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Episode 13



Madison’s POV


“What about Ava and Alexis babysit Mitch when his back from school”I asked Mrs.Russ


“Hmm…that’s a great idea but who will pick Mitch from’re gonna be late from school,I’m a nurse so I’m definitely gonna be late from work so who would pick him up?”


Mrs Russ has agreed to let her two kids-Ava and Alexis babysit Mitch…Ava is 14 while Alexis is 16 so they are old enough to take care of a two year old and besides Mitch loves them both,but the problem here is that there’s no one to pick Mitch from school


“I don’t know…that’s the problem”


I heard my phone ring and I reached for it in my bag and checked the caller…Its Alexa


“Good morning ma’am



“Abigail morning my are you



“I’m fine and you



“I’m doing great…I heard about you being on the team is that right?



“yes ma’am



“wow…congratulations my dear,that’s really good..I’m proud of you



“thank you ma’am



“its a really good step..I know you might be having problems because you know…you’ll be leaving school at a late time


“Um yeah…I don’t know who will pick Mitchell from school



“how about this…Maximus would pick him from school and I’ll send a nanny to babysit him for you till you come back



“Thank you so much ma’am but I already have someone that would take care of him for me till I come back


“okay then,Maximus would pick him up from school is that okay?



“its perfect ma’am..thank you so much



“No need to thank me…congratulations again



“I appreciate ma’am



“yeah..let me leave you to prepare for school,Maximus will soon be at your place to pick you up


“okay bye ma’am



“Bye dear..take care of yourself



“you too


I placed my phone back into my bag and I squealed…Alexa is really God sent,she’s always there anytime I’m troubled or I need help with something..its always like she already knows the exact time I’m in need of something..Awwwn,she said she’s proud of me,I’ll even make her more proud.


“So its settled?”Mrs Russ asked


“Yeah…Mr.Max will pick him from school”she nodded and i faced Mitch who is playing game on his phone


“Hey Mitch,its time for School”he groaned and whined..its like he doesn’t feel like going to school today


I went to him and carried him,he had a sober face on



“What’s wrong baby”


“I want mama to pick me up”he said with a frown and I sighed


“Look baby,mama is gonna be late today okay,sorry but mama can’t pick you up” He bursted into a loud cry and I chuckled…I cleaned his face with my palms and hugged him


“Don’t worry,I’ll but you popsicles when I’m coming back okay”


He didn’t say anything but to sob,this is what I didn’t want to happen,I knew he would throw a fit


“Its okay…don’t cry”


He sniffed and wrapped his hands round my neck and buried his face in it


“I think you should follow him to school today”Mrs Russ said and I nodded


“I’ll take you to school today,would that make you happy?”I asked her raised his head up from my neck


“Just teeny weeny”he said and I laughed


I had to take Mitchell to school and that made me to keep Mr.Max waiting,not that he complained tho..I got out of the car and took quick steps to the main door


I glanced at my wrist watch at its 9am…its unlike me to get to school 9am,all because I had to take Mitch to school,jeez being a mother isn’t easy


I walked to my locker to drop some books inside but i got frightened by a person




I screamed and turned abruptly only to find Romeo laughing at me


“You get scared easily”he said still laughing


“Heeey,I almost got an heart attack”I whined and he stuck his tongue out teasingly


“Almost,but you didn’t”


I rolled my eyes and shut my locker


“Your smile is exceptionally wide today,what’s the secret”I asked


“Well,for starters,I got to school before you today”he replied with a grin and I gave a little smile…


“That’s why you’re happy?”


“Yup…I’ve always wanted to beat you to school but you’re always in school before me..I’m like,how do you do that..but today,I made”he screamed at the last part and I shook my head


“You’re unbelievable”I said as I entered the class with him beside me


“Well,thank you Miss.Maxwell”he said in a British accent


I rolled my eyes and walked to my seat which is being punished by Bianca’s butt…why is she sitting on my seat


I got to them and Crystal gave me a wink and tilted her head to Romeo’s direction..I glared at her and she laughed


“Hey Bianca…”I greeted and she smiled


She got up from my seat and sat beside Crystal


“I see you and Rommy are getting kinda close lately”Bianca said with furrowed brows and I cleared my throat



” Love is the moment “Crystal sang in a loud voice and I smacked her head..


