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Episode 12



Madison’s POV


“And then I give the ladies the signature wink and of course their legs go Jello”Ken said and I laughed at his craziness


“You mean girls that are stupid enough to gawk at your disgusting wink and BTW you look stupid when you wink”Crystal said and Ken smirked


“He doesn’t look stupid Crystal he looks dumb”Bianca added and i couldn’t stop laughing


“You guys…its my bestie you’re insulting”Romeo said in between laughs


“Well,truth to be told your wink doesn’t make you look stupid or dumb,it fits you and it makes you look handsome by the way”I said and he bowed playfully


“Thank you senorita”he said and I purred


“But…”I said with a raised finger


“Ohhh really?..there’s a but


“Yeah..and here’s the but,your wink doesn’t make all girls go jello,I personally don’t see your wink as anything its normal”I said and he scoffed


“I said girls not creatures from another dimension”


He sat down and placed his legs on Romeo’s lap


“Dude,what the hell?”Romeo said


“Shhhhhh….let me enjoy”


Romeo pushed his legs away from his laps forcefully causing Ken to fall on his butt


“You know we were supposed to be talking about the up coming competition right?”Crystal said


“Who cares…I’m tired”Bianca yawned and placed her head on my shoulder..I didn’t expect that


“Isn’t school supposed to be closed already?”Bianca whined


“Its just 1.30pm”


The door banged open and Tiana cat walked in,Crystal groaned at her sight and Bianca looked at her with a huff


“What are you doing here”Bianca asked



“Well,this is a food lab right,and anybody can come to the food lab”she said with a fake smile and pulled a stool closer,she sat beside Romeo and caressed his hair with her hands


“Yes its a food lab but as you can see,this place is occupied by the team of the competition and humans and you’re non of those two people”Crystal said and Tiana threw her a glare


“Baby,are you gonna seat here and watch them insult me?”she asked in a very irritating babyish tone


“Sorry about that but they are right,we are talking about the competition here and you’re not part of the team so please just go wait for me in class”Romeo said stroking her hair


“Me being here doesn’t disturb you tho,I’ll just seat here and you guys continue with your biggie,just carry on with your stuff..I’ll wait here”she sat down with her legs crossed and Crystal kept looking at her disdainfully..I looked at Crystal and she scoffed with a shrug,we were just staring at each other’s face without saying anything


“That’s it…I’m out”Bianca said as she stood up and made for the door


“Me too..this atmosphere makes me sick”Crystal


She went out too leaving Ken,Romeo,Tiana and I in the lab I cleared my throat and stood up slowly..


“I’ll be going now”I said lowly and turned to leave


“Abby let me go with you”Ken said and I nodded,we both left the lab and I breathed out as soon as I got to the class,I sighted Crystal and Bianca at a corner and I went to them


“Thank your ancestors,Bianca was about to barge into the lab and drag you out”Crystal said and I chuckled



“She came and spoiled the fun we were having,she’s such a tension builder”Bianca said and I nodded…


“Her attitude makes me sick,sticking to Romeo like a magnet,if I were Alexa,I would ban Tiana from seeing Romeo.Like what the f**k..can’t you just give your bf a breathing space for once?I don’t know how Romeo is keeping up with her stupid face”Crystal said


“Its pretty obvious Romeo doesn’t love her”Bianca said


“What do you mean?”I asked


“I know Romeo,he doesn’t love her..I think he’s mistaking he being attracted to her to love..well,its their problem,they shouldn’t just do their love shit near me”Bianca said making air quotes in the “love” part


“Girls and gossiping..”Ken said as he walked into our midst


“What does this one want”Bianca said


“Calm down tigress..I just wanna seat”he sat beside me and he stretched his body letting out a loud annoying sound as he stretched


“Let’s play rock paper scissors”he suggested and Bianca glanced at him and rolled her eyes


“I’ll play”I chipped in making him to smile


“Fine..let’s play paper rock whatever”Bianca said and Ken winked at her..I glanced at Crystal and she groaned


“Fine”she said and i squealed


“Whoever loses will receive a knock each time he\she it”Ken said and we nodded


The four of us started the game and believe me it was really fun..Bianca and Crystal has to back out because they were receiving a lot of in a



lot..they suck at this game but me,I’m an expert and turns out Ken is also an expert and a heated game is going on right now between the two of one wants to give up no matter the amount of knocks


“See you guys tomorrow…bye”I waved at Crystal and Bianca as they stepped into their respective cars…Crystal brought her car to school today..its a pink Lamborghini but I’ll prefer black,its beautiful anyways Oh..Mr.Max is here


I walked to him and I entered before he came out and bow…I hate that He chuckled as I hurriedly entered the car and I think he got message




I looked out the car to check who called me but I didn’t see anyone..or was I hallucinating?



