started ringing again and I sighed,I have to pick it I picked it and I heard the voice of a woman,a really frail the person is sick or something





“um…who is this?



“please I need to speak with Madison



“this isn’t Madison but her boyfriend,what do you want



“please…this..this is her mother






“yes,I need to speak with her…I have a lot to say..



“uh…she’s,hello..are you there


I brought the phone from my ear and I scoffed,she just hanged up,and she said she’s her mum..Abby told me her mum sent her away so why is she calling now,or is she in trouble?Because her voice doesn’t sound okay..she sounded like she needs medical attention




I quickly hanged up when I heard footsteps coming,I placed the phone where I saw it and I quickly ran out of Jason’s room


I had to sneak into his room when he was bathing so I could speak to Maddy..the mistake I made was that I shouldn’t have called her,I should have just written the number down and call her on my own phone


I just wanna apologize for what I did,I know there’s no justification for what I did..I did what a bad mother would do


I chased my own daughter out,with a child..not considering the fact that she might encounter any type of danger..what if she was kidnapper,what if she was shot,what if she didn’t get to meet Romeo..what if her life got ruined,just because of me..

I only need her apology,I’ve realized my mistake I just want Maddy to forgive me






“Its good to have you here Mr.Jackson”I gave him a handshake and he smiled


“Its good to be here too Mrs.Gold”


“Have a seat”


“I think we already know why we are here”I asked with a smirk and he nodded,he dipped his hands in his pants pocket and brought out a flashdrive


“Everything is in there”


“Good…now let me go over the plan,we strike at exactly the day of the competition and of course when her long memory is shown to billions of people,she’ll feel a million of what she made me feel when she took Romeo from me and from there,you’ll show yourself…there’s no way she would allow you to touch her so I guess you’ll have to do it the hard way”


“Of course,trust me on that”


“And don’t forget,you’re gonna sleep with her live so people would see the type of slut she is”


“Understood..what about Romeo”


“Leave him to me Jackson..I know what to do with him”


He nodded and I leaned on my chair,Abby is about to get the worst shock of her










Romeo should have came as a horse


He too like that kini


Awwwn…Mrs Campbell..sorry o


Hmm Tania and Jackson are so evil,like,I can’t believe Tania is so bent on destroying bitchier can she get






Diamond In The Rough




BY:Authoress Timi




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