“Jeez Crystal stop..”I said with a playful frown and she squealed


“You know I really wish you two could become a thing”Bianca added


“I know right…they would be so cute”Crystal cooed and I placed my head on my table


“You guys,there is no us becoming a thing”


I did air quotes in the thing part


“Whatever,just know we gat your back..when you start crushing we’re there to give you big time support”Crystal said with a wink and I groaned in frustration


“You guys are sick…so sick”


I turned my direction to Romeo and he’s being fed oreos by Tiana..Just look at how big that smile is..see how big his smiling as he’s been fed,why I’m I even bothered,I just wish I find a guy like him someday but what guy would want to date a girl that already has a child..what guy would want to move close me when he finds out about my past,this thought makes me to wander if Romeo would still be my friend if he discovers I have a child or worst still about my ugly past..I bet he’ll never talk to me again,he’ll definite cease covering my eyes from behind and scaring me on purpose..*sigh*my life is messed up


First lesson was kinda boring,it was theory not practical,Crystal literally slept throughout the class,Bianca was just looking lost..and I,I was just sitting and thinking about random things..Surprisingly,Ken didn’t disturb Crystal today,Romeo kept yawning every now and then..I’m everybody didn’t get anything throughout the first period..we were just looking like 3 days old spaghetti


“I almost died of boredom”Bianca said


“Tell me about it”Crystal added


We got to the food lab and Bianca did a triple backflip as soon as she entered


“What was that”I asked astonished


“That was crazy,where did you learn that”Crystal asked as she wore a lab coat


“Let’s just say I do crazy stuff”she said with a wink and I shook my head The door banged open and Ken and Romeo cat walked in


“Sorry we are late”Romeo said making a bubble with the gum he is chewing



“So..let’s start shall we”Romeo said and we nodded,Bianca brought out a MP from her bag and I raised my brow at her.She connected her phone and Nicki Minaj’s anaconda came blasting from the was so loud,how can a MP be this loud


“You’ll disturb the school with this noise”I screamed


“Calm down,this place is completely sound proof”Ken said and I breathe out..


“Now..let’s set to work”Crystal screamed and I laughed…this is gonna be a long day


The five of us spent an hour in the lab,researching about delicacies and making recipes for the upcoming recipe book came in handy,they were all surprised at the amount of recipes I’ve created.There were all surprised,its not big deal


Right now I’m on the way to the toilet,I’m really pressed.


I got to the toilet and held the door handle but I stopped when I heard little sounds from the toilet..I opened the door quietly and tiptoed quietly into the toilet..the sounds became louder,more like moaning,what the hell is going on in there,the sound is coming from one of the toilets,I placed my ear on the door of the toilet where the sound is coming from and what I heard shocked me to the bone


“Fuck…Tiana faster”


What the hell!!??.Why is Tiana there and what is she doing,the voice is definitely the voice of a lady,it sounded feminine


“Suck me”I heard Tiana’s voice say and I covered my mouth with my palms in shock,let it not be what I’m thinking


“You taste good”the feminine voice moaned out again and I almost fainted…is Tiana a..a lesbian?Why the hell are they moaning and what are they tasting and sucking,okay I need to get out here or else I’ll puke


I hurried out of the bathroom and I gagged as soon as I came out..that was insane,the urine i wanted to pass is even no longer there.How would Romeo react if his so called girlfriend is a lesbian..I’m not even sure she is


Should I tell Crystal? I can’t do that,I’ll just erase all that happened from my


head,yeah..that’s what I’ll do


Oh gosh I’m sweating



I couldn’t concentrate again,throughout the day all that was on my mind was “What exactly is Tiana”its sucks…its 5pm and yeah everyone except I and the others have gone home..we’ve done all we had to do and now,we are all staring into space..nothing to do


