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Episode 18



Madison’s POV


We pulled out of the kiss and I cursed mentally-i wanted more,he chuckled with his head bowed and raised his head up again with a smirk in the corner of his lips,I looked away shyly and bit my lips


“What the hell was that?”he asked in between chuckles and i shrugged,we both went silent with only our breaths sounding,I just stared into his eyes and he did the same to mine..this is getting sooo awkward,sleeping Mitchell rolled to our side and hit Romeo on his legs in the process,I cracked and got up from his laps to position Mitch well


I laid him well on the bed and I yawned


“Sleepy?”Romeo asked and I nodded


“Well,I guess I’ll go back to the couch”he tried to stand up but I stopped him


“You can..sleep here”I said trying my possible best not to sound demanding even if I really want him to sleep beside me




He laid down beside me facing me,he smiled before he pulled me close and wrapped his arms round me



“Keep me warm”he said before closing his eyes..I’m face is as red as a tomato right now,my eyes is really close to his face that I can feel his breaths on my face


“Good night”I whispered before I closed my eyes..the competition is only two days to go,exactly on my birthday,its been long since I called Jay and dad,I’ll call them tomorrow..right now,let me enjoy while it lasts




Romoe’s POV



“Pass me the spatular”I said to Mitch and he nodded,its 6 am and Abby is still sleeping.Mitch woke up the exact time I woke up,I tried to put him back to sleep but no he wanted to follow me to the kitchen..I had to bathe for him,He’s been telling me about one girl,Natalie,and he seems to like her-a lot-if I might add


I’m making breakfast and I’ve called Mr.Max to bring my car including my clothes and he shouldn’t come to pick Abby,I’m taking her to school today

Mitchell gasped and I turned from the eggs I was frying


“What?”I asked


“Its you”he said with a frown




“Mmm-mmm you made mama cwy”he said pointing his finger accusingly


“Huh…”I trailed off


“You made mama cry that day”


“Which day?”


“That…yeah,you gave her a book”



I scratched my head trying to remember a day I gave her a book and..oh yeah,the first time i came here,the day I found out she has a child,I gave her her recipe book that day


“She cried?”I asked in disbelief


“Hmm-mmm,all night”


I dropped the spatular on the counter and switched off the gas,I ran my hands through my hair and crossed my arms on my chest,I made her cry?Why would she cry,I only turned away that day,I didn’t say anything so why would she cry I turned to Mitch who was glaring at me,he looks cute doing that


“’re mad at me right?”


“Yes…very mad”he said with a pout


I walked to him and bent to his height


“Look,how about I make it up to you and your mama”


He hummed and furrowed his brows


“I’ll get you something and I’ll also make it up to your mama”


“Fine..but until then…


He glared at me and walked away with a “humph”,his head help up high and his hands folded behind his back


This guy is a character,is he trying to act annoyed?


I served the food in our respective plates and I cracked my knuckles as I left the kitchen


I got to the door of the room and knocked,who knows if she’s already up and she’s naked or something


“You can come in”I heard her voice say and I opened the door to.go inside


“Good morning”I greeted and she smiled


“Good morning”


She wore her jacket and proceeded to brush her hair



“You’re ready i see”


She hummed and I sat on the bed,I can’t help but admire her back profile,she’s just so beautiful..I’m not ready to let go of this girl,not now not ever,even if it will take me months or years to make her mine


I checked the time and its 6.45am,Mr.Max should be here soon


“You bathed for Mitch”she said with a little disbelief and I nodded


“Thank you”


“For what?


I walked to her and stopped at her front


“For everything,for yesterday,for making me be at rest,I’ve never had such a peaceful sleep in years and with you,I had the best night sleep of my life..all thanks to you,I really appreciate”


I smiled and I held her waist


“You don’t need to thank me,I’ve come to realize that I can do anything thing for you,without thinking twice”


She blushed and looked away shyly,I used my hand to push her face up with her jaw


“And you’re welcome”I said and I proceeded to kiss her but got interrupted by a loud bang from Mitch


“No”he screamed running towards us pulling Abby from me


He hugged her to himself and I couldn’t stop laughing,I wasn’t gonna do anything I just wanted to kiss her,is that too much to ask?


