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Diamond In The Rough




BY:Authoress Timi




Episode 3






Madison’s POV


“Okay Mrs Russell,help me with the balloons”


“Okay dear”


Wow…its been two years and it been easy and at the same time hard for me in the past one year…I secured a one room portable apartment in Texas..$5000 per year.I got a job in a fancy restaurant and the pay is kinda okay..$200 per day..its okay


I enrolled Michelle in school as soon as he was little baby has grown into a really cute one year old,He’s smart,funny and I love him so much and he loves me too..He’s the best thing that has ever happened to me aside from Jason and speaking of Jason,I do reach him frequently and he sends me money anytime he figures out I’m broke because I don’t tell him..Michelle calls him uncle Jay,he really likes a lot


And here in Texas,I’m living another life entirely..I’m no more Madison Campbell,I’m Abigail Maxwell..people don’t know me as the daughter of the CEO of TECHMOTO so I’m glad



I’m leaving happy,I have Michelle and Mrs Russell..oh my bad,I didn’t tell you who Mrs Russell is..


Well,Mrs.Russell is a 45years old lady that leaves next door..she’s a really nice woman,she was the first person I got close to when I got here,she was really kind to me making Michelle to grow really fund if her,she also knows about my past,yeah..I told her and surprisingly,she understood me,she told me that I shouldn’t let all those being me down,she’s was just like a mother to me,she stood by me in times of hardship and challenges…sometimes she sleeps over at my place and sometimes Michelle sleeps over at her place.She’s really a God sent


My little angel resembles his father a lot..the only thing he took from me are my eyes and hair..he also has afro hair-makes him look like a girl,I’m sure he’s going to grow into a super handsome man.


He started talking the first time he took his first step and his first word was “mama”..I was so happy that day that I shed tears of joy..I can still remember that day like a play back movie


I got home from work that day and I couldn’t find him at home so I figured out he would be at Mrs Russell’s place..I got there and there he was crawling around the lawn trying to catch a butterfly..I smiled at that sight


“Baby”I called and he looked up..he smiled out his cute dimples and two growing teeth as he giggled


I wanted to walk to him but I stopped on my tracks when I saw him stand…I was like”what is he doing”


He took a step forward and I blinked twice to be sure of what I saw..he took another step and he called




I couldn’t hold back the tears…I allowed them to pour freely


“Mama”he called again as he took the third step spreading his hand for a hug I ran to him and hugged him so tightly


“Mama..cwy”he said as he wiped my face with his adorable little hands…



Anytime I remember this memory,I always cry..God really gifted me a gem


Hurry up..he’ll be up soon”Mrs Russell said and I nodded…well,today is my baby’s birthday..He’s clocking two today and we are planning a surprise birthday party.. Mrs Russell,Michelle’s class teacher,Miss Gold,Kay,Michelle’s favourite ice cream seller and Mrs Russell two kids are the only ones present-I don’t really have friends…I don’t even need them


“Mama..”we heard him call and we quickly hid


I heard his tiny little foot step as he walked to the sitting room


“Mama..where you”




We all screamed and he covered his mouth with his hands..yeah he’s obviously surprised


“Ahhhh”he screamed in delight and we all laughed


“Happy birthday baby”I wore him a happy birthday cap and he giggled as he jumped up and down clapping his hands


“Happy Birthday my man”Kay said as he hugged him


Mrs Russell carried him up and we made for the three layered chocolate cake that I made


“Yay…cake cake cake”he squealed as she placed him gently on the chair


“Now make a wish and blow out the candles”I said


“Okay”he closed his hands and clasped his hands together and murmured something we all didn’t hear


He opened his eyes and blew out his candles and we all cheered


“Now let’s go take your bath and you’ll come eat…I made your favorite”I picked him up and he squealed



“Taco salad?”he asked and I nodded




I stripped off his clothes and placed him into the bathtub which is filled with foamy water


“I have like mama’s hair”he said and i chuckled


“Yeah you do”


“So….I’m I mama?”I laughed at his question and shook my head


“No you’re not”


He giggled and he started splashing water all around


“Hey Michelle stop it”


“No”he stuck his tongue out and resumed his splashing


“Okay more taco salad”I said and he stopped splashing


“Sorry mama”


