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Episode 49




By: Faith Lucky.


Jocelyn’s Pov:


I sat in front of the big wall mirror in my room as the make up artistes did a very good job on me.


“We’re done ma’am” one of them said as they moved back a little.


I stood up and looked into the mirror.


Wow! They were specialists indeed.


I quickly changed from my causal dress into the dress Rodney had sent for me and when I was done, I couldn’t believe I was staring at myself in front of the mirror. I never knew I could be this beautiful.


“You’re looking gorgeous miss Jocelyn” one of them said and I smiled and looked back into the mirror.


I walked out of the room together with the make up artistes and ran into mum in the sitting room.


“Jocelyn!” She gasped at the sight of me.


“Oh, dear; you’re looking breathtaking” she said in an endearing tone and I smiled and embraced her.


“Thank you mum” I replied and we unlocked from the hug.


“I wish you all the best dear. Your dad is already on his way home. We’re right


behind you, okay?”


“Okay mum”.


And after a few more words, I left for the party.


Megan’s Pov:


I laid on the bed, covered with a blanket, while Edith sat on the bed with me.


My eyes were so dull and I was looking like a ghost.



“Megan, isn’t it obvious you’re feeling this way because of Rodney?” Edith asked as she stared pathetically at me.


I whimpered and wiped off the tear that tolled down my cheek.


“What do you want me to do Edith? I’m sure any lady in my shoes would feel worse than I feel.


“But, maybe you need to accept the fact that Rodney can’t be yours. There are other guys in the world that’ll come for you, Megan” “Edith, I know. But, it’s not that simple”.


I paused and wept.


Immediately, the door opened and mum came in.


Jocelyn’s Pov:


I sat next to Rachel on a table as I scoured my eyes round for Rodney.


I’ve been there for a while now, but there was no sign of him. I really wanted to see him.


The party was pulsating with life as important people were present and I received a lot of pleasantries that my cheeks were already turning red.


“This parry is one in a town Jocelyn. Take a look at the flowers over there. They don’t grow here in the country” Rachel said elated as she pointed to the direction of the flowers, holding a glass of wine.


I didn’t reply but kept looking around for any sign of Rodney.


Just then, Leo showed up, brightly garbed.


“Hey Jocelyn. Wats up?” He greeted with buoy and shot a glance at Rachel who threw her face away.


“Hi Leo. Have you seen Rodney?” I replied and asked immediately.


“Oh! Don’t worry; he’s around.


Um…you’re looking good” he complimented and I smiled.


“Thanks” I replied.


“Um…I wasn’t talking to you. I was actually…reve


rting to her” he said and pointed to Rachel who snapped her head to look at him.


“Me?” She asked and pointed to herself.


“Yes. Your outfit is um…gorgeous” he replied and she scoffed


“Seriously? So now you have the guts to sound nice to me after everything you’ve done to me?” She said rashly.


“And what exactly have I don’t to you? On the contrary, I’ve been a victim of your arrogance”.


“Oh! So now I’m arrogant? Can you hear that Jocelyn? He came all the way here to insult me”.


I couldn’t help but laugh at the two cat and dog.


“Listen, Rachel, Leo, I think it’s high time you guys settled your differences” I said and Rachel rolled her eyes.


“I told you, Jocelyn, I already did. But he double crossed me and that’s the end of it” she snapped.


“Fine! You want my apology? I’m sorry okay? Enough of the wrangling” Leo said


and she gasped.


“Seriously? I’m wrangling?”


“Well, I just said I’m sorry. Goodness, you talk too much”.


I ignored them and started scrolling down my phone to call mum’s line. I was wondering why they were yet to arrive.


Just as I was about clicking on her number, Rachel tapped me.


“Jocelyn, look!” She exclaimed and I lifted my eyes to take a look and there I found the projector on the stage, displaying my childhood pictures. “Wow!’ The guests there exclaimed, all beaming with smiles.


A soft romantic song was being played while the screen kept displaying my childhood pictures, some of which I was with Rodney and we were so adorable. Then, not long after, Rodney came out, looking more handsome than he had ever been.


He was putting on a gold colored long sleeve, tucked in with a blue jeans and I realised we were both wearing to match. He walked up to me and bowed a little.


“Um…hi miss. Can I have a dance?” He asked and I smiled ruefully, trying not to shed a tear.


I took his hand and he led me to the state.


Lights from cameras kept flashing at us as different press men wanted to get a record of the whole thing. Even the guests around brought out their phones to take pictures and videos.


We held each other and danced perfectly to the song, smiling and staring into each other’s eyes the whole time.


Towards the end of the song, a vest opened from up and flowers poured on both of us. I giggled as the song finally came to an end with Rodney twirling me around and finally catching me by the waist.


“I never knew you’ve become such an expert Rodney” I said in a beatific smile and Rodney also smiled back at me.



Then, he dipped his hand into his pocket and brought out a tiny jewellery box and my eyes gleamed. My heart beat increased as I watched Rodney open the box and go on his knee.


I could swear my heart stopped beating. I could feel my lungs drying up. That was the moment I’ve been waiting for: the moment of my life.


Rodney pulled out the tiny glittering ring from the box and proffered it to me.


There was no way he was going to ask me to be his girlfriend again.


“Um…Jocelyn” he of paused and cleared his throat.


“I know this is coming unexpectedly, but…I can’t think of a better time to do this. We grew up together and…I don’t think there’s anyone I’d want to spend the rest of my life with aside you. I love you, Jocelyn, with everything that makes me Rodney and I want us to be together for the rest of our lives.


“So, I’m here today, kneeling in front of you and asking you the question I want to ask for once in my life. Will you marry me? Please say yes”.


I smiled out tears as I covered my mouth with my palm. I couldn’t hold back the tears anymore.


This was a dream come true – spending the rest of my life with Rodney – the only


man I’ve ever loved.


I nodded tearfully.


“Of course, Rodney. Of course; yes” I replied ruefully.


His eyes beamed as he kissed my palm and slipped the ring through my engagement finger.


Then, he stood up and kissed me tempestuously like he’s never done before.


I wrapped my hands around his shoulders and reciprocated the kiss and the guests went on cheering immediately.


“I love you so much Jocelyn” he said.


“And I’ll always love you more”.


I smiled out tears and we kissed again and just then, my phone beeped with a message.


I paused and brought it out from my purse to see it was a message from mum:


Jocelyn, we’re at the hospital. Megan just passed out




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