“Guys I’m bored”Ken whined


“Me too,let’s do something”Romeo said


“Hmm…truth or dare?”Bianca suggested


“Sure..we are all in”Crystal said and I widened my eyes at her


“Okay I’ll go first..Abby truth or dare”Bianca asked me and I gulped before answering


“Okay…what do you feel about the person on your right”she asked with a smirked..oh please don’t let the person on my right be who I think it is..I turned and Jesus..its Romeo


“You bail out,you pay 500dollars”Crystal said and I mentally cursed for her




Romeo himself was staring at me intensely,there was eagerness clearly written in his eyes..does he wanna know what I feel about him that bad?


“Well,for starters,I see him as a really great guy,worth to be with,funny,jovial,a really good friend,he’s amazing,Handsome,I really like him-as a friend-sometimes annoying and creepy”I said and Romeo gave me a smile..a really bright smile


“Awwwnnn…that’s so sweet,Romeo is blushing right now”Bianca said and I glared at her…I’m surely gonna kill her for asking me that question


“But..why do you see me as creepy”Romeo asked and I scoffed unbelievably



“Seriously? sneak up on me like a ghost and scare the hell out of me..isn’t that creepy?”I asked and he nodded


“Hmm..checks out”Ken said


“Okay I’m next,Crystal truth or dare”Ken asked and Crystal rolled her eyes


“Dare”she said


“I dare you to kiss me”he said and we all “oohed”


“What???..there’s is no f**king way I’m doing that”She screamed and I bursted into laughter


“Do it”I screamed


“Yeah kiss him”Romeo screamed


“Kiss him”


“Kiss him”


“Kiss him”


“Kiss him”


We kept chanting “kiss him”..I really wanna see how this ends..Crystal is surely gonna skin him alive


And now,the moment we’ve been waiting for,there she goes,taking slow steps with her eyes filled with rage,she moved close to the devil himself who had a smirk plastered on his face,she gave him one deadly glare before she slowly brought her head closer,and closer,and closer..their lips are inches apart,any moment from now,the kiss of a lifetime would be sealed..and closer,and closer…baam!!!their lips are sealed..


For a reason Ken opened his mouth and deepened the kiss..when I say deepened,I mean DEEPENED!!!


Crystal is trying so hard to break the kiss but Mr.Ken hasn’t got enough of her lips yet



We were all screaming and shrieking as we watched the kissing scene..Ken is surely gonna get a kick in the balls


Crystal pushed him away with all her might and kicked him right where I said she would-THE BALLS.


We all laughed our breaths out as we watched Ken groan in pain…Crystal cleaned her mouth with the back of her palms vigorously with heavy breathes


I laughed so hard that I fell from my chair..these two are such a character




Author’s POV


She threw her head back as she moans in pleasure,the guy surely knows how to make her scream his name..she has missed his touch,she has been craving for his tongue over her cl*t for a long time..


With every thrust,she moans..he loved how his d*ick slide in her hitting the right places..he didn’t want to stop,not now not ever..


“Fuck..harder”she screamed in ecstacy and he obeyed,increasing his pace,banging her with full force,they are surely in cloud nine


“Ooh God I’m gonna cum..shit”


He groaned,gripping tight to her thighs and pulling her close to meet his pace,he pulled out..emptying all on her laps,collapsing on the bed beside her with a smug smile plastered on his face


She turned and faced him trailing her hands down his abs


“I’ve missed you Jackson”she said


“I’ve missed you more”he pulled her close and kissed her on the lips


“Why did you go for that long?..”she asked


“Sorry baby..I’m here now aren’t I”


“Yeah you are”


“Is she still in NewYork”he asked


“I don’t know…didn’t see her in town for about two years”


“Hmm…Madison,so stupid”he spat


“I know right,I hate her guts”


“How about we go one more time”


She bit her lips and he pulled her under the sheets and in no time,there moans filled


the room












Diamond In The Rough




BY:Authoress Timi





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