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Episode 28





I screamed out in happiness as I closed the door behind me,I feel really good after the afternoon show I gave,Tiana’s stupid face made me laugh out loud again


I sighed and slumped on the bed as soon as I got in the bedroom,Mitch crawled up to me and lied on top of me placing his head on my chest,I’ve really missed him,all that has been on my mind was Romeo that I forgot about my little pumpkin,my source of happiness


“You’re angry at mama for leaving for two days right?”I asked and he raised his head up and nodded with a pout


“I’m sorry okay,I’m here now”he smiled and placed his head back on my chest He raised his head back up and he grinned,a very suspicious grin


“What?”I asked


“Ancle Romeo”he said and I raised my eyebrow


“What about him”


“He’s dada right?”he asked and I smiled




“Mmm…you hug him and…ummm…peck on the cheeks and um…do this..


He bent over me and placed his lips on mine,I bursted into laughter and he covered his eyes shyly


“We do that? do you know that”


“In the car,you did it in the car”he said and I chuckled as I sat up,balancing him well on my lap


“So you think he’s your dada because I do that?”I asked and he nodded




“ school,Natalie’s mama always do that to her dada”


“How do you know you see them?”


“Mmm-mmm,they come pick her”


“They come pick her from school?”I asked and he nodded,this kid is too smart,I can’t believe he already tagged Romeo as he’s dad,I’m so gonna tell Rommy


“Do you want Rommy to be your dad?”


“Hmm mm…yeeeaah”he said with a hint of uncertainty


“You want him?”




“Hmm…don’t worry okay,he’ll soon be okay”


“Yay”he squealed hugging me tight


“I’m gonna have a dad”he squealed again


“Thanks mama…I’ve always wanted a dada”he said and I awwwned at his cuteness,so my baby has been craving for a dad and I didn’t know,its gonna be so great if Romeo becomes his dad,imagine Mitch calling him dada…its gonna be so adorable




Jackson’s POV


I kept staring at the picture of Madison and Romeo holding hands and doing their lover stuff together and I couldn’t help but get furious,she’s having a nice life?Her



life is supposed to be ruined by now,she’s not supposed to be happy,she’s supposed to be sorrowful and miserable


But no,she’s happy worst still,she got Romeo Grande,the son of the best cook in the world as boyfriend..I can’t believe this


Truth be told she’s now more beautiful,look at that ass and boobs,they are now fuller,just a glimpse of it makes me horny


I must get back Madison at all cost,we didn’t break up right?I just left…I’m surely gonna get her back,looks like I’ll be taking a trip to Texas soon but first,I need to get rid of the bitch called Clara,she’s so skinny and boring,not as sweet and endowed like my Madison,I need to get rid of her and I need to do it fast




“You sure still have this habit of dancing”


I stopped on my dancing tracks and turned to the direction of the voice,oh its mum..when last have I talked to her..I didn’t really associate with her like before after she sent sis out of the house,she didn’t even act remorseful,she didn’t ask about her own daughter,what if something bad has happened to Madison on the way to Texas,what if she was kidnapped or something…who would be blamed I walked to the mp and I stopped the song,I sat on my bed and she came to seat beside me




Wow,its been long since I heard that,usually it was “Jason” or “Jay” most times Jason


“Yeah”I said not glancing at her as I gulped down water


“ are you”


“Why the hell are you asking that,last time I checked,we don’t even talk”


“Look,son I know we drifted apart for quite sometime and I know its my fault,I’m sorry..deeply sorry but I need your help”


“With what”



“I…I need to um..I need to speak with my daughter”she said and I looked at her for the first time since we started this conversation and I bursted into an hysterical laughter


I finally stopped laughing and I hissed


“Your daughter?Your daugh…how does that even sound to you mum,when last did you ask of that daughter of yours”I said sarcastically


“Look Jason..just…please,I wanna talk to her because..


“Because what…”I snapped and she gulped


“Because I miss her okay,I admit that,I miss Madison,I wanna see her again,I know it was so stupid of me chasing her out of the house,I was so foolish I didn’t realize the type of mistake I was making…


“Well,why didn’t you think of all these the very day you chased her?”I cut in in a snap


“You started making her suffer the very day the incident happened,I know you and dad were disappointed but that didn’t mean you should loose the trust you had for her,the Madison I know won’t give her nudes away freely for money and also,won’t sleep with any random guy,the guy was her boyfriend mum,but unfortunately he tricked her and he manipulated her to sleep with him,I knew that very day that my own blood sister wouldn’t do such a thing but what did you do mum?You treated her like she was nothing,even our maid got a better treatment than her,in a time when you supposed to be her pillar,you neglected her…did you f**king know she tried to commit suicide,twice for that matter!”I screamed to her face and her eyes widened in shock




