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Episode 19



Madison’s POV


I settled under the Almond tree and buried my face in my knees crying,I feel really bad and guilty right now


“Don’t tell me you’re crying Missy”I heard Bianca say


“Abby are you alright?”Crystal asked and I sniffed,I raised my head up and cleaned my face


“Does it look like I’m fine to you”


“Oh Abby”Crystal hugged me by the side and I placed my head on her shoulder


“Don’t be too hard on yourself,you’re not a bad person”Bianca said


“I am,let’s face it I am,yes,Tiana might be over possessive of Romeo and its kinda annoying but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a heart,she’s that possessive



because she really loves him and she’s scared of loosing him,well,who can blame her?I’m the idiot here,wishing for someone that can never be mine”


“So you’re just gonna forget about all that,the time you guys shared together you’re just gonna throw all that away?”Crystal asked


“Its gonna be hard but I think that’s the best thing to do..I have a lot on my plate and this adding to it will bring more problem to my life”


Bianca scoffed unbelievably and I sighed placing my hands on her shoulders


“So please,no teasing me about Romeo or anything that has to do with him again I’m begging you”


She didn’t say anything but to huff and lie on the grass


“You’re gonna be okay”Crystal assured and I nodded


We went back to class and people kept throwing bad looks at me,murmuring stuff to themselves,I brought this on myself.I sighed and walked to Tiana,Bianca and Crystal wanted to follow me but I stopped them


“What they hell do you want boyfriend snatcher”she spat and I twitched my lips


“Look Tiana I just wanna clear things between us,you want me to stay away from Romeo then fine,He’s your boyfriend and I just wanna say I’m not trying to snatch or steal him away from you or anything,I just see him as a friend and if that’s bothering you then I won’t have anything to do with him,if that would keep you off my paths”


“Good,just stay away from him”


“I will and another thing..if after this and you still spitting shit about me or throwing me bad looks then I swear to God you won’t like my reaction so please,I’m leaving your boyfriend you too should clear off my paths because I don’t want any trouble,you try shit with me and you get the worst reaction,I’m warning you Tiana”


“Whatever,all I want is you off Rommy”




I left her to my seat and Crystal gave me a “I’m proud of you”smile


“I liked that”Bianca said and I smiled


“The team should please assembly in the assembly hall for a little briefing from the Principal”we heard Mrs.Collins voice says from the intercom and I and the others stood up and left the class to the hall


We got to the hall and Ken was already there


“Good morning sir”I greeted as soon as I entered and Mr.Sandro,the principal nodded in return


“Take a seat please”


We all sat down in a horizontal line and he cleared his throat


“Where is Mr.Grande”he asked and just as he asked the door banged open and Romeo walked in,I looked away as soon as his eyes met mine


“Sorry i’m late Mr.Sandro”


He took a seat beside Ken and he crossed his right leg over the other


“ we all know,the competition is tomorrow and so you must be in the


school at exactly 7am so by 8am sharp,you will be driven to where the competition


is going to be held,not to brag or anything but there’s no doubt that our branch will


win this competition because we are obviously the best among all Alexa’s


schools..I’m just saying”


I chuckled at that


“So I’m pretty sure you guys are fully prepared for this and I’m gonna use this medium to tell you there’s a change in the organization of the contest,this is the change


As you all know the competition is supposed to take two days right?” We all nodded and he continued


“Well,its no more two days,its now a day so the three rounds will all be done tomorrow”



“Why is that”Ken asked


“Reasons best known to the organizers”he said and we hummed


“If there are any questions I’ll like to take them now”


“I have no you guys have any”Crystal asked and we all shook our heads


“Good,I’ll take my leave now”


Mr.Sandro left the hall leaving us


“So…I heard Tiana,as usual, threw tantrums in the hall way this afternoon”Ken said and I sighed deeply standing up from my chair


“I’ll be in class”I told Crystal and Bianca and they both nodded


“I’m coming with you”Bianca said and I nodded,Crystal also came along with me,I need to rest





Tania’s POV


“You like that”


I asked the blonde girl as I fingered her,gosh she’s so tight and juicy,I was horny and I saw this girl in the hall way and offered her a deal to let me f**k her and I’ll give her $300 000


