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Episode 15



Romoe’s POV


I drove home in full speed..its like I’m expressing my feelings through it because the more I feel hurt,the more I increase my speed


I was to angry,mad at myself,hurt..I the f**k?Its my fault though,I was expecting too much..for God’s sake I have a girlfriend and here I am heartbroken because I found out Abby has a son..I shouldn’t be but the f**k I am


I drove furiously into the driveway and parked my bike..I got down cursing under my breath and walked into the house


I need a drink..I feel like shit right now and mum has some serious explanation to do


I walked to the wine cellar and took two bottles of vodka,sat down on the bar stool and poured myself a glass,gulping it down in one shot


I reached for my phone in my pocket and failed mum’s number…Dammit,its switched off,I threw my phone in anger and it crashed on the wall-that’s the least of my problems right now


Now this explains everything,mum knows her…that’s why I see her car in school because she or Mr.Max comes to pick her from school..that’s why she’s always busy,that’s why she rushes home..because there’s a baby who probably has a papa waiting for his mama,I just feel pissed off at that thought of she having a boyfriend or worst still a husband


I poured another shot and gulped it down again..why I’m I feeling this way,I’m not her boyfriend so why I’m I behaving like one..what the hell is wrong with me,I’m I



in love with Abby?No,I don’t think so,I’m just gonna seat here and drink my pains away..probably fall asleep here to but..not my problem..



Madison’s POV


I tried calling Romeo throughout last night but it was switched off,I couldn’t sleep..all I was doing was to cry,I didn’t want him to find out-not that way,I didn’t know he would get to know too soon


I clearly saw hurt flash through his eyes the moment he laid eyes upon Mitch,he was hurt but why is he hurt..why I’m I hurt


I don’t even know how I feel about I want him as just a friend or something more


Do I want him to love and cherish me?Do I have feelings for him?


I say no but that doesn’t justify why I’m feeling like I just broke his heart


I doesn’t justify why I’m feeling as if I’ve lost him-the heck he wasn’t even mine,he was Tania’s and that’s another thing,if he has a girlfriend I shouldn’t think of any other thing aside being friends with him but for some stupid reason,I want more than that..


He’s more than late today because this is first period and its about to end but still he’s not yet in school,what happened to him,I can’t help but get worried..I wanna see Romeo,why is he not yet in school


“I wonder why Romeo is this late”Crystal said and I sighed,I haven’t even noticed her since I got to school..whatever is being taught right now isn’t entering my brain,all that occupied my thoughts is Romeo,I wanna see Romeo


The door opened slowly and the one I’ve been yearning to see entered the class,my face lit up at his sight,I was so happy and at the same time was because his sad-i saw that through his face,did I really hurt him that Bad?But,why will he be hurt by me having a child


“Mr.Grande you’re incredibly late today”Mrs Collins said and he didn’t even spare her a glance,he went to his seat,sat down and placed his head on his desk The bell rang and Mrs.Collins picked her notes


“I don’t know what’s wrong with you sir but you can ask your friends of what was taught today”she said and exited the class,I really wanted to go to him and hug him and make him happy again-make him smile but that’s not my job,that’s the job of



Tania..I just hope I can find some alone time with him and explain everything to him-well not everything but almost everything


“What’s wrong with you”Bianca asked




“You’ve been all broody and moody and glancing at Romeo and sighing sadly..I even caught you cleaning a tear away..what’s happened?Are okay Abby?”Crystal added


“Nothing,I…can we talk about it later?”


