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Episode 11



Madison’s POV


“Give me your hand”


“No Abby please”




She stretched her and and I gave her a hard pinch and she screamed


“That was too hard”she whined


“Seriously? have me twice of that”


Mrs.Collins is kinda late so I and Crystal are doing Catering quiz..anyone that gets a question wrong will be pinched by the other player


“Why is Mrs.Collins this late”I asked


“She’s probably in meeting”


I nodded and sighed as I took a bite out of my chocolate bar…Romeo and Tania aren’t in class,they were in class before and they are not where to be found now..where could they be?..or are they…no no..don’t let me think about that But wait…could they be doing it?..eww eww





Romeo’s POV


“Rommy why are you like this?”Tania whined as we walked back to class


“I don’t get you”


“What don’t you get Romeo?..I told you to get me on the competition team,I wanna be there and you’re telling me you don’t get me..what the hell don’t you get”she screamed


I stopped on my tracks and turned to face her with a frustrating sigh


“I can’t do that Tania,if your dish was worth being on the team then you would have been picked but unfortunately,your dish wasn’t up to the task”


“What do you mean by that?..Romeo I’m your girlfriend,you should be able to do anything for me”


“Yes but not something like this”



“Not something like this?…Romeo your mother owns the school,you have the final say in this damn school so what is so hard..just go meet the organisers and say you want your girlfriend to be in the team..what’s so hard? one dares to go against your order”


“Just because you’re my girlfriend doesn’t mean you can get anything at your own free will…it’s gonna be a slap in my face when I go meet the organizers and tell them to put you on the team..that is cheating,don’t you know how many people would want to be on that team?”


“Well,I’m not them I’m your I have the right..


“You have no f**king right!”I fired and she stood shock..I breathed in to suppress my anger and sighed with my hands running through my hair


“Look Tania…”I said..calmer this time


“You being my girlfriend doesn’t mean you can use me to get what you want,you have to earn it..your dish wasn’t worthy to add you to the team so accept your fate and try harder next time”I said and walked away from her


“Romeo are you really doing this?’re walking out on me?..Romeo”she screamed but I didn’t stop…how would she tell me to get her on the team..that’s cheating and I don’t cheat,she can get mad for all I care..I’m not and never gonna do what she’s asking..just because she’s my girlfriend?She must be joking..why would she even say that?


I got to class and my frowned face turned into a smile when my eyes landed on Abigail..there’s something about her that makes me wanna see her face everyday..I’ve come to see how calm and free minded she is..and also how beautiful she is..I thought Tania was beautiful but Abby is the definition of beauty..She’s just perfect


“Day dreaming?”I felt someone’s breath on my ears and I jolted back to reality..I looked at the person that talked and it is Ken..


“Hey Ken”I walked to my seat and sat down with deep sigh..he sat on my table and wiggled his brow at me





“What do you mean by daydreaming”I asked with a scoff


“Well,I saw you walk to class and then all of a sudden your eyes caught something which caused you to stop on your tracks and smile into nothing…then I traced your eyes and landed on….


I trailed his eyes to where he was looking at and it landed on Abby “I..i wasn’t looking at Abby”i lied


“Hmm hmm….let me advise you as a bro…”he hanged his hand on my shoulders


and sighed


“With all dude respect…there’s no rule that says..thao shall not date more than one girl”


“And what are you insinuating by that”I asked with a arched brow and he gave me a “are you kidding me”look


“Shoot your shot…you have eye for the girl..just because you have a girlfriend doesn’t mean you can’t hit on other girls and as a matter of fact she’s way better than Tania…no offense but its the truth-even if you won’t agree-but just go to the girl,switch to play boy mode..this commitment thing you’re doing doesn’t suit’re Romeo Grande,do you know how many girls would kill to be with you just for a night?”


