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Episode 37


By: Faith Lucky.


Edith’s Pov:


I was already sweating profusely. Was I really going to spill out the truth? Was I really going to betray Megan?


“Edith, what test?” He asked again and I shrugged out of my thoughts.


“I…I don’t know about it Mr Rodney; I swear. But after she took the test, she just changed towards Audrey.” I replied fearfully. “You’re lying to me…”


“No, Rodney; I swear! I don’t know what the test was all about. She wouldn’t tell me. Please, Mr Rodney; believe me. If I knew more about it, I’d have told you”. He looked at me and didn’t feel satiated.


“Which hospital did she conduct the test?” He asked.


Audrey’s Pov:


“How’s school Audrey?” Aunt Tessy asked as I helped her out in the kitchen.


I had gone to visit her and we were making pumpkin pie.


“School is okay aunt” I replied casually as I beat the eggs.


I was there; but my attention was elsewhere. I couldn’t stop thinking about Leo.


“How’s the music contest going? Are you still in it?” She asked and I nodded.


“it’s about coming to an end. They’re just 20 contestants left” I replied.


We continued silently and she figured there was something wrong with me.


“Um…aunt Tessy, can I ask you a question?” I finally broke the silence.


“Of course” she replied and I sighed.


“If a guy kisses you, does It necessarily mean he loves you?” I asked but she didn’t reply immediately.


She collected the eggs from me and turned It into the mixed flour and sugar.


“Well, you see Audrey” she said.


“The kiss is just an action. The most important thing Is the reason behind that action. Don’t forget, a kiss was used to betray Christ.



“But if a guy really loved you, you should be able to notice it. He spends time with you, does things that makes you happy and the most important part, confesses his love to you”.


I smiled and stared down at the table.


“So, who’s it?” She asked and I smiled bashfully.


“It’s no one aunt. I was just…asking”.


“Well, just a little piece of advice Audrey; be careful when you fall in love because love is a tiny but powerful word. It can create and destroy, wound and heal.


“But one important thing you should know; love doesn’t lie. So when you find the right partner, stick to him. Don’t let go, no matter what. Okay?” I smiled faintly and nodded.


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When we were done with the pie, she gave some of it to me and after sometime, I started heading home.


The first cab that passed by was filled up and I had to wait for another.


While waiting, I decided to stroll down a bit and as I did, I got to the place where I had seen Mr Rodney the other night.


I stopped and stared at it, wistfully. All the memories came flashing back again and a tear rolled down my cheek.


I looked ahead and saw a car coming and I recognised it to be Rodney’s car.


I quickly hid behind a tree as I had a feeling he was coming there.


He drove to the spot and just as I had anticipated, he stopped and came out of the car.


I watched him as he walked further into the trees and brought out a picture from his pocket. He stared at the picture for a long time and I noticed his countenance had changed. Maybe it was Jocelyn’s picture.


After some time, he slipped the picture into his back pocket and headed back into the car. But the picture didn’t enter completely and it fell off on the floor.


I saw it but couldn’t tell him about it because I didn’t want him to know i was there. But I felt like helping him. I knew the picture was dear to him and he might end up looking for it.


He entered into the car and drove off and that was when I came out of my hiding place. I looked at the road to make sure he was gone.


Then, I ambled to where the picture was. It was lying downwards and at the plain part of it which was facing up, was written:


*Dear Jocelyn*


So, it really was Jocelyn’s picture? I’ve never seen this Jocelyn they’ve been talking about.


I dropped to a crouch beside it and stretched out my hand to pick it from the floor.


But somehow, I hesitated and looked around.


Then, I turned back to the picture and slowly, I picked it up and stared at its.


I stood up with my eyes still fixed on the picture and noticed there was something wrong with it.


No,.not something wrong; but something familiar.


Suddenly, I gasped as the familiarity became clear to me.


The girl in the picture – Jocelyn – looked a lot like the childhood picture she had seen at home the other day.


Yes, it was.


But no. How was it possible?


