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Episode 14



Madison’s POV


“So…we’ll chat and you must,I repeat you must join the group chat”Bianca said pulling my ear


“I will if I find your chats interesting”I said and Crystal glared at me


“You should join..its gonna be fun”Romeo said


“Hmm-mmm,the man has spoken,she dares not to oppose,does she?”Ken said with a grin and I eyed him


I followed them to the driveway and I couldn’t help but gawk at how awesome their cars are..especially Romeo’s



“Well,this is where we say goodbye and don’t forget Abigail you should join the group chat today..its gonna be fun”Crystal said and I nodded in defeat..there’s no way I’m getting out of this


“Who’s taking you home Abby”Romeo asked…you know I’m kinda confused,isn’t he supposed to know that his mum is sponsoring me?Or Alexa didn’t tell him?


“Um…my chauffeur “I replied and he nodded


“Okay,I’ll be waiting for you,don’t disappoint”Romeo said with a wink and for a reason a smile curled up to my lips


“Bye Abby”




They all drove out of the school and i sighed at their retreating cars..I wish I could have a car one day.I wanna know how it feels to cruise in ones car


I heard a car horn and I turned…that’s my ride.Mr.Max parked and he got out of the car..he waved at me as soon as he saw me and I waved back,such a nice man..his children are lucky to have him as a dad


“Hey Mr.Max”I grinned at him as I approached the car


“Hey future champion”


He must have heard I’m part of the competition team..hmm,Alexa must have told him..


“Stop the flattery Mr.Max..I have a baby that is probably missing me right now”I said as I entered the car




He started the car and drove out,I can’t wait to see Mitch’s face when he sees me,I also miss my little bunny..


I got home and I washed straight into the house and..


“Mama”my baby squealed as he Che running to me,I picked him up as soon as he got to me and I pecked him on the cheek



“Mama…missed you”he said playing with my cheek and I laughed..I missed him too,


“Look mama,a new hair”he pointed to his hair and I mouth went agape


“Who braided his hair”I asked as I walked further inside


“The both of us”Alexis answered and I looked at Mitch’s all backs braided hair once really suits him,the only thing that remains now is a stud and tattoo and he’ll look like a hot badass nigga..


“It suits him”I admitted and he giggled


“I like it”


“Thanks you guys..did he cause any trouble?”I asked as I placed him on the couch


“Um mm…A little,because he was forcing us to watch his rhymes with him…it was hell”Ava said whispering the last 3 parts


That’s Mitch for you,he likes watching his rhymes with somebody,he once trapped me into his rhyme watching for two hours


“Sorry,here take this”I stretched $20 each to them and they squealed as they collected it


“Thanks aunt Maddy”they both said and I nodded


“We’ll be going now”


“Wait,let me prepare dinner for you guys,you must be really hungry” They squealed once more and I chuckled..they really love my food


I prepared dinner and they ate to the fullest,Mrs.Russ came back from work and she and her kids left for their apartment..its 8pm and Mitch is already dozing on my laps as I wore him his PJs


I laid him on the bed and he yawed and turned to his side


“Good night mama”he mumbled in a sleepy tone and I pecked him on the forehead


“Good night bunny”


I laid beside him and…oh shit!,I forgot about the group chat..Bianca will skin me is my phone?


Oh there it is


I picked it from the lamp stand and I switched it on..I turned on my data and almost immediately,messages came rushing in.I quickly clicked on it seems as if a new group chat has been created,I checked the people that are in it and its only:Romeo,Ken,Bianca,Crystal and me


Great!!there’s no Tiana..Thank Goodness..they have all been waiting for me



Me: Hi guys



Crystal: finally



Bianca: you know i was just about to call you and scream into your head



Ken: where have you been



Romeo: i’ve been waiting for you..why did you keep me waiting



Me: i’m sorry Romeo,i was really busy..i didn’t mean to keep you waiting



Crystal: its only Romeo that was problem,we are not as important as Romeo..we get it


Bianca: Romeo??!!!..only Romeo???






Me: I’m sorry,not only Romeo,i meant to say:i’m sorry guys i was really busy..i didn’t mean to keep you waiting


Ken: ..i sense something



I to Ken: mtchew



Romeo to Ken: dummy



Crystal to Ken: is the something love?