“That’s other girls but Abigail is different and who told you I would like to date her..I just know,be close to her”


“Whatever,you won’t be close to her by sitting down here like a couch I want you to walk to her and you ya thing”he pocked me on the stomach with a grin and I glared at him…this guy is crazy


“You’re one hell of a crazy package..I know how to talk to a girl ain’t stupid”I said with an eye roll



“I trust you if you would excuse me,I have a girl to annoy”


He got up from the table and walked to Bianca…I just hope Bianca won’t beat the hell out of him.I took my gaze to Abby and I smiled at how beautiful she looks when she laughs..she and Crystal make great friends even if Crystal suddenly ceased to hang out with us since like 4 months ago..She,Ken,Tania,Bianca and I were really close friends but suddenly she stopped hanging out with us,same as Bianca


“Sorry I’m late guys…the meeting was kinda intense today”Mrs Collins said as she came inside the class…


“What have you guys been up to for the past 25mins that I’ve been absent”she asked and nobody answered..and where is Tiana anyways..oh. Here she is


“You’re late to class Tiana”Mrs Collins said


“Well,sorry”she replied rudely as she took her seat not sparing me a glance…I don’t care,she should accept the fact that she’s not on the team this time around


Madison’s POV


“You’re all dismissed but the team should wait behind”


The students left the class leaving me,Crystal,Bianca,Romeo and Ken.


“You all know what is up ahead for you in the upcoming competition right?”Mrs Collins asked


“Uh…not really”Ken replied


“I see,you all should take a seat”


We all sat down in a circle and Mrs Collins took a seat in the middle


“Now…for the mini competition..its gonna take place in two days..the first and second round in the first day and the last round in the second…the total number of schools in the competition are this is how it would be…in the first round,all school would first compete…10 best would be chosen..then the 10 best would compete again and the best 5 would be chosen-that is the second round and like I



said it will take place in the first the last round which would take place the second day would be among the 5 best and then the winner would be chosen..which means the school that wins will represent the whole Alexa Grande school”


I jotted down the main details and I nodded my head at everything thing she said..


“Any question?”she asked


“Nope..understood”I said


“Okay so lessons would start tomorrow after school to get you prepared”


Jeez after school,I need to take care of Mitch,I can’t probably leave Mitch on his own,and Mrs Russ is a nurse..she’ll be late,gosh this is harder than I thought


“Um…I have a question”


“Go on”


“The after school lesson is from what time to what time”


“Well,we close 2.30pm so you’ll get 30mins break so its 3pm to 6pm”


6pm!!!???…oh my God..and the 30mins break isn’t enough time for me to go home and come back to school…to go home from school is like an hour and half i’ll be getting home pretty late from tomorrow..


” okay”


“Now that that’s settled,you’re dismissed”


With that she left the leaving leaving us..


“I’m starving”Ken said and I shook my head,Crystal stood up and pulled me along with her


“Me too,Abby let’s go eat”Crystal said and I nodded,we left the class and went to the cafeteria



We got our lunch and we settled down to eat..Ken and Romeo also came in and as usual Romeo went to his popular seat,Ken got his lunch and what he did next shocked me as well as Crystal,he got his food and came to our table..he pulled a chair closer and sat on it placing his tray on our table


“Uhh…this place doesn’t have popular written on it”Crystal said and Ken shrugged


“I wanna seat with you guys today..that place is starting to bore me”he whispered the last part and I chuckled


“Really?”I asked


“You don’t wanna Abigail,tell me about yourself”he said sipping his wine


“Well,I’m just me,Abigail Maxwell,nothing else”


“So..what do your parents do,because with the look of things you are really rich”he said


“Why would you assume that?”


“Well,I assumed that due to the laptop you’re using”


“Oh”I mouthed


“ one except Romeo has that laptop,well,I can afford it but I can’t waste my money on that..its too much”


“Its not too much for Romeo”Crystal said and Ken rolled his eyes


“Oops…I forgot to order fries but no qualms…


He dipped his hand in Crystal’s basket of fries and took a handful,he stuffed it into his mouth and chewed on them disgustingly,I’m sure he’s using that to annoy Crystal..


“Are you nuts”Crystal barked


Here comes the argument



“What?”he asked with the fries still his in mouth


“You dipped your godforsaken hands into my fries,got them and stuffed them into your stupid mouth and chewed on them like a lunatic”she screamed


I laughed at their display and stood up,let me leave them to their argument


I threw away my empty smoothie cup in the trash and munched on my hot dog as I exited the cafeteria



Romeo’s POV


I was eating my food quietly when I heard Abby laugh…seems Ken said something funny,I just wish I can seat with her comfortably as Ken is doing but I have a crazy girlfriend and BTW,my crazy girlfriend is still mad at me..oh well,she’ll come around soon


Oh..Abby is already leaving the cafeteria,I guess that’s my que..I made sure she has left the cafeteria before I stood up..I dropped my plates and exited the cafeteria,I hastened my steps because she’s a really fast walker


I followed her quietly and seems she’s going to the garden,she finally got to the garden and she sat under an almond tree-my special tree..I hid for about 5mins before I came out of my hiding place and walked to her..I tiptoed behind her and I used my hands to cover her face….