“You won’t know,I know you won’t know..because all that mattered to you back then was your stupid collapsing company,I had to skip school for almost two months because of her,just to keep her from trying to kill herself again,if not for me do you know how Madison would be now?She would have probably been dead..long dead,now you’re saying you wanna talk to her?Anytime I try to



persuade you to speak to Madison you always cut me out,you always say you don’t need her,you always say you’re better off without her so why the hell do you miss her now mum?well guess what she’s better off without you too,she’s living fine with her baby boy and the best boyfriend in the world,yeah,she’s doing fine with Mitch and Romeo..she doesn’t need you so do not…I don’t ask for her or try to speak with had your chance mum and you blew f**king blew it”I fired with fury and she kept crying..who gives a f**k about her stupid tears


“You make me sick”I spat and went out of the room furiously,slamming the door hard as I stepped out


I cant believe that woman,she was absent when she was needed now she wants to show herself in the picture?


No can do



Tania’s POV


“Tania baby,why aren’t you’re gonna miss school”dad said and I rolled my eyes covering myself up well with the duvet


“Tania”he called again and I groaned


He grabbed my hands and pulled me up with it


“Dad what is it..I said I’m not going”I snapped and he sighed,he shifted close to me and shook his head


“This is all about what happened yesterday right?”


“I don’t know”


I fell back to the bed and I crossed my hands on my chest


“Look..I know you’re upset…


“I’m more than upset..”I fired as I sat up on the bed


“Dad…she humiliated me in front of the whole school,videos and pictures were posted dad,I was put ashamed and you expect me to show my face at school again?”


“Look sweet heart,yes,you’re angry but you cannot fight fire with fire you know”


“I don’t give a f**k about that,all I know is that,Abigail Maxwell is going down and she’s surely gonna pay..she crossed her boundary”


“Look,I don’t she passed her boundary,I think you passed your boundary”


“What are you insinuating dad”


“You know..out if all that girl said,there was only one sentence I held unto”


“Which is..


“You’re fighting a lost battle”


“Are you kidding me right now?”


“I’m not,you’re clearly fighting a lost battle,you will surely lose,that girl is surely a gentle girl but I’m sure you released the monster in her,let me advice you…you can never get Romeo okay,when you guys were dating,I saw no love,he didn’t love you and you didn’t love him too…obviously because all you cared about was being the girlfriend of a rich,handsome and super famous guy so what’s your stress,the guy found true love and you wanna ruin it for him because of your stupid obsession..its better you grow up and stop behaving like a kid”


“Dad…get out”




“Get the hell out of my room”I screamed and he chuckled shaking his head sideways


“Just don’t try anything stupid,I know what you can do but just know you’ll end up getting hurt”he said before going out and I screamed in fury,I reached for the vase beside my bed and I threw it at the wall


I cant believe my own dad is siding that bitch,maybe I can’t have Romeo but I can make them suffer and I don’t give a damn about what my dad says



Madison’s POV


“You know,everything seems fine without Tania ruining things”Bianca said and we all hummed in approval


“Why is she like that she always been like this?”I asked


“Well,no,before she started dating Romeo she was a very sweet and jovial chic,she was like the opposite of what she is now but when she started dating Romeo…she grew wings and started to do anything anyhow”Crystal said


“Wow…because she had the Almighty Romeo as her man?”I said and Romeo chuckled


“I wander what she gave Romeo to eat”Bianca


“She didn’t give me anything dumdum,its just back then I thought I could out up with her clinginess and stuff but I got frustrated that sometimes,I travel so as to take a vacation from her attitude”


“She’s just too obsessed with you that it became so scary”Ken said


“Hey look behind you”Bianca whispered and we all turned our heads and lo and behold,Tiana catwalking to our table with a grin plastered on her face She got to our table and she leaned on it with her hand


“Hey Guys”she took a piece out of Ken’s fries and she munched on it


“What the f**k do you want”Bianca said


“Shhesh…can’t I say hello to my friends again”


“Get out”Ken spat and she chuckled


“Anyways,I just came to bid you guys see I’m taking a break from all these you said Abby,I need a life”he said turning to face me



“So I’m going to live my life and I’m here to say final goodbye to you guys…bye Bianca”


She went to Bianca and she hugged her making B to make a cringe filled face


“And Crystal”she hugged her too


“And Ken”


“And Romeo”


She gave him a very long hug and pecked him on the dare this bitch


“And finally,Abby”she hugged me and she brought her mouth close to my ear


“Have a nice time with Romeo”she said before pulling out,


“Well,I have a flight to catch people…ta ta”she wore her shades and waved at us before she cat walked away


There’s something about this whole drama she just pulled up that’s making me to have a bad feeling..that girl means no good


“Is it only me or you guys find that pretty annoying and weird”Crystal said And she’s right…that was wired and suspicious .








Diamond In The Rough




BY:Authoress Timi




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