Bianca: idiots



I to Crystal: Geez you guy should stop all these



Romeo : Yeah its getting annoying



Bianca: sorry lover boy



We all chatted for about an hour before I started feeling sleepy..she chatted about random things like the competition,Tiana-actually,Crystal and Bianca chatted about her..its surprises me that Romeo didn’t even say anything as they made fun of her..I mean,He’s her boyfriend so I expected him to react or something but no..he didn’t


Speaking of Tiana,I’m still wondering if my guess about her is she a Lesbian or not?What’s even my business


If she is then,definitely,she’s one hell of a girl


Anyways,I wanna sleep..big day ahead



























“What exactly are we doing again?”I asked Crystal for the 10th time today and clearly,she’s frustrated-that’s exactly my goal


“I’m gonna stick this pen into your nostrils if you keep asking me that stupid question”she said holding the pen close to my nose and I raised my hand up in surrender




Alexa Grande is going live in 15 minutes to address the whole school-all of her school everywhere concerning the up coming competition


I,Crystal and Bianca are on our way to the assembly hall-well,all students are because that’s where we are all together watch Alexa’s live announcement


“Should we seat in the front?”Crystal asked


“Um…let’s seat along the 15th row”Bianca said and we all made for the fifteenth row..we sat down on the 3chairs at the middle with Crystal at the middle and I only the right,Bianca on the left


“Where are the two dwibs”Crystal asked


“Here they come”I pointed to Romeo and Ken who were coming into the hall,Ken sighted us and he pulled Romeo along with him to where we were..Romeo sat beside me and Ken sat beside Bianca..I turned to face Romeo and what I saw made me kinda sad


His cheek full of red lip prints..the collar of the shirt he was wearing is now ruffled..his hair too is messy..he looked like the person that just finished a hot make out…with who?Tania of they went to make wonder I didn’t see they two of them in class for about 30minutes


I stretched my face towel to him and he looked at me with a quizzical look


“You have some..stuff on your cheek”



He touched in cheek and wiped it with his palm..he brought it down to his face and he clearly saw red stain on his palm..he looked at me awkwardly before he wiped him cheek with the towel


I dipped my hand into my pocket and brought out a small comb and stretched it to him


“Your hair is messy”


He did nothing but to stare at me..I sighed and I stood up to brush his hair..I brushed it to the back and helped him with is ruffled collar


“There..”I breathed out and sat down..Crystal gave me a grin and I sighed and looked away..why I’m I bothered about it?Its his girlfriend so they can make out anytime but it hurts so much..I feel like I’m gonna cry.


Speak of the devil,she walked inside the hall with a stupid smile on hee face..she sighed Romeo and for some reason she frowned when she saw me


She walked to where he is seated and pecked him on the cheek as soon as she got to us


“Hey baby”she purred and Romeo smiled..he must have enjoyed it..humph!!She sat down beside him


She moved her mouth to his ear and whispered


“You were amazing”


Holly shit they did make out..I looked at them with anger and I wanted to stand up to another seat but Crystal pulled me back


“You ain’t going anywhere”


She said that with her eyes..I sighed and rested my back and looked straight forward


“Decorum please..its about to start”the principal said from the podium and everywhere became silent


A big screen went on and Alexa’s face showed on it


“Greetings students of Alexa Grande Catering school..”


I smiled at how she talked with confidence..



“Its your very own founder,Alexa Grande,I won’t beat around the bush but go straight to the point.You are all aware of the annual competition that takes place among catering schools and of course we’ve been winning for the past 4 years and I want it to remain that way.Your school is not just some random catering school but the best in the world,I want you people to show others what you’re made of


As usual,a team of students is picked to represent the whole branch of my school and for the past 2yrs it has been the team from Alexa Grande catering school in the United States and I’m impressed by their good works and dedication..kudos to you Now,I’m using this medium to admonish the team to seat tight and buckle up,this year’s competition is going to be more intense because Franco Carter from Mama Mia Catering school is participating”


Murmurs filled the whole hall as soon as Alexa said that..even Romeo’s face changed


“Who is Franco Carter”I asked


“Romeo’s rival…the best student in catering after Romeo..He’s a Philippine”Crystal said and I oohed


“He’s almost as good as Romeo..let me say Romeo is 5% better than him”Bianca said and I gulped…this is hotter than I thought