I picked him on the forehead and he smiled


“You’ll gimme taco?”he asked and I nodded


“Weeeee”he squealed and I laughed


Done with bathing,I wore him his clothes-a jean trouser and a black and white round neck with timber land sneakers


I combed his blonde afro hair and applied gloss in it making it to shine


“Now let’s go eat”he nodded and I carried him


“Celebrant is here”Kay screamed as we got to the sitting room



I wished out the food for everybody and we all settled down in the dinning room to eat..its kinda funny how a one room apartment could be this beautiful..the sitting room is wide enough to contain 7people,a dinning is just adjacent it..I didn’t have any furniture in the dinning before but Mrs Russell helped me with that..the kitchen too is spacious…even the room,the room too is wide with built in bathroom..the bathroom has a built-in bathtub


Its is a one room apartment but its kinda luxurious


“Its delicious”Michelle complimented as he munched in his food


“Yeah…Abigail this food is so delish”Miss Gold said and I smiled


“You should become a chef…I bet your restaurant will run other restaurants out of business”Kay said and we laughed


Its evening time and everyone has gone home leaving only me and Michelle..that reminds me,I need to call Jason


“Hey Michelle,wanna face time with Uncle J?”


He nodded with excitement and scurried to my side and sat on my laps..I balanced well on the sofa and pulled a call through to Jason



“hey family”



“ancle Jay”Michelle screamed and Jason laughed



“how are you little guy



“I’m pine



“you sure?






“happy birthday



“my gift…you didn’t gimme



“it hasn’t arrived



“what hasn’t arrived?I asked



“I sent something to…


*ding dong*



“I’ll be back…Michelle hold the phone


“Okay mama


I went to the door and opened it revealing a man..a mail man to be precise


“You have a package ma’am”he said and he gave him a quizzical look


“He stretched the package to me and I collected it”


“Have a nice day”


I smiled with a nod and closed the door


I went back to the phone and carried Michelle on my laps



“What’s that?”Jason asked



“a package and it’s from…


I checked the name of the sender and I returned my gaze back to the phone



“you sent me a package?



“actually I sent Michelle a package..that’s his present Michelle’s face lit up when he heard that


“Open it open it!!”he squealed and I laughed I tore the package open and…



“a pear phone??..sorry,a pear pad?!”I exclaimed and he nodded






“how would you buy a pear pad for a 1year old??”I asked with widened eyes



“he deserves it…hey Michelle,that’s your present


Michelle didn’t hesitate to snatch the phone box from my hand



“thanks ancle J…now I mama would stop saying”don’t touch my phone..don’t touch my phone

He mimicked me and I laughed



“’ll be your own boss around your phone now”he said and Michelle nodded

He took the phone box and sat in the rug and he plays with it



“so how has been New York



“well,fine..but boring without you



“ is dad and mum



“well mum is doing fine and dad is…kinda



“what happened to him?


He sighed and threw his head backwards



“he misses you sis


I scoffed and he chuckled



“he really does..most times he’ll just seat and stare at your pictures and sometimes he asks me if I get in touch with you



“and what do you say?



“I say no but..I’m sure he doesn’t buy it,he has become really silent and broody..he isn’t the lively pops I know anymore…he really does miss you


“well,I..I miss him too you know..I miss mum too and you



“mum also misses you but she doesn’t show know mum has this ego that no one can bring down”he said and I laughed with a nod





“so please sis if not for anything but for me,please just find a way to talk to him..

I sighed and looked away



“please sis…for my sake,He’s really dieing emotionally…I hate seeing him like this”he said with a cracked voice and I smiled..he’s gonna cry anytime soon..he really loves dad,I do too


“okay…I will



“really?”his face lit up and I nodded



“I promise



“thanks sis..thank you so much



“you don’t need to thank me..






“hmm..if you don’t mind I have something to do



“okay…talk to you later



“yeah bye



“bye bro


The line went silent and I dropped my phone beside me.I glanced at Michelle who was struggling to open the phone box


“Here let me help you with it”I collected the box from him and helped him to open it..I took out the apple pad and OMG..its sparkling..its so flat and wide This screen would be good for games and movies


“Gimme my phone”Michelle said with his hands stretched and his face frowned


I laughed and raised my hand in surrender..I see what he’s doing,payback..hmm i


like that












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