“What the..who is this”she said in shock..she brought her hands to mine and I smiled at how soft her hands felt on mine


“This is definitely not Crystal or Ken…who is this”


She smiled and whined in a pout,I finally removed my hands from her face and she turned to face me


“Romeo?”she called with widened eyes and I laughed..she’s kinda shocked,well,why won’t she be




I sat beside her and she smiled nervously,why’s she always nervous around me…she’s not like this with Ken so why is she like this with me


“Why do you look so shocked?”I asked



“Well,I didn’t expect it to be you”


“Well,now you know its me”


She smiled and sighed looking around the garden


“You kinda like the garden don’t ya”I asked


“I do a lot,its really peaceful and beautiful…just imagine this place in the night” She closed her eyes and smiled like shes fantasising about it


“When the moon comes out and illuminates the ground”I added


“And the crickets start their chipping sounds adding to the ethereal nature and beauty of the place”she faced me with a smile


“It would be so perfect..and I’ll lie down on the cool ground and watch the moon glow”I said


“I’ll rather read a novel”she said and I chuckled


“I thought I was the only one that always fantasise about the garden in the night”


“Well,I do too”she said and I laid down on the grass with a sigh..I tapped beside me motioning her to lie down,she laid down and she hummed


“Abby”I called and she turned to face me


“Yeah”she replied


“Um…I just..I um..”




“I don’t know what to say..there’s a lot I wanna say but for a reason I just can’t form the words”



“Hmm…don’t force it out,when the time comes the words would flow freely without any complications”she said and I smiled


“I guess so,um..tell me about you”I said and she breathed out


“Well,there’s nothing interesting about me except for the fact that I’m Abigail Maxwell”


“Come on”I whined


“Okay,I guess I’ll tell you a little bit about myself”she said and my face lit up


“Um…as you know,I’m Abigail,19yrs..going to be twenty in two weeks time,I love cooking,I can’t sing-well,I don’t know if I can-i can dance a little,I’m a cross breed-a black American and an American-my best food is spaghetti and meatball-i love it a lot-my life isn’t some fairytale…I’ve come through a lot which I can’t tell you anyways..I love puppies..I’m not all girly,at least I’m girly 40%..hmm,I think that’s all”


I kept help but smile sheepishly as she pouts anytime she says”hmm” or “umm”she looks cute…and I can’t also help but wander what she meant by she’s gone through a lot


“Wow…interesting..when exactly is your birthday?”I asked


“Two weeks to go..Friday”


“Um..that’s August 20th”I said and she nodded I’ll make sure I get her something


I heard the stupid bell ring and I cursed for it mentally,when I’m already getting close to Abby


“Let’s go to class”she said standing up and I stood up with her..we walked to class talking about random things


We finally got to class and I saw Tiana on her seat,I huffed loudly and went to seat down..she faced me as soon as I sat down and I didn’t spear her a glance


“Rommy”she called but I did as if I didn’t hear



“Romeo baby I’m sorry”I ignored her again


“Romeo”she called in a babyish tone clutching my arms




“I’m sorry baby..I know what I did was bad and I’ve accepted my fault..I’m sorry”she said poutingly..I always get caught in her trap whenever she goes cute on me but right now I’m not even affected




“Thanks baby”she pecked on my lips and I forced out a simple…for a reason I didn’t like how she pecked me


Madison’s POV


“You left me with that lunatic”Crystal whined and I laughed


“Well,what did you expect me to do,sit there and watch you guys childish drama? thank you”


“Whatever,now what did you and Romeo do”


“What do you mean”


“Don’t act all innocent,I saw the two of you come inside the class together..”she said wiggling her brows at me


“Jeez Crystal you’re crazy”I threw a pen at her and she laughed..


“You know you guys look cute together”


“Gosh,the guy as a girlfriend you know”


“So does that mean if he doesn’t have a gf you would go for him?”


“Get outta her”


She laughed and hit the table as she laughed louder.


“I’m thinking of a couple name for the two of you”


“Crystal”I whined


“Hmm…do you like Rogail..or Abimeo or Roby or..


“I’m gonna kill you”


I grabbed her and started to hit her head with my pen


I can’t believe she’s already imagining Romeo and I dating-something that can


never happen










Ken and Crystal




Diamond In The Rough




BY:Authoress Timi



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