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Episode 9



Madison’s POV


“What?”I screamed


“Yeah he is…wait so you didn’t know?”she asked and I shook my head


“Like..what?..its pretty obvious in the name..Alexa Grande and Romeo Grande”she said as a matter of fact and I my good Samaritan’s son is coming to my school and I’m admiring him like an idiot..way to go Madi..way to go


“Why’d you ask and why are you so tensed about it?”


“Um..nothing,I was just curious”I shrugged and I brought my glass of juice to my lips..I glanced at the popular seat and I saw Romeo that Ken?


“Ken seats there too?”I asked


“Yeah…he’s Romeo’s best friend and he’s really famous,his dad owns the best airline in USA,his mum owns a really big and super cool boutique,Fashion Palace..that place is the best and of course super expensive..I buy some of my clothes there and he himself is successful on his own”




“Yeah..he was on this reality show,Cooking fever,he really made a lot of cash doing that TV show and also,some big cooking agencies use his face for banners and sometimes for their commercials and if you ask me,that’s a lot of money”she took a French fry and stuck it in her mouth using it as a cigar


“After all that,Romeo is still richer than him?”


“Yeah..really really richer”


I hummed and faced Romeo’s seat again..He’s really lucky,he has a rich mum,He’s rich on his own and most importantly and I’m pretty sure his mum would really love him because he’s an angel


“You know its kinda weird you’re asking me these questions”she said




“Why?..everybody in this school knows about Romeo and Ken well…everyone except you.don’t you have a phone or TV or something?”she asked


“Well,I don’t really have time for researching about stuff like this


“Its not about researching,they are like the most famous people on earth,and by that I mean,everybody knows them”


“Well,..”I shrugged and she sighed


“You’re one weird girl”


I chuckled and another question came to my mind


“If Ken is that popular and he’s seating in the popular seat and you guys kinda close each other,why aren’t you seating with them?”I asked


“Well,you see…I and Ken aren’t close”she made air quotes with the close


“Well,that’s not what I think”I said eyeing her teasingly


“Stop it”she threw a tissue at me and I laughed


“I’m serious”


“Well,I wouldn’t say we’re friends and I wouldn’t say we’re see,Ken and I went to the same highschool along side with Romeo..and I and Ken don’t really get along,we’re always at each others throat..he kinda bullied me when we were in the 8th grade and since then,I’ve really disliked him..with time,he stopped bullying me but that didn’t stop using from throwing insults at each other every now and then”she said and I hummed


“’re not sitting with them because…



“Because I don’t want a special treatment or attention..I wanna be me not some popular girl and stuff..I was once seating with them but I didn’t like bow people treated us like gods”


Hmm,Romeo said the same thing..he said he doesn’t like the word “almighty”


“Wow..that’s..that’s really amazing”


“And also I didn’t seat with them because of a bitch that her name starts with a T”she said and I’m pretty sure she’s talking about Tania


“And by T you mean..


“The T for Tania”she whispered


“Oh…you’re beefing?”


“I wouldn’t say beefing,I just don’t like her shitty Attitude..’Romeo don’t talk to other girls..Romeo hold my hand….Romeo this Romeo that…Romeo Romeo


Romeo”she mimicked Tania in a very silly voice which is really funny..she’s lucky Tania’s seat is kinda far from ours


“She’s just too clingy”


“Come on they look good together”I said and she rolled her eyes


“Whatever”I chuckled softly at that


“What do have for next period”


“I think we’re kinda free”


“Free…thank God”


“Yeah..i wanna sleep,I’m going to the dormitory..wanna come?”she asked as she stood up



“ I’ll just look around see if I see anything to do”I stood up with her and we emptied our used plates in the sink


“Okay..see you later”she said as she walked away


I sighed as I walked out of the cafeteria..where to go exactly?I don’t know..I guess I’ll go to the food lab


I walked to the food lab and peeked my head inside to check if anyone is in there and luckily for me no one is in


Okay Madi,go explore…luckily I bought my recipe book


Okay..let’s see what I can make in here..I wore a lap apron and cap


I took out spices and different ingredients..I opened my recipe book and I roamed my eyes for the recipe to cook,I finally settled on one-Caprese Chicken..its like normal spicy chicken but instead of cooking it in only tomatoes I changed the recipe by cooking the tomatoes in balsamic vinegar to make a perfect sweet tart compliment