“Sure”Bianca said and I nodded


The next teacher entered the class and began his teaching and to be mind was far far away from whatever he was saying..Romeo didn’t lift his head up from the table,he left it the way it was-on the table,I wonder what could be going on in his mind right now.The next period passed and Romeo head is still on his desk


“What’s wrong with Romeo”Crystal asked and Bianca shrugged


“Maybe he’s sick,let’s go to him”


Bianca pulled me along to Romeo’s seat and my heart was pounding hard on my chest as we approached him,we got to his seat and Crystal tapped him


“Hey,leave him alone..can’t you see he’s sleeping?”Tania snapped and Bianca hissed-a very long hiss


“Just shut the f**k up”Bianca spat and Tania rolled her eyes Ken tapped him again but still he didn’t budge


Tiana called his name but same result was given..Bianca nudged me by the shoulder and I turned to her with a quizzical look


“Call his name”she whispered,I turned back to face Romeo and I swallowed hard



“Romeo”I called with a little tap on the back..I faced Crystal and she bit her lips..I turned back to Romeo and he rose his head up from his seat slowly..his eyes not leaving mine..I finally sat up and he still stared at me..I couldn’t read his emotions..his eyes held mixed feelings


“Baby are you okay…are you feeling down”Tiana asked touching him on the face and neck to feel his temperature..with all these Romeo kept staring at me and for some reason,I couldn’t look away,it was like there was some kind of force keeping my head from turning away from him,Crystal and Bianca clearly saw this and they looked at themselves with a “suspicious”grin


He finally looked away and took Tiana’s hand that was wrapped round his neck away and he stood up and exited the class


I wanted to follow him but Bianca held me back…I just wanna clear things between us


“Baby wait”Tiana screamed and exited the class with him..I sighed sadly and slumped on a chair beside me.Ken turned to face me and gave me a “what was that” look,I looked away and placed my head on the desk


I felt someone’s hand on my shoulder and I raised my head up


“Start talking missy”Crystal said


“Let’s go somewhere quieter”I said and they nodded.The three of us left the class and made for the school garden..we settled under the almond tree and I laid down on the grass


“So..what happened in there”Bianca asked


I think I’ll start this whole story from where Alexa gave me the scholarship


“Um..guys,I’m being sponsored by Alexa”


“What do you mean” Crystal asked


“Okay…I had to leave New York city 2years ago because of some challenges”


“What challenges”Bianca asked and I sighed


“Can I trust you guys?”I asked


“ can”Bianca said


“Yeah..”Crystal added


“Promise me you won’t tell anyone what I’m about to tell you”


“Promise”they both chorused


“Please..I don’t want anyone aside you to know this..I’m begging you”


I was literally begging right now..with my hands clasped together and my knees on the ground-begging


“Jeez,Abigail stop all these..its BS,stop kneeling”Crystal said as she pulled me down to sit


“We promise you,whatever secret you have is safe with us”Bianca said with an assuring smile and I nodded


“ goes,two years ago,I had a boyfriend,Jackson,he was all I could think of back then,he was sweet,caring,he was everything ladies dream because he was rich,super handsome and perfect so I was kinda counted as lucky-or so did I think..I didn’t know he was a devil in angel’s clothing..I didn’t know he was using me and I was blinded by his fake love,he deceived me to the extent that i could trust him with my life,i loved him more than myself..he clouded my thoughts day and night that people said I was obsessed with him…he saw how committed I was,he saw that I could do anything for him just to make him happy,and he used that to his advantage..I was a virgin back then,18 years..then one day he asked for s£x,I didn’t wanna give him and that made him to stop talking to me for about 2 weeks..I was heartbroken so I…um..I gave him my virginity,I thought that would make him happy,well,I was wrong…he had s£x with me and fled but not without leaking my nudes to the web”


“What!!!??”Bianca screamed,Crystal spitted out the popcorn she was eating in shock


“That son of a bitchy bitch”Crystal spat


“Why would he do that to you,would have him what he adored him,you worshipped him and he fled after having s£x with you?..that’s not even what’s making my blood boil..he leaked your…”Bianca screamed and and quickly covered her mouth with my hands to prevent her from saying the “nude”part


“Why would he do that?Were you cheating on him or what..or you did something to him?”Crystal asked and I shook my head sideways




“So then what happened,how did your parents react”Bianca asked and I chuckled softly


“They didn’t take it lightly because I almost ruined them,my dad’s company almost went bankrupt,my mom’s business too was almost crumbled down..everyone mocked them in the parents didn’t treat me like their daughter again..the worst happened when I found out I was pregnant”


“Oh my got pregnant for that bastardized human being”Crystal asked and i nodded


“My mum told me to get rid of it but I said no..I won’t,the baby isn’t the cause of my misfortune..I kept the baby,I had to do some jobs so as to take care of myself and my growing baby because my parents didn’t fend for me in any area..Well,my brother also helped”


“You have a brother?”


