Sat. May 11th, 2024

Episode 47


By: Faith Lucky.


Jocelyn’s Pov:


The news was all over the place – about Rodney holding a surprise party. He’s put in so much money and effort and rumours were, he was trying to propose to me. Although he wouldn’t disclose his intentions to anyone, those were just the rumours.


I sat in the room with Megan, watching a movie. I noticed she was looking very sad and pallid and I was just trying to keep her company.


I was double tasking – watching the movie and operating my phone.


I kept smiling into my phone as I read the different comments online regarding


Rodney’s surprise party:


I’m pretty sure he wants to propose to Jocelyn.


Why is it based on invitation?


He didn’t invite me. Too bad he doesn’t know me.


I really can’t wait for the party. I wonder how Jocelyn’s going to feel.


At last, the two lover birds will be together.


I kept smiling as my heart blossomed. Was Rodney really going to propose to me? I couldn’t wait to find out.


Just then, Megan rushed into the toilet, throwing up and I followed her.


“Megan?” I called as I stood behind her and watched her wash her face and mouth. “Are you okay? How’re you feeling?” I asked worried, as she dried her face with a napkin.


“I’m…I’m fine” she replied weakly.


“I thought you’ve been taking medications? Why are the symptoms still persisting? Don’t you think you should run a test?” I asked and she sighed and touched her head.


“I…I think I’ll do it later” she replied dizily.


We returned to the room and not long after, she slept off.


I stayed with her for a while before returning to my own room and not long after I did,I heard someone knocking on my window.


I quickly guessed whom it was and when I went to check it out, my guess turned out right.


“Rodney!” I called excitedly as I opened the window and helped him in. “What are you doing here? My window isn’t a door” I said, trying to sound rebuking and he hugged me.


“Sorry, I missed my way” he replied and kissed me and we fell on the bed together.


“So, how’re you today?” He asked as he held me close to himself.


“I’m fine. Rodney, do you know what the time is? You should be home by now” I said.


“Are you chasing me away?” He asked and I smiled.


We went on chatting about little unimportant things but our conversation was interrupted by someone knocking on the door. “Jocelyn?” Mum called from outside and I gasped.


“Oh, my God! It’s my mum. Get out Rodney!” I said in a husky whisper as Rodney


also thought of what to do.


“What?” He flinched.




“Jocelyn?” Mum called again and opened the door.


“Mum!” I called with a nervous smile as I dressed my hair backwards.


She closed the door and walked up to me on the bed.


“Why didn’t you answer the door?” She asked and I twitched.


“Oh! I um…I was just…busy with something. Sorry” I replied and threw a quick glance at the other side of the bed.


“Um…what are you doing here mum?’ I asked and she pulled a surprised face. “What do you mean what am I doing here? I came to check up on you of course. Is it strange?” She asked with a quizzical look and I laughed dryly.


“Of course, it’s not. Um…its just that” I paused and yawned forcefully.


“I’m kind of feeling dizzy and was trying to catch some sleep when you came in”


“Oh, really?”


“Yes, mum. Maybe we should just talk tomorrow”.


“O…Okay then.”


I just hope she isn’t suspecting me.


“Goodnight mum” I said as she embraced me.


She was about disentangling from the hug when she noticed something strange on the floor – close to the bed.


“What’s that?” She asked, stretching her neck to have a proper look. “Mum…”


“Hold on; what’s that?”


She stood up from the bed and went to check it out and to her greatest surprise, it was Rodney, lying on the floor.


“What the…Rodney???” She called, taken abacked and Rodney sprang on his feet while I also left the bed.


“What are you doing here?” She asked and Rodney looked at me, as if waiting for a reply.


“Mrs James!” He called and stretched his body.


Then, he knelt on the floor and looked under the bed.


“Jocelyn, did you say there was something wrong with the bed? I just checked but couldn’t find any fault with it” he said sarcastically, still looking under the bed and I laughed.


Mum held his ear and drew him up.




“How did you get in here, Rodney? Because I’m pretty sure no one has passed


through the sitting room” she grinned at him, still holding his ear.


“Um…M…Mrs James, I can explain. Actually, the sitting room was locked, but


Jocelyn’s window was open. So, I…I decided not to disturb anyone and come in


through the window. I was actually on my way to your room to see you” he said.



“Oh! How kind of you. So you had to go through the stress of climbing through the window because you didn’t want to disturb anyone?”


“Yes, Mrs James. I’m a very kind person. You probably haven’t noticed.” He touched his ear and mum finally let it go. “And you” she called, turning to me.


“What do you have to say about this?”


“Me? Um…I…I don’t know what to say. I mean, I only asked him to check if there was something wrong with the bed.” I replied and couldn’t help but laugh. “Seriously?” She asked and scoffed.


“How long has this kind gesture of yours been going on Rodney?”


“Oh! Just today” he replied and made a slight cough.


Mum stared at us with her hands at akimbo.


“Fine, then! When you’re done fixing the bed, you get out!” She said peskily and walked out.


I laughed immediately she left, although I was a bit surprised at her reaction. I had feared she’d send Rodney out. But surprisingly, she accepted him.


“So how was that?” Rodney asked as he held me by the waist and laid on the bed with me.


“We just got lucky Rodney, else she’d have skinned you alive” I replied with a little laughter as I placed my head on his chest. “You’re such a crazy lier” I added and he laughed.


We remained silent for a short while.


“By the way, Rodney” I said in a serene tone. “The surprise party you’re holding, what’s it for?” He smiled and didn’t reply immediately.


“Well, it’s meant to be a surprise. So, wait for the party and you’ll find out there” he replied and I chuckled.


“Have you seen the comments online?” I asked. “Everybody’s saying you want to propose to me”


“Hm. As if they’re in my mind. All those jobless gossipers” he replied and I cracked.


“Anyway, since you won’t tell me what the party’s meant for, I won’t attend”.


“You won’t even dare”.


“Oh, really? Well, let’s see about that”.


“You know your threats are always empty Jocelyn”.


He paused and cleared his throat.


“So,,what do you have for me?” He asked and I scoffed.


“What do you mean what do I have for you?” I asked.


“Come on Jocelyn…”


“Rodney, if you’re done fixing the bed, get out – mum’s orders”.


“Don’t worry, I will when I’m done”.


“When you’re done with what?”




I giggled as he tickled me and took off my pyjamas.













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