I quickly got back on the road and took a cab home and immediately I reached, I went straight to the bag where I had kept the picture and brought it out. I held the two pictures together and stared at then with confusion.


The two girls were the same.


Exactly the same.


Her childhood picture was the same as Jocelyn’s.


But how was it possible?


How come I was having the same face with Jocelyn? I shut my eyes and opened them again. It was real. They were really the same. But how?


Could it be possible…


No, it can’t be.


But what If it was?


If Jocelyn’s childhood face was the same as hers, then could it mean they were the same person?


Could it mean i was Jocelyn? Mr Rodney’s dear Jocelyn? The one he’s been looking for nineteen years? The one everybody’s been searching for? Was I Jocelyn?


Rodney’s Pov:


I sat in Dr Jaxon’s office as we stared into each other’s faces.


The doctor was already hyperventilating after hearing what I had to say. “Do I need to repeat myself doctor?” I asked as I sat in a relaxed manner



“Miss Megan conducted a test few days ago. All I’m asking is the type of test it was. Is that too much?” I asked.


The doctor coughed nervously and took off his glasses.


“Um…Mr Rodney, I’m sorry but what you’re asking for is confidential and it’s against our policy to disclose them to outsiders” he replied with a litre shaking in his voice.


I brought out my cheque book and wrote down on a page. Then I tore it out and kept it in front of him.


“that’s a cheque of 5 million dollars. All I’m asking is just the name.” I said and watched as sweat filled his forehead.


His mouth began to water and he stared at the cheque unresistably.


“Um…M…Mr Rodney” he called and gulped nervously.


“I um…really appreciate the offer but…”


I took the cheque and tore it to pieces. I opened the cheque book and wrote a different amount.


“That’s ten million dollars. Just a f*cking name!” I said rather angrily as I kept the cheque in front of him again.


This time around, he stuttered but couldn’t say anything. He looked at the cheque with his bulgy eyes and couldn’t take his eyes off it.


He looked at the cheque once more and looked back at me.


“It was a DNA test” he finally said and my eyes beamed.


“A DNA?” I asked, startled and he nodded.


I stared down at the table and tried to fix the puzzle. Even the doctor could see how confused I was.


Does it mean Megan had carried out a DNA test on Audrey? But why would she?


And who’s DNA did she match with hers?


I looked at the doctor.


“What was the result of the DNA?” I asked and he hesitated a little.


“It was positive. The two DNA she brought had matched” he replied and I sprang on my feet.


“Doctor, who’s…who’s DNA was it?”


“I don’t know. She wouldn’t say”.


I was breathing heavily as I stormed out of the office. I got into my car and took off in a very high and rough speed.


Megan took a DNA test on Audrey? But why?


The DNA result was positive. Meaning Audrey’s DNA matched with the other one she had tested it with. But who’s DNA was it?



who’s DNA did she match with Audrey’s? And why did she suddenly become remorseful after the test?


I needed answers. Answers.


I drove straight into her compound and didn’t even turn off the car before coming out of it.


I barged into the house and yelled her name and she came downwards




Megan’s Pov:


I was taken abacked at for manner Rodney had screamed my name and I was more


surprised at the way he was looking.


“Rodney, what’s…”


“Who’s DNA did you match with Audrey’s that came out positive?” He asked


immediately and my heart skipped.




How did he find out?


“Rod…Rodney” I stuttered.


I was surprised at the way he was angry. I’ve never seen him this way before. “Rodney, you need to calm down. What are you talking about?” I asked, frightened.


“Just answer the damn question! Who’s DNA was it?” He asked raucously. “Rodney, I…I don’t understand. I thing you…you must have been misinformed” Immediately, he grabbed me and pushed me to the wall, holding my neck very tight and rough.


I began to choke and gasp for breath.


“Stop lying to me Megan, else, I swear, I’ll kill you here and now. Who’s DNA was


it?” He said angrily.




“Tell me! Who’s DNA did you match with Audrey’s? Who???”


“it…was…” I finally struggled to say, not being able to take anymore of the choking.


I might’ve died if I had persisted.




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