And I also added cheese to it to give it a cheesy flavour,I haven’t cooked it before and now I’m about to..but..where can I find chicken?I think there’ll be some in the cold room


I walked to the cold room and entered and whoa,this place is like 0Β°C


Let me grab the chicken before I freeze oh..there it is,I picked a full chicken and I excited the room


I got to the counter and placed the chicken on ,I placed the chicken in the microwave and set it to 100 degrees


In twenty minutes,it was unfrozen..time to cook



You don’t hit my line no more..oh oh


You don’t make it ring ring ring


I can keep it on the low..i want


You don’t make it ring ring ring ring



I kept singing along to Ring by Khelani featuring Cardi b as i chopped the chicken into pieces


I really love songs by Cardi B and I like Cardi B herself..she’s a Diva in rapping,she’s a bad bitch and I like her flow



“Whoa this is fire”I screamed as i shook my head to the rhythm of the song


“Having fun I see”I heard a voice behind me making me to turn abruptly in shock thereby tripping on my legs..I was expecting myself with a thud on the ground but I felt myself hanging..I opened my closed eye and I saw the familiar gorgeous eye


“You okay?”he asked and I gulped,he pulled me up making me to stand properly..I spoke up when I finally found my voice


“Ro… scared me”


“I’m sorry..I uh…I didn’t mean to”


“Its okay”I said adjusting me chef’s cap


“So…um..what are you doing?”he asked pointing to the chopped chicken


“I’m just..doing stuff”I turned to face the counter and he came beside me


“You know you’re kinda funny”


“What do you mean”I asked as I resumed my chopping


“Well,we are free and most..scratch that all other people are either sleeping or playing or doing something that does not involve work but you’re here..doing work”


“I guess I’m not like everybody and besides you’re also here aren’t you?”I asked eyeing him and he nodded with a smile as he leaned on the counter facing me


“I guess so”he said and I nodded as I picked a bottle of rum from the shelf


“So..Abigail”I began and I faced him




“What dish are you making?”


I’m having a feeling that wasn’t what he wanted to say


“My own recipe..Caprese Chicken..its like chicken casserole,only more delicious and more..”I trailed off looking for the right word to use


“Beautiful”I said sounding like a question


“Hmm..makes me wanna taste already”he said and I laughed


“What can I help you with?”he asked


“ don’t need to help me with anything I’m fine..


“I insist..let me help you..I’m bored and I don’t have anything to do and besides..”he paused and stared at me for a while


“Its an opportunity to help a pretty damsel once in a while and as they say,opportunity comes but once”he said and I stared at him speechless


“Well,um..if you insist,you can help me with the ingredients”I said and he nodded with a smile


“Aye aye captain”he said with a playful salute and I laughed,he wore an apron and cap and brushed his hair backwards.


“Let’s get it”he said clapping his hands together







“Wait are you serious”I said in between laughter


“I am..its hard to believe right?”he asked and I nodded


Romeo and I have been talking about different things has we cooked..he talked about how he was in highschool,turns out he was a playboy before he started dating Tania



He told me about a girl named Cherry that he dated or rather,that he played..he said


the girl was so obsessed with him that one day at school,during lunch break,she


stripped naked shouting


“Romeo Grande I love you!!”


Does that even make sense?..its funny and at the same time unbelievable..he said they had to take the girl to an asylum


“They really took her to an reals?”


“Yup,why won’t they?..that was a crazy act”he said and I laughed


“Yeah it is”I said and he chuckled


“So..what about you?”he asked


“What about me?”


“ was your highschool life”


“ was great”I stated simply and he gave me a quizzical look


“Just great?”he asked and I nodded


“Oh..”he mouthed as I stirred the chicken that was deep frying


“Something tells me that you had a bad experience at highschool which you don’t wanna talk about”he said and I sighed deeply


“But..its okay,I understand”he said and he took my hand in his rubbing it soothingly


I took my hands from his and I’m sure he noticed my awkwardness




“You’re welcome and Abby…”he called





“We’re gonna burn the chicken”he said and I quickly switched off the gas


“You could have just switched it off”I said and he laughed


“I know..I just didn’t feel like switching it off”he winked at me and I glared at him playfully


“Okay let’s mix it”he said and I nodded


I mixed the tart compliment with the chicken and I added cheese and the spices with it..I add the fried onions and sliced tomatoes in it too..I hope this comes out as I hope


