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Episode 21



Romeo’s POV


I smiled as she squealed and picked up the teddy,I knew she would like it,I had to borrow a man’s cab so I could see her reaction


She looked around to find who gave her the gift but she couldn’t find anyone so went in with the presents


I wore my cap and hoodie before I stepped out of the cab,I put a call through to the owner and I told him I’m done borrowing his cab


I walked to where I parked my bike and I mounted it,I took one last glance at her house before I rode off,I don’t think I’ll be able to let her go for long,I’ll see her everyday so its gonna be so hard,I guess I’ll just have to cease going everywhere she might be


Madison’s POV


I was still hugging Romeo..sorry my teddy when I heard my phone ring I checked the caller and I smiled before picking the call



“happy birthday to you..happy birthday to you…happy birthday to you Princess…happy birthday to you..hip hip hip hurray!!!


“hey dad



“ooh…it so sad I can’t be with you right now,its your 20th birthday and I’m not with you


“it doesn’t matter dad,at least I can hear your voice,that’s all that matters



“how was your day,it must have been boring right?



“actually,no,it was fun,my friends made it fun and memorable



“awn,that’s nice,I would love to meet them one day



“you will soon



“ is my grandson



“He’s fine



“is he there



“no he’s asleep



“okay,extended my greetings okay



“I will dad



“yeah..bye princess



“good night dad


I dropped my phone on the bed and I glanced at the chocolate filled basket,I opened a love shaped chocolate box and I licked my lips at the sight of love shaped caramel filled chocolates


I took one into my mouth and hmmmmm,creamy


I phone rang again and I checked the caller..yay,its Jay and he wants to face time I picked the call and his sleepy face popped up


“there’s the birthday girl



“there’s my little bro



“happy birthday small momma



“awwn,thanks son



“sorry its coming late



“August 20th isn’t over yet



“mmm-mmm,how have you been



“hmm,I donno



“hmm,I want the full fist



“firstly,I fell in love


He squealed and started jumping up and down on the bed,I rolled my eyes after his childishness


“okay okay,I’m calmed


He cleared his throat and sat back on the bed



“what’s his name?






“Romeo as in Romeo Grande






“oh my God,does he love you back



“well,he has never told me but his actions kinda talks for him He squealed again and I huffed


“I can’t wait for him to pop the question



“actually,I don’t think that can happen






“look,he has a girlfriend and….






“jeez why the long hiss



“I’m not





“are you done?



“ I’m done






“Sis,you’ve grown too soft,what is wrong with you,you love him,he loves you and you’re saying you can’t date me because he has a girlfriend?Who cares about some girlfriend when there’s love,you told me the girlfriend is rude and you think she’s a lesbian,then there you have it,go get your guy and if she tries anything stupid,you’ll reveal her secret


“I can’t do that,I’m not that desperate and besides,I don’t even have proof



“then find proof,monitor her



“Jason,I’m not doing that,if fate wants us together then,we’ll be together but if fate doesn’t then..I’ll accept my fate


“you know,sometimes you have to play your part for fate to take it course,you can’t just seat idly by and wait for some fate to work,even God said heaven helps those who help themselves


“you’re crazy



“whatever,the point is,don’t bother about Tabitha or whatever you called her name,just go for the kill okay


“I’m not promising you that



“I know,just try






“that’s the spirit,now I can sleep in peace,bye sis,love you



“love you too


I sighed and ran my hands through my hair,I glanced at the teddy and I giggled hugging it tight


“I care about you Abby”it said and I smiled,


“I care about you to Romeo”I said burying my face in its neck before I drifted to sleep


I woke up at exactly 7.30am,I wanted to get another round of sleep when I heard the door bell ring


I groaned and I stood up,opening my eyes halfway as I walked to the door


I opened the door and my little baby flew into my arms as soon as he saw me


“Good morning Mr.Max”


“Morning ma’am”


“Mama..missed you”


“I missed you too bunny”


“I’ll be going now”


“Okay..bye Mr.Max,hey Mitch say bye to Mr.Max”



“Bye Mr.Max”


Mr.Max left and I closed the door behind me as I walked to the kitchen


“Had a fun time”


“Yes,I played games with aunt Alexa”


“Really?”I dropped him on one of the dinning chairs


“Yup,I didn’t know how to play it”


“Ohh,what other thing did you do”


“Um mm,I swam,I slept in a a veeeery big room”


He demonstrated the “veeeery”by widening his arms as he said “veeeey”


“Wow,you had lots of fun I see”


He giggled with a nod and I smiled


“You’ve eaten”




“What did you eat”


“I donno”


“You don’t know?”


“Mmm-mmm,but it was soooo tasty”he licked his lips and I laughed Alexa really took care of him,He’s even wearing a new cloth


I think I should call Alexa..I picked up my phone and pulled a call through Alexa but she didn’t pick,maybe she’s already at work


My phone dinged and I checked it,its a message from an unknown number



Happy Birthday Madison,sorry its coming late



I furrowed my eyes at the sender’s number and..oh my God,this..this is mum’s number,or I’m I seeing things?