Romeo’s POV


“Your team mates have some kind of attitude Romeo”Tania said and I just gave a brisk nod..she seems to chase everyone away with her presence,I’m starting to think shes the reason Crystal and Bianca left our squad. I stood up and proceeded to the lab door


“What are you doing?”


“I’m going to class”I replied


“Well,wait for me”


I waited till she walked up to me and she wrapped her hands round my arm


“Let’s go”


I nodded and we both walked out of the lab..we got to class and I slumped on my seat..I placed my head on my table and Tiana went to seat with her squad-Clarie and Lily-two spoilt brats..I wander why she’s hanging out with them


I turned to my left and I saw Ken and Abby in a heated game of rock paper scissors..Bianca and Crystal are cheering for her


Seems Abby is really enjoying the game because she’s laughing every now and I wish I was the one in Ken’s position,how I wish I was the one making her to laugh wholeheartedly..what kind of charm is Ken using?


Why can’t I make her be free around me?..what needs to be done?


“Hey…hey dude”I felt someone tapping me and I opened my eyes and I saw Ken’s stupid face


“What do you want”I asked as I rubbed my eyes


“Well,its closing dummy”


My eyes opened widely and I glanced round the class..its just Ken and I in here


“Where’s Abby and the others”I asked


“Probably still in the hallway”


I stood up and exited the class..I don’t know why but I feel like I have to tell Abby goodbye


I hastened my steps down the hallway,gosh don’t tell me she has gone


I got out of the building and I saw someone’s back view which I recognized to be Abby’s


“Abby”I called but I couldn’t see her again…then my eyes went to a car driving out..that looks that Mum’s car,my eyes can’t be deceiving me that’s mum car but what’s she doing here?I’ll ask her later.Gosh I couldn’t tell her goodbye,how I wish to know where she lives..oh..I’ll just ask the principal,he keeps all students’ record right?Yeah..i’ll ask him


Madison’s POV


“And..and then she said I’m cute..”Mitch said and I couldn’t help but feel amused..He’s been telling me about everything that happened while he was at school and right now he’s telling about that Natalie girl..he’s happy because she said he’s cute..what does a two year old girl knows about cuteness


“That’s good Mitchell and did you say thank you?”


“Mmm mm..and she..uh..she said welcome”


“Good,she must be a very respectful girl”I said and he nodded..I poured syrup on the pancake and I licked the one that spilled on my hands



“That’s your up”I pushed a plate of pancakes to him and he digged in..I removed my apron and walked to the bed room..gosh I’m tired


I took my phone from my pocket and switched on my no time,messages came flowing in


One from Romeo,two from Crystal and several from the group chat


Crystal is offline,I’ll reply her when she comes online


I clicked on Romeo’s text and he’s online



Been waiting for you


Been waiting for me?..why has he been waiting for me






i donno…so i could talk to you






i wanted to bid you goodbye but i fell asleep..i has to run down the hallway but i didn’t see you..well,i saw a person’s back view which i recognise to yours so i was like “Abby!!”

Oh so he was the one that called me



..i actually heard someone call my name but i didn’t see the person that





bummer are you



i’m fine wbt you



i’m sleepy







Curse you sleep



lol…we’ll talk later..bye









I switched off my data and I couldn’t stop laughing..He’s such a character..I’m really sleepy



Romeo’s POV


Why did she have to sleep..I really wanted to talk to her all evening


“I see you’re smiling…what’s the secret”Mum asked and I smiled at her “When did you get home”


“Not quite long,you would have noticed me but you were too engrossed,smiling like you won a lottery”


I grinned and went towards her


“Tell me what’s the secret..who were you talking to?”


“The girl”I replied sitting beside her with my back resting on the wall “What girl?”she eyed me suspiciously “Abby”



“Hmm..I see,she’s making my baby smile like this?Please keep talking to her”


“I just like her..she’s funny sweet and so beautiful”



“Are you sure you aren’t falling for her”she wiggled her brow at me and I bursted into laughter


“No no…mum..why would you think that jeez”I threw a pillow at her and she caught it


“I’m just saying you know…your smile says it all”


“What I’m sure of is that I’m not falling for her..I just like her friendship”


“Hmm…we’ll see about that”


“Muuuum”I whined and she chuckled


“I’m telling you,you’re falling for her”


“Okay…I’m outta her”


I stood up and went towards the stairs


“Lover boy”she screamed and I covered my face with my eyes as I took the


stairs..mum is so unbelievable,I even wanted to ask her if she came to school


today..well,I’ll ask her tomorrow because I can’t go to her now..she’ll taunt me till














Diamond In The Rough




BY:Authoress Timi




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