I dished it out in two plates and we settled to eat


“I’ll go first”he said and I nodded


He took his spoon and took a spoon full of the slow motion-well,I imagined it to be in slow in slow motion,he took the spoon into his mouth..I actually had my fingers crossed under the table


So as I was saying,he took the spoon into his mouth and munched on it slowly in a pout..he finally swallowed it and he looked up from his food


“So…how is it?”I asked


“Its….”he took another spoon full into his mouth and smiled as he ate it


“Its more than what I expected”he said and a smile curled up to my lips


“By that you mean…


“Its the best..its..its just…”he trailed off looking for the right words to use


“Honestly,I’m speechless..I don’t know what to say,its more than the best,this food is amazing”he said stuffing his mouth with another spoon full and I smiled out tears of joy


“Are you crying”he asked taking his spoon from his mouth


“’m just..


I bursted into another round of tears and he stood up from his seat to mine..


“Jeez,you’re crying for real”he said as he hugged me to himself


“I’m just…I just feel so,this is the first time I’m cooking my own recipe and Romeo Grande liked it..its just so hard to believe”I said in between sobs and he chuckled


“You’re really funny,stop crying okay..seriously,your food is more than that”he said and I smiled


I pulled out of his arms and I cleaned my tears with the back of my hands


“Thank you really made me happy”I said in sincerity and he nodded with a smug smirk..I feel so happy than I normally am


We finally finished our meal and we cleared the kitchen,we walked to the school garden and we settled under a tree


“You know,I find all these funny”he said and I turned to him


“What is funny”


“Well,its just I find it weird…after our colliding accident,I uh..I just find myself drawing to,I find myself wanting to talk to you and be with you..I don’t understand myself..its kinda abnormal”he said and I stared at him not knowing what to do or say


“ think its abnormal?”I asked


“Yeah..I’ve never felt that way to anyone before..I don’t really like the feeling”


“So you don’t like how we’re talking right now? we’re getting find it find it weird you’re talking to me?”I asked in disbelief


“’s not what I meant..



“So what did you mean?”


“No..its just..I..


“Its don’t need to talk,I completely understand”I said as I stood up


“No Abby wait..


“Would you look at the time,next lesson would be starting any minute from now..I gotta go..bye”


“No..Abby wait..come back”


He called but I didn’t wait..he finds talking to me abnormal? what?I don’t know why I’m even affected by his words..I shouldn’t be hurt by that..


How could he say that huh?When I thought we would make good friends..I guess I asked for too much from him


“Abby”Crystal called as soon as I entered the class


“Hey Crystal,had a good sleep”I asked as I sat down on my seat




“Hey Abby”Ken said and I waved at him


“Hey mister Ken what’s up”


“Nothing much..I’m just here”he said and I nodded..


“What did you do during the free time?”Crystal asked


“I just went to the lab…explored it and I rested at the school garden”


“Hmm…its 1 30..thank God,school will soon be over”



Well,school ended and luckily we closed early so I was able to pick up Mitchell from school..he was so happy to see me,he told me about his new friend..a cutie named Natalie,she’s a very beautiful girl..even my boy knows good things And I couldn’t stop thinking at what Romeo said..I’m I too ugly for him to be talking to me or what?Pfft!..why do I care anyways




Alexa’s POV


“Romeo you’ve been broody since you came back from school are you okay?”I asked Romeo who was lying flat on the bed staring at the ceiling sighing every now and then


“I did something bad today mum”he said and I stood up to go meet him


“What did you do”I asked taking a seat beside him


“Its the new girl again”


“The one you talked about yesterday?”


“Yeah..I found out her name..Abigail”he said and I mentally squealed


“So..what happened”


“Well,I got to talk to her for a very long time,during a free period,I met her in the food lab..actually,I followed her there and that’s the problem..for some reason I always wanna follow her to wherever she goes,I just find myself yearning to talk to see her smile..I don’t know what’s wrong with me mum…I’m I going crazy?”


I smiled and held his hand


“You’re not’re not,the only thing I’m gonna tell you is that what you’re feeling is normal,you want her as a friend don’t ya”I asked and he nodded


“Then talk to her,apologise for whatever you did to her and trust me she’ll forgive you”



“You sure mum?”


“I’m very sure..”


“Thanks mum”he said circling me in a hug…I hugged him back and patted his back…I just can’t help but wish Madison and Romeo love each’ll be a dream come true for me and Tania would finally leave his life. .









Romeo rora apologize ooo…don’t worry Madi will




BY:Authoress Timi





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