“Yeah..a younger one..two years younger,he was my pillar during those times..if it wasn’t for him,I would have died because I almost committed suicide,twice for that matter..he was the one that always told me to have hope,that everything would be fine…well,I gave birth to my baby boy and my mum was bent on selling him off to the orphanage”



“Your mum is cruel,no offense..but she’s too cruel,sell an innocent baby to an orphanage?..when its not like he doesn’t have a parent”Crystal said


“Well,yeah that’s exactly what I said..I told her I can’t sell my child and she said if I wouldn’t sell it,I should leave her house..I left her house with my baby and moved to Texas where I got a one room apartment to live in..I got a job in a restaurant 3 months after and the pay was good I changed my identity from Madison Campbell to Abigail Maxwell..I worked in the restaurant for a year and some months before God sent me Alexa..she came to our restaurant and ordered for a dish no one except me could cook..I cooked it,she liked it,she invited me to her house and boom she gave me scholarship to this school”


“Wow..Alexa is really your real name is Madison?”Bianca said




“’re lucky God sent you Alexa”


“Yeah ,she took care of all my expenses..that is why I was able to aquire that white box…and its her chauffeur that picks me from school not my mum’s chauffeur…”


“Awwwwn…I feel really sorry..its really hard taking care of a child and not having parental support”


“I know to the main topic of all these story..Romeo found out I have a son yesterday”


“”Crystal screamed


“What do you mean how..his mum is sponsoring her and wait..does Alexa know about all these?”Bianca asked and I nodded


“Then that solves it..”she added


“Wait…how did he see your son”


“Well,he came to my house to give me my recipe book”



“Ooh…so he saw him”Crystal said and I nodded


“What was his reaction when he saw your baby”


“He was surprised and..and hurt”


“Hurt?”Bianca asked


“Yeah…I saw it in his eyes,he was hurt”


“How did you feel”


“Well,I felt hurt too..I felt like I broke his heart,like I’ve lost be honest I cried my eyes out throughout the night”


“Awwwwn…you guys are in love with each other and you can’t seem to realize”Bianca said


“I don’t think that’s the perfect explanation”


“Shut up..guuurrl,you are in love I tell ya”Crystal said and I shook my head


“Tell me you don’t feel something different when you’re with him..tell me you don’t feel unnecessarily nervous around it the same thing you feel around Ken that you feel around Romeo”Crystal said stressing the Romeo part dreamingly


“Well,um…I uh..I don’t know”I replied


“Mmm-mmm…the only advice I’ll give you is to go for it,don’t think about Tiana,she’s just a bitch..just shoot your shot”Bianca said wiggling her brows at me


“You guys are crazy”I threw leaves at them and they laughed


“On..a serious not hold it?”Crystal said and I twitched my nose


“Come on say you’ve got it”



“ it”


“That’s my girl”Bianca said jumping on me


“Whoa!I’m a love doctor”Crystal said and I laughed


“So its official..non of us are virgins”Bianca said




“Yeah..guess who popped Crystal’s cherry”Bianca said with a smirk and I covered my mouth with my hands


“It wouldn’t be”I said unbelievably


“It is”Bianca grinned


“Oh my God..Ken popped you?”I screamed in a whisper and she nodded shyly


“Holly Molly”I screamed dramatically with my hands on my chest


“I can’t believe that happened and you guys fight like babies…”I said


“I know right”