Mr.Max came at exactly 7.30am to drop my car and clothes,I dressed up for school and Abby was kinda surprised because I told her I’m driving her to school


I dropped Mitch at school and we set for school,she couldn’t stop fiddling with her fingers as well drive to school,she made sure she didn’t make any eye contact..why is she shy anyways



We finally got to school and she wanted to get out but I stopped her,I got out of the car and proceeded to open the door for her,people were looking at me so see what’s gonna happen


She stepped out of the car-nervous-I took her hands and proceeded to the building,idiots already have their phones up taking pictures and videos,I’m very sure this will be the topic in the school’s blog


Madison’s POV


Prying eyes of witches sending glares at me as we walked inside the school,I hate being the center of attention,and Romeo is doing s good job making me one,its okay if we walk inside the school together but this guy is holding my hand and he’s not ready to let go


isn’t that the new student



what is she doing with Romeo



they even came to school together



i bet they have something going on between them



she’s so lucky



wait till she gets it from Tiana


Different comments,I can’t wait to get to class,I sighted Crystal and Bianca from afar and I groaned


Here comes the squealing and questions


“I wanna take care of something,I’ll meet you in class”he said and gave my hand a gentleman squeeze before he went to the direction of the lobby




Told ya..


“Oh my God”Bianca screamed



“Okay..I don’t know what just happened but I wanna hear everything”Crystal said pulling me by the arm


“Every detail,don’t leave a point”Bianca added and I whined


“You guys”


“What come on let’s go to class for the full gist”


They both pulled me by my arm to the class and they kept bombarding me with questions


“One at a time”I screamed


“Okay okay…firstly how did you two come arrive at school together?”Bianca asked and I sighed,here comes the explanation of a lifetime


“So…he drove me to school and here we are”I concluded and Bianca couldn’t stop grinning from ear to ear even Crystal was wiggling her brows


“How was the kiss like”Crystal asked and I blushed at last night memory


“It was..gosh it was heavenly “I said with a fantasising smile


“Awwwwn…he even went into the rain for you,Romeo gets really sick anytime he stays in the rain for too long,I’m blushing for you”Crystal cooed


“Yeah,I can’t wait for him to pop the question”Bianca said I swatted her arms


“I just feel kinda embarrassed”


“Don’t be,you should be squealing round the school right now”Crystal said and I laughed


“You guys,the competition is tomorrow”


“And so is her birthday”I heard Romeo say and I turned to my side,when did he get here



“Just now”he replied and I shrugged


“Your birthday is tomorrow?”Crystal asked and I nodded


“And you didn’t tell us”Bianca screamed and I laughed nervously


“Um…it slipped my mind..I’m sorry”I said with a pout and she rolled her eyes


“That’s good,we’re definitely celebrating it,twenty years right?”Crystal asked and I nodded


Ken came inside the class and came straight to our seat


“Morning guys


“Good morning Ken,where have you been”I asked


“Screwing a babe again”Romeo asked with a smirk and Ken winked


“You know it”he said and I shook my head,these guys are crazy,we heard a very loud and long hiss and we turned to its direction


“Why the hell would you hiss like that”Bianca asked Crystal and she scoffed and stood up


“I’ll be in the lab”she walked out of the class and we all glanced at each other,what the hell just happened


We all went to the lab and we found her resting by the window


“Crystal?”I called and I could swear I saw her quickly clean her eyes She turned and yeah,she’s been crying,I can see that in her face


“Why did you leave like that?”Ken asked and she turned away


“Nothing,let’s get to work shall we”


We all nodded and I turned to face Bianca,she gave me a shrug and I sighed,something is definitely wrong with Crystal



We spent and hour and half in the lab just doing stuff,my mind was on Crystal throughout,she doesn’t look okay


“The principal would like to see us in the next 30mins so you guys be ready”Romeo said and I hummed,he and Ken exited the lab and I walked to Crystal


“Start talking”Bianca said and Crystal sighed


“I’m telling you,I’m fine okay”


I and Bianca sat down beside her and she looked away


“Crystal,there’s something wrong,come on spill it out..I’m sure it has to do with Me”I said and she looked into my face,then to Bianca’s before she sighed in defeat


“Fine,it has to do with him”she admitted and I smiled


“What did he do?”