I turned her to her side and I placed her on her side as I raised her leg up to my shoulder giving me a clear view of her pu**y


I started f**king her in scissors style and she couldn’t stop moaning Yeah,I’m a lesbian-i’m bisΒ£xual actually and no,Romeo doesn’t know


That guy is just so dumb and I won’t let him slip away from my grasp even if it mean eliminating a threat


That Abby girl is so lucky because of she hadn’t backed out then,she would have been experiencing my wrath right now



Its clear Romeo loves her because he treats her differently,he looks at her differently and they say he acts around her is special,he doesn’t even act around me like he does with her


When she first arrived at this school,I wanted to turn her into my Lesbian mate because she’s just too beautiful,her boobs and butt are so big and full that anytime I look at them,I always feel horny and I’ll still find a way to get her,I need a taste of her pu**y


“Get out,you’ll receive an alert as soon as you’re out”


She licked her lips and she winked at me before exiting the dormitory


I really need to get on that team,I wanna be with Romeo,and he won’t listen to me if i tell him to..I need to find another alternative


I rearranged myself and I got out of the dorm,I took the stairs to the hallway and I found Abby and her two friends walking to class I guess..and idea stuck me and I smirked to my self..I did as if I was engrossed in my phone and I bumped into Abby deliberately making sure I squeeze her boobs lightly in the process of falling down


“Are you blind?”Bianca screamed


“Oh..I’m so sorry,I wasn’t looking”I feigned being sorry and Abby arched her brow


“Its okay..let’s go guys”


The all walked away and I couldn’t stop staring at Abby’s ass swaying from side to side as she walked


Her boob is so soft,I can’t wait to have my tongue all over it



Romeo’s POV


After the briefing,I went to my lair to cool off,Abby has been avoiding me and I hate it,I’m sure all Tiana said got to her and now she’s feeling guilty,I just wanna talk to her..or I’ll go to her house after school? Gosh i’m frustrated




School ended and I stayed in my lair for about three hours after school ended,I just didn’t feel like going home,we didn’t wait for the after school lesson today because the principal wants us to have a good rest for tomorrow..I’m not even in the right state of mind for any competition


I sighed and sat up from my bed and I took my jacket and car keys


I exited my lair and made for the driveway,I need to go home and sleep my ass out..on a second thought I think I’ll visit Abby,yeah I need to talk to badly I drove to her house and I was rehearsing what I was gonna say as I walked to the front door,I rang the door bell and she opened the door almost immediately


“Um..Romeo,what are you doing here”she asked as she stepped outside closing the door behind her


“Abby,we..we need to talk”


“Okay..what about?”


“Look Abby,please don’t let all Tiana said get to you”


“It didn’t get to me,I just realized what I’m doing isn’t right”


“Abby what are you saying”


“Romeo,let’s stop this okay,I can’t do this,you have a girlfriend for Christ sake,a crazy one at that,she was right Romeo I should be ashamed of myself,we shouldn’t have kissed,all those was a mistake”


“Mistake? you’re telling me the kiss meant nothing to you? felt nothing”


She looked away sniffing in tears and I pulled her face to look at me


“Look me in the eye Abby…look me in the eye and tell me it meant nothing to you,tell me you don’t feel something for me,tell me you don’t want me..just tell me you don’t love me and I swear Abby,I’ll leave you”


“Fine”she screamed staring at me intensely


“The kiss meant nothing to me,I don’t feel anything for you,I felt nothing when you kissed me,I don’t want you and I don’t love that okay”I screamed out looking intensely in my eyes with tears streaming down her face


“So please..and please,just leave me be,its better that way”


“No no Abby”I held her hand and she sniffed


“Please..don’t do this to me please”I begged holding to her hands tight with tears almost falling down my eyes


“I’m sorry Romeo,I can’t..I can’ gotta let go”she said slipping her hands off mine and running to the door,she went inside and banged the door behind her


I looked down and I saw my knees on the floor,so I’ve been keeling down,I stood up and I felt something roll down my cheeks,I touched it and I realized it was tears..I can’t believe I’m crying,I’ve never ever cried because of a girl


I took slow steps to my car and I groaned out in pain,my hands clutching hard to my chest


“It hurts so so much”













Abigail why


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Diamond In The Rough




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