“How did it happen”I asked


“Ahem… was a long cold night and two horny freaks were….Bianca tried


saying but Crystal interrupted her by jumping on her and filling her mouth with leaves..i cant believe Ken took Crystal’s V card and they are always quarreling..I’m having a feeling Ken did something to hurt Crystal’s feeling but Ken himself didn’t know he hurt her feelings


I guess telling them wasn’t so bad after all..they listened and they clearly understood me..I starting to see them as the best friends ever Lunch break was over and we all went back to class..we are free



Bianca Crystal and I talked about different things and throughout the free period,I couldn’t find Romeo


I glanced at the door and Tiana came in stumping her foot on the ground as she walked cursing under her breath..she looks kinda mad,I wonder what happened to her


“Tiana is in class..go meet him”Crystal said


“Meet who?”


“Are you dumb..go meet Romeo..go”Bianca said and I nodded,I walked to the door and hurriedly exited the where could Romeo be,oh I know,the garden


I walked to the garden and yes,my guess was right..He’s sitting under the tree



Romeo’s POV


I had to leave the class because the more i see Abby the more I can’t accept the fact that she’s taken and that upsets me..I had to go to my lair..yeah I have a lair,i got there anytime I wanna skip a class or sleep,only my mum and Tiana knows this place..its like basement but its not a basement


I was having a nice rest before Tiana barged in..what does she want this time


“Baby are you okay?”she asked as she sat beside me on the bed


“I’m fine”I replied lowly


“You’re not..its evident in your voice and face”she said as she sat on my laps..I know where this is going


“I said I’m fine”she smiled and she trailed her hands from my face to my jaw and kissed it..I knew this is where she was heading


She look my lips in hers and kissed it,I didn’t reciprocate at first but on the second thought,maybe this would let me forget about Abby.


I grabbed her butt and gave it a hard squeeze before reciprocating,I trailed my hands from her butt to her waist and pinched making her to gasp,I pushed my tongue further into her mouth and she sucked on it,she unbuttoned my shirt and I laid her on the bed with my above her not breaking the kiss



I pulled out my shirt and I planted wet kisses on her neck down to her chest,I ripped off her tank top and I unclasped her bra in a swift


I gave her left boobs a hard squeeze and she moaned out my name,I reached to take off her skirt but stopped when the image of Abby flashed through my head.I stood up quickly and ran my hands through my hair


“Baby what’s wrong”Tiana asked wrapping her hands round me from the back.I took her hands off and wore back my shirt


“What are you doing?”I asked


“I’m sorry for leading you but..I’m not in for it,I’m sorry”I picked up my comb and brushed my hair backwards and wiped my face with my palm


“Are you serious,you turned me on and now you’re backing out?”she screamed and I huffed


“I’m going to clear my head”


With that I left her to scream at herself and made for.the garden,I sat down under the almond tree and the memories of Abby and I under this tree came flashing through my head..for some reason it seemed as if I was cheating on her with Tania


I felt footsteps beside me and I turned to see the person


“Romeo”her beautiful voice said and it took me a lot self control not to smile


“Hey”I replied


“Can I come sit?”she asked




She sat beside me and non of us talked for about 10minutes before I finally broke it


“So…you have a child”I said and she nodded briskly


“That’s nice”


“He has your beautiful eyes”she blushed shyly and I smirked


“So…uh how old is he”


“2 years”


Oh my God,that means she had him like at the age of 18?so her and her boyfriend-probably husband-have been together for 2years?


“So..what’s the lucky guys name”


“Mitchell” the punks name is Mitchell,see how she even called his name,see the tone she used to call his name..she never calls my name like.that


Okay now I’m pissed,I stood up furiously and she stood up with me


“Where are you…


“I’m going to take care of something”I said and I stumped away Michelle,I’m pretty sure he’s not as handsome as me or rich as me Why does it look like I’ve heard that name before tho .









Jealousy ooo…Rommy calm down o,Mitchell is her baby’s name oo,don’t die yet


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Diamond In The Rough




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