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Episode 26



Madison’s POV


Mr.Max drove me to Bianca’s place as soon as I landed in Texas,I’m planning on how I’m gonna escape from their questions,God they’ll surely kill me with questions


Finally,were here..I got down from the car and Mr.Max got me my luggage from the boot,I wouldn’t even call it luggage because the bag only contained the stuff I bought for Mitch and the two idiots and also the clothes Rommy bought for me during my stay in LA


I walked to the front door of Bianca’s house and I rang the door bell


The door opened revealing Bianca with popcorn stuck in her hair and all over her face


“Abby”she squealed hugging the living daylights out of me



“C..can’t..bre…athe”i struggled to say and she loosened her grip


“Let me help you with that”


She collected the bag from me and I entered the house


“ place you’ve got here”I said as I sat on the sofa


“Thanks…Crystal!!”she screamed out and Crystal came rushing downstairs with Mitch on her back


I stood up rushing to where she was,I took Mitch from her back as soon as I got to her and I hugged him tight


“You’re back”he squealed and I laughed twirling him around


“Missed you”he said and I pecked his cheek


“I get it..we aren’t important”Crystal said with an eye roll and I laughed as I placed Mitch to stand in his feet


“Come here you crazy human beings”I said and I hugged them both at once


“I missed your crazy ass”Bianca said and I laughed


“How was LA”Crystal asked taking a seat beside me


“It was amazing”


“Or you mean Romeo was amazing”Crystal said with a smirk and I smiled shyly


“Yeah…both”I said and Crystal squealed childishly


“I need the full gist detail left out”Bianca said shifting closer to me with curiosity written all over her face,i can’t believe these girls expect me to gist them about what the hell?


“So…how was he…good,okay,the best or perfect”Crystal asked



“Perfect”i said with sincerity and They both screamed holding each others hands


“Okay okay…how many sΒ£x styles did you do”Bianca asked and i cringed


“I don’t know…gosh you guys shouldn’t be asking me this”


“Whatever…how many times did you have sΒ£x with him”


“Um..twice”I mumbled


“Twice in one day?”Crystal screamed and I tried to stand up but they caged me with their stupid legs


“Let me go”I screamed but no,they didn’t answer


“ the bedroom,kitchen,bathroom,garden”


I glared at the two of them and i wiggled out of their cage,I huffed at them before walking to the dinning but they kept asking me question,taunting me..these girls are more than crazy


I even promised to call Romeo when I get home,I pulled a call through him and I smiled as he picked



“hey babe



“hey Rommy



“you home already?



“nope,I’m at Bianca’s






“yeah…you’ve eaten?



“no…what are you doing anyways?



“nothing,just resting on the sofa praying to God not to let those two lunatics find me

He chuckled softly at that



“why?They started with their taunts



“yeah…and it sucks



“sorry..I miss you,you’ve been gone for like forever “I’ve left LA for only 1hr


“yeah….that’s forever to me



“then come back home



“naaaah,i wanna settle something






“let me leave you to rest,I also wanna do something..I’ll call you later..Love you



“Love you too Rommy..bye



“bye sweetheart


I cut the call and I placed my phone on my chest blushing heavily


“Awwwwn she’s blushing”I heard theose witches voices behind me and I turned abruptly


“Don’t you guys ever get tired?”I whined and they laughed “No baby…not now not ever”Crystal said



“Well,instead of you taunting me how about you go fix your crushing problem”I said to Crystal and she frowned


“I’m so over Ken”she said and B and I glanced at each other before bursting into laughter


“You?Over Ken?”I asked still laughing


“You got to be kidding me”Bianca said still laughing and Crystal folded her arms under her br**sts


“You can never get over your silly crush for that guy Crystal..that’s the fact”I said and she hissed


“Well,I’ll have to get over him some how,the stupid plan you guys suggested isn’t working,he isn’t even bothered about it”she said


“Hmm..there there”I cooed taping her shoulders


“You mean he’s bothered about it but he isn’t showing it”Bianca said taking a sip from her glass of wine


“I don’t even know what to guess”


“Don’t worry Crystal,I’m sure Ken likes you..believe me,don’t kill yourself over one guy”Bianca said and she gave a small smile


There’s no doubt Ken and Crystal likes each other,they are just behaving childish






I groaned and turned to my side to get more sleep but the stupid alarm won’t stop ringing,I slammed my hands on it in fury and it stopped its noise


I closed my eyes to sleep but sleep won’t come again,I opened my eyes and checked the time on the wall clock


“Oh my God its 7am”I screamed and got off my bed,I went back home with Mitch yesterday at 7pm


I chatted with Romeo all night,no wonder I woke up late


I quickly entered the bathroom and took my bathe,I came out and dressed up,I went to the kitchen and I started preparing breakfast


I went to Mitch and I bathed him and dressed him for school In no time we were both set for today’s work


Mr.Max came and he took Mitch to school before he drove me to school I got down from the car and I took a long sniff of air before I walked in All eyes were on me as I walked down the hallway,what’s with the eyes anyways


I hissed silently and walked to my locker,I took out my phone and logged in into the internet and…holy cheese










DIfferent headlines,no wander I was the center of attention,I looked back and two girls scurried away in fear,they most have been gossiping


I sighed and huffed,what’s wrong with these bloggers,can’t they just mind their damn business?