“Um..look,I like Ken okay,I really like him and I usually get heartbroken any time he goes out with other girls and sleep with other girls,he finds fun in it and he doesn’t know he’s hurting me”


I looked at Bianca and we both bursted into laughter


“Seriously guys”Crystal whined and we stopped our laugh session


“Sorry sorry,but…you once told us you didn’t like Ken so when did you start liking him”I asked


“Since highschool”


We bursted into another round of laughter


“You guys are unbelievable”


“Sorry sorry,look lover girl,what I’m going to tell you is that,stop getting on his nerves,whenever he annoys you just…brush it off”Bianca said


“And what is that going to do”she asked



“Its to know if he likes you or not”I said


“Yeah..if he likes her you,he’ll surely confront you one day and ask what’s wrong..He’s gonna feel bad but if he doesn’t….sorry girl..find a new crush”Bianca said and I glared at her


“Don’t mind her Crystal,I’m sure he likes you”


“Okay..thanks Abby…no thanks to you”


She glared at Bianca and she laughed


“Let’s go to the old man’s office shall we”Bianca said and we all left the lab,we were on our way to the principal’s office when Tania blocked our way


“What do you want”Bianca spat


“You bitch”she spat at me


“Excuse me?”


“Excuse you?I’ve told you to stay away from my boyfriend haven’t I,I told you to get your slutty self out of Romeo’s life,he has a girlfriend for God’s sake..why the hell were you in his car this morning and why the hell were you holding hands”she screamed to my face and I sighed


“Tiana get the f**k out of my way or you’ll not leave this place with complete parts of you body”Bianca said and she hissed


“I don’t have any business with you bitch,I have business with her..”she pointed her index finger to me


“now listen Abigail,I can’t share my Boyfriend with any f**king body,the next time I see you with him,get ready to bear the think I don’t know how hard you’re trying to get him,you go to him everywhere he is,in the lab,in the garden….are you that desperate?If you know you are so desperate to have a man


like him then go find someone like him somewhere else and I’m sure you won’t find one because you’re so ugly to date”


I kept a straight face,staring into her eyes trying my best to stay cool


“What the f**k is happening here”Romeo thundered from the crowd and he came to the front


“Tiana what’s the meaning of all these trash?”He asked and she scoffed


“You know you should be ashamed of your stupid self,you have a girlfriend and you’re making advances towards another girl when I’m here,what exactly do you want from me huh,I gave you love,I gave you my body and you appreciated me but when that idiot came,you stopped looking at me like you used to,all you say is Abby…you even moan her name anytime you’re intimate with me..what exactly is your f**king problem”she screamed..she’s already in tears,I looked beside me and people were looking at me disdainfully,I look like a relationship breaker right now,how can she say Romeo moans my she playing or she’s saying the truth




“Don’t f**king call my name,Romeo I love you a lot can’t you see that?Why are you making me suffer like this why?What exactly do you want me to do..should I change my name to Abby so you can stop chasing her..what exactly do you want me to do”


She’s crying profusely right now and I can’t help but feel pity,what was I even thinking?She’s right,I’m desperate,all I wanted was Romeo and I didn’t think about how heartbroken she would be,I didn’t think about anything else


It was when I came along that Romeo started neglecting her,what would Alexa think if she has witnessed all these,I had a goal-to come to this school and fulfill my dreams but I got distracted by a mere guy


I’m so stupid,I shouldn’t even be thinking of a guy when I have a lot on my plate,Oh Madison,you’re such a dummy


I glanced at Romeo for the last time before I ran out of the hallway


From today,no Romeo,no daydreams about Romeo,no thoughts about Romeo..all


I’ll focus on is the up coming competition,to be in it and to win it


Yes,that’s all I’ll do












Tiana how do you want your thunder?


Fried or boiled


Seasoned or plain


Barbequed or roasted


Tell me now oo


Just when we’re already celebrating,you na brought your madness In fact,I’m coming to treat your f**k up






Diamond In The Rough




BY:Authoress Timi




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