“And we all know Franco is a god in terms of cooking so we must not slack


off..tough trainings will be implemented so as to be able to get number one again this year


I hope you won’t disappoint me and I’m sure you won’t because I know my are lions,we don’t back down..we fight,we win and we conquer”


A loud cheer blasted round the hall with a round of applause


“Wow…I do much love her”Ken screamed..everyone does



Romeo’s POV


I can’t believe Franco is entering the competition..I hate that guy’s guts..always trying to prove his better than me-which isn’t possible



He has been my rival since highschool..yeah we went to the same highschool,always wants to get the girl I have my eyes on..if I wear a shoe today,he’ll make sure he wears the same shoe the second day


He doesn’t like it when I beat him at things-which will continue to happen because I’ll beat him at anything


“We should go to the lab,there’s no room for slacking”Ken said and I nodded We all went to the lab and Mrs Collins and two other teachers joined us..they thought us the basic things,we had a little competition…Madi and I tied again She’s really good and with the look of things I think she’ll be able to beat Franco-remember I said I think


“Make sure you clean this place up”Mrs Collins instructed before she left the lab with the other two teachers..i’m really tired We’ve been in this place for about 5hrs


We all cleaned the lab and we picked our belongings and left the lab for our respective homes


I didn’t go home straight because I had to take care of something..


I walked to the lab to pick my jacket but I also saw Abby’s recipe book..she always drops this anywhere,I don’t even know her house and I always forget to ask the principal for her address..I’ll call him when I get home


I got home and as I expected,mum isn’t home yet..I picked up a tequila from the wine cellar and poured myself a class


I sat down and picked my phone to call the principal..I failed him number and he picked almost immediately



“good evening Mr.Grande



“good evening



“what can I do for you sir



“I need the address of Abigail Maxwell



“Abigail Maxwell?



“yeah..the new



“ooh…the girl your mum sponsored


I sat up and placed my glass of wine on the table



“what do you mean?



“ didn’t know?



“know what..what are you saying



“its your mother that sponsored Abigail Maxwell



“ you mean my mum knows her



“yes sir..she didn’t tell you?



“ know what?just send the address



“okay sir..I’ll text it to you


I hanged up and placed my hand under my mum knows Abby and she didn’t tell me?And what did that man mean my sponsor..what exactly is going on My phone dinged and I checked it..he already sent the address..I’m going there now and clear all my curiosities


I grabbed my jacket and walked to the garage where I parked my power bike..I got in it and off I went


This address says 12,silver avenue..oh there it i parked my bike in front of a small apartment..probably a one room this where Abby is living? I rang the door bell and a voice said from inside




That is definitely her voice,she’s really living here..Jeez what the hell



“ the door”I heard a baby’s voice from inside..and that voice just say mama?Like mummy?


I rang the door bell again


“Just a minute”


“Mitchell get away from the door”she said and I’m beginning to get confused..does she have a child,or she’s living with someone that has a child? I was still battling with my thoughts when the door opened


“How can I help….”


She stopped on her words when she saw me..I was also shocked,my eyes went to her arms and I couldn’t stop staring at the little boy she carried,probably one of two years old..there’s no doubt this is her son because he has her eyes,if she has a child that means..she has a boyfriend or a husband


“ did you..”


“I came to give you this”I stretched her book to her and she collected it with shaky hands..I’ve made a fool out of myself,I can’t believe this I turned to leave but she stopped me


“Romeo wait..I..”


“I’m gonna go now”


I turned away from her and I got on my bike taking off at full speed..I can’t believe she has a child and a boyfriend..when I was already thinking..thinking..


Gosh this is bullshit,this is f**ked up..but why the hell does it hurt so hurts so damn much..and I don’t know why…do I have feelings for Abby?No no..I don’t think so


Madison’s POV


I felt like crying when he left..scratch that I slumped on my couch and cried..the look on his face when he saw Mitchell was that of surprise mixed with hurt..


I didn’t want him to find out I have a child like this..I wanted it to be me telling him Now he won’t talk to me again..I’ve lost Romeo..what I’m I even saying its not like he’s mine before



“Mama..why are you crying”


That’s the question why I’m I crying










Diamond In The Rough




BY:Authoress Timi




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