I slammed my locker and I walked to class,the glass went quiet as soon as I got there and I didn’t give a damn


I rolled my eyes and went to my seat


“You’re already a celebrity baby girl..just take a look at these”Bianca shoved her phone to my face and I brought her hand down


“You’re gonna get it hot from Tiana,ha!I can’t wait to see her face”Crystal said and I chuckled,she isn’t even in school yet,well,that ain’t my problem



Alexa’s POV


“Ma’am a lady is here to see you”






“Your son’s girlfriend ma’am..Tiana Gold”


I hissed at the mention of that stupid name



“let her in


I dropped the telephone and Tiana came in almost immediately


“Good morning ma’am”she said with a fake smile and I smirked


“You are supposed to be in school”I said ignoring her greetings


“I know ma’am but I wanted to see you”she said trying hard to keep her cool,she should even burst out..that’s byebye to her stupid life


“Hmm…for what?”I asked resting on my chair,swerving from left to right


“Can I take a seat?”she asked pointing to the chair in front of my desk




She took a seat and she intertwined her fingers placing it on the desk I raised my brow signalling her to start talking and she nodded


“’am two days ago you told me Romeo was out of the country but yesterday,I saw him on the news and it showed he was in LA..


“So?”I cut in and she smiled


“Well,I wanted to ask why you told me he was out of the country or maybe you made a mistake…


“I didn’t make a mistake Tiana”I chipped in again and she’s obviously vexed I leaned forward and crossed my fingers under my chin



“You see,my son needed some along time and I didn’t want unnecessary people disturb his peace”I said and her face turned into a frown but she quickly brushed it off


“Unnecessary people?With all due respect ma’am I’m your son’s girlfriend”


“You claim you’re his girlfriend,did I agree to that?”I asked with a raised brow and she clenched her jaws in anger ,this is so fun


“I understand you ma’am,but you have to accept the fact that I love your son and he loves me too”she said and I laughed to myself


“Okay”I stated


“Um…ma’am,your son is cheating on me”she said and I couldn’t help but to laugh out loud,slamming my hands on the desk as I laughed


“And what made you say that?”I asked as I regained myself


“Take a look at this ma’am”she stretched her phone to my and I looked at her scornfully before I took the phone from her


Awwwwn…look at my Rommy looking so happy with the love of his life,they look so cute together,just look at how he’s holding her waist like if he let go,He’s gonna die


Awwn..I’m about to cry tears of joy,I’ve never seen Romeo smile so bright before,he must be really happy


I stretched her phone back to her with a nonchalant shrug and she looked at me like she didn’t expect that


“Did you see that?He’s clearly cheating”


“Actually,all I see is my lovely son looking as handsome as ever with the person that makes him happy,don’t you see Tania,Romeo is happy,just look at how wide his smile is,look at how he’s holding the girl’s waist,that clearly says “I love her”,and as a mother,I wish nothing for my son than happiness,if a girl can make him this happy then,who I’m I to say no,and since the day he started dating you I’ve never seen him happy like this..he always says,you’re an headache and you know



headache always needs a drug to make it disappear,and boom!Romeo has found his drug and bam!you’ve disappeared from his life…look,I’m not trying to make you feel bad(oh yeah I am),its just you have to accept the fact that you’re just Tania to him now,not his let me sound this note of warning,if any actions are taken by you to hurt the girl or break them apart…you know what I can do”I said sternly and she stared at me with her hand rolled into a fist and her brows furrowed in a deadly glare


She stood up without altering any word and she gave a small fake smile,she turned abruptly and walked to the door,slamming it as she exited Idiot..good radiance to bad rubbish


Alexa you’re such a crazy woman..I glanced at my wrist watch and oh I need to get to a meeting,its 12pm



Madison’s POV


“I wonder why lesbo is not in school today”Briana said as we walked to the cafeteria and I chuckled,Crystal was busy munching on her best chocolate cookie,I knew she would love it that’s why I bought it for her from LA


“Let’s not talk about that”I said and she shrugged


We got to the cafeteria and Bianca nudged me by the side




“Wanna seat at the popular seat today?”she asked and I cringed




We got our orders in trays and we went to seat at our own regular seat I took one out of my spicy rips and I licked my lips


Ken came to us and sat down beside Crystal,Crystal blushed a little but covered it with an eye roll


“Hey guys,hey Crystal”


“Hey”Crystal answered simply and he sighed,he’s clearly getting frustrated


“How you guys doing”


“Doing great”I said


“Well,that’s what you’re supposed to say,you’ve got Mr.Grande,I saw the news”he said with a smirk and i flushed


“Finally Romeo would stop looking like a miserable sheep”He said and we all laughed well all of us know..Crystal


“Crystal are you okay?”Ken said worriedly and she cleared her throat


“Well,why do you care”she snapped


“Because you’ve been acting a little weird lately,you don’t talk whenever I’m around and even if I talk to you,you would either ignore me or talk to me slightly and truth be told,I’m getting worried,I’ve not gotten into a fight with you for the past one week and its killing me”he said pathetically and I chuckled,purposely slurping my juice loudly


“Well,I’m fine thanks for asking”she said with an eye roll and I laughed,hitting Bianca


“You guys are acting like couples that got into a fight”Bianca said and Ken cringed making Crystal to scoff


“You two should..


“YOU BITCH!!!”was all I heard before a I felt eggs mixed with flour and pancake syrup flow down my hair,my beautiful beautiful hair


“Tania”Ken yelled


“Are you insane!!”Bianca screamed


I raised my head up and my eyes met the slutty bitch’s own..I rolled my hands into a fist and it collided with her face making her to stagger back-scratch that she fell,she touched her nose and oops its broken



“You maniac”she screamed and I smirked wiping the smelly liquid off my face,I’m


not done yet










Alexa oo


See as she destroy Tiana destiny with oro…I hail that woman


Abby is about to give Tiana the lesson of a life time…this should be fun




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Diamond In The Rough




BY:Authoress Timi




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