I checked again to be sure and yes!its her number,mum sent me a message?She wished me happy birthday,I cannot believe this


I laughed like a maniac slamming my hands on the table as I laughed


This is funny and at the same time unbelievable,first of all,how did she get my number


I wanted to text her back but I changed my mind,I’ll let her suffer a little bit Oh well,I need to have a nice bathe


I took my bathe and I dressed up,today is Saturday so I’m kinda jobless right now,I took the new phone Alexa got me and I sighed,I’ve not even opened it yet


I unsealed it and I brought out the beauty,its black and beautiful,very flat,I looked further inside the parcel and..she even got me an headphone?


I looked into the phone box and I was impressed,it has a charger,ear pods,earpiece and is that a manual?Manual for a phone?


I switched it on and I was mesmerized by the wallpaper-a picture of a white wolf howling under the midnight moon,Alexa knows me too well


Thank God all my data are backed up in the cloud,I downloaded all my data from the cloud and my new phone is ready to go,I don’t know why Alexa got me a new phone when the one I got the first day of school is still there


I sighed and I took my old phone and I smiled at Romeo’s smiling face displayed as my wall paper,he looked so handsome in this picture,gosh why I’m I even admiring him


My phone rang and I picked it



“hey B



“come open your door right now,the door is burning


I squealed and rushed to the door,I opened it and they both jumped on me


“I didn’t know you guys were coming”I said as I closed the door


“Well,surprise”Crystal said with a shrug and I laughed,they both came at the right time,I was already feeling bored



“Well,we figured out you might need us because you’re kinda in a emotional mess right now and we thought you might be sulking on chocolate syrup staring at you know who’s picture crying your eyes out”Bianca said as she slumped on the sofa


“Cool place you have here girl”Crystal said


“Thanks..its nothing”


“Nothing,this place is nice,quite okay for a 20 year old,its simple yet fancy”Bianca said


“Where’s Mitchell”Crystal asked


“He’s asleep”


“Let’s go see him”Bianca said standing up


“You sure like that baby”


“I love him,He’s so adorable”Bianca said as we walked to my room


“Awwn look at him”Crystal cooed


Bianca walked to him and pushed her fingers gently into his hair making him to shiver a little


“His hair is so soft”Bianca said


“Um…Abby,whatsup with the giant teddy”Crystal asked pointing to the Teddy,I blushed and I looked away


“Oh…no no,I know that blush,that’s how you blush anytime Romeo touches or is around you”Bianca said with a wiggled eyebrow and I covered my face with my hands blushing heavily


“Come on let it out..”they both started to tickle me and I kept laughing and screaming as I tried to wiggle from their tickle torture


“Oh…sto…okay…hahaha..ok..stop it”


“Are you ready to talk?”


“Yes yes please get off me”


They both released me and I breathed out,I sat well on the bed and they both stared at me with eagerness


“Okay..Romeo gave me the Teddy bear..”


“I knew it!!!”Bianca squealed


“Shh…you’ll wake Mitch up”I shushed her and she held her lips


“How?When?”Crystal asked


“Well,yesterday when i got home after our little outing,I heard the door bell ring,and I went to check who was there,but to my surprise I only saw the teddy,a bouquet of flowers and a chocolate basket”I said pointing to the presents as I mentioned them


“How did you know it was from him?”Bianca asked and Crystal went to where the bouquet is and carried it


“Well,he left a letter”I said taking out the letter from where i placed and Crystal dropped the flower and hurried back to the bed


“We must see the letter and we must read it”Bianca said trying to snatch it from me but I raised it above my head


“,its private”I said


“Come on..just a peek”Crystal said




“Pretty please,just a little peek,pleaaase”Bianca said with her lips pouted





I stretched it to them but pulled it back to myself in a flash


“No fair,we didn’t see anything”Crystal whined


“Well,you said just a peek”


“abby”Bianca whined and i laughed sticking out my tongue,I’m never letting them read it


“Fine,but we’re eating your chocolate”Bianca said picking up the basket of chocolate


“Yes,but you’re not taking this”I picked up the love shaped chocolate box


“The teddy is so beautiful”Crystal said




I picked the teddy and I brought it to sit on my lap..


“Can I touch it?”Bianca said stretching her hands towards it and I quickly hugged it to myself completely forgetting it can talk


“I love you Abby”it said and they both gasped,the chocolate that was in Crystal’s mouth fell out immediately she heard that I sat shock not knowing what to do or say


“Did you guys just hear that?”Crystal asked when she regained herself and Bianca nodded


“Abby..what was that?”Bianca asked and I smiled,I felt something rolling down my cheeks and I touched it,it tears


I’m crying,but this time I’m crying because I’m happy


“Romeo..Romeo loves me?”I said and Crystal grinned


“ God Romeo loves me”I squealed with tears in my eyes and they both


squealed with me












Diamond In The Rough




BY:Authoress Timi




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