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Episode 46


By: Faith Lucky.


Rodney’s Pov:


“Rodney?” Jocelyn called, bringing me out of my thoughts.


“Of…of course, Jocelyn. You’re the first woman” I finally replied.


I couldn’t afford telling her the truth. I knew for sure it’d upset her.


“Why did it take you long to reply me?” She asked and I coughed.


“Nothing. I…I was just thinking of something” I replied.


Jocelyn’s Pov:


I smiled and adjusted myself closer to him. I felt so lucky he was mine.


“By the way, Rodney” I said in a raring tone.


“There’s something you need to know.


“I um…I want to resign from the contest”.


“What?” He shrieked.


“Listen to me, Rodney; I just want to give others the opportunity of winning…”


“What are you talking about, Jocelyn?”


“The competition is in my name, right? So it’s not really necessary for me to contest”.


“Jocelyn, that’s gibberish. You’re going nowhere”.


“Rodney please. I’ve made up my mind. The rest of the contestants have already lost hope because they’re certain I’m going to be the winner. They know your feelings for me wouldn’t let you chose someone else”.


“No, Jocelyn. I…I promise to be fair and just. I’ll be impartial. If you do something wrong, I’ll sanction you. If you don’t meet up with the standard, I’ll chose someone else as the winner”.


“Indeed. I know you, Rodney.”


“But Jocelyn…”


“Rodney” I paused and adjusted my head to look at his face.


“Just let me do it okay?” I added.


“But you’ve always wanted to be part of it. You said it was your dream.” He said, disgruntled.


“Well, I’m sure I don’t need the contest to achieve my dreams because what I’m looking for is right next to me. Besides, you don’t need to worry. I promise to sing for you always. If you want, I can even sing for you right now. Should I?” He remained quiet.


“Okay. It seems you don’t want me to sing after all. So, I’ll keep it to myself. “You can sing if your voice will let you to” he said a little angrily and I smiled and began singing:


I’ll always be yours


And you’ll be mine.


We there for each other


We stick to each other.


And nothing will break us apart


Cause it’s all about me and you.


The future is bright


With you by my side


We hope together


We dream big together


And nothing will break us apart


Cause it’s all about me and you


For life.


“I’ll sing you more if you want me to” I said when I was done, but Rodney still remained a straight face.


“Come on Rodney. Just agree with me for once”.


I pouted.


“is that the only song you have?” He asked and I smiled.More interesting and erotic stories @ Topster Stories






I slept off again and had woken up later in the day and when I did, Rodney was no longer on the bed with me.


I left the bes and checked for him in the sitting room and there I found him in the dining, setting the table.


“You’re awake” he said as I walked up to him and kissed him.


“Where did these come from?” I asked, referring to the delectable food I saw on the table.


“I ordered for them” he replied.


He dished out some food into a plate and gave it to me and also took one for himself.


We ate to our fill and after that, decided to watch a movie in the sitting room. Rodney sat on the long couch, leaning on the edge, while I sat in front of him, relaxing my body on his. Then, we turned on a movie I had chosen. “Do you need a drink?” He asked after a while and I nodded.


Then, he left and returned with a tray containing two glass cups filled with juice


and he handed one of the cups to me.


“Thanks” I said and took a sip from it.


Smartly enough, I noticed something at the bottom of the cup. It was a ring!!!


I was taken abacked but tried as much as possible not to show any excitement on my face.


“Could you help me with that book over there?” I asked, trying to distract him and


he turned away to get the book.


Immediately, I took out the ring and hid it.


“Thanks” I replied as I collected the book from him and kept it next to myself. Then, I emptied all the juice into my mouth and Rodney was a bit stunned that the cup was empty.


He looked me in the face and was probably wondering if I might have swallowed it down.


“Did you see anything?” He asked as he lifted the cups up from the tray and


checked the floor.


“Anything?” I asked


“Anything like what?”


He lifted the cups again,, turning it upside down.


“Where is it?” He muttered to himself.


Then, I brought out the ring and held it to his face.


“Ta-da!” I shouted in excitement and he chuckled.


I quickly slipped it through my engagement finger and kissed him.


“I love you Rodney; I love you! Why did it take you so long to propose to me?” I


asked breezily, overwhelmed with joy.


“Um…Jocelyn, the finger…”


“Of course, of course; yes! Why on earth will I say no, Rodney?” I cut him off. “Jocelyn…”


“Hold on; go on your knees. You need to do a proper proposal.


I took off the ring and gave it to him and made him kneel on one knee.


He held the ring and slipped it through my middle finger and I flinched.


“You’re putting it on the wrong finger Rodney” I said immediately and tried taking off the ring, but he stopped me.


“it’s not the wrong finger Jocelyn. I’ve been trying to explain it to you. I’m asking you to be my girlfriend”.


My excitement died off as my face turned red.


“Girl…Girlfriend?” I asked quizzically.


“Yes. Um…what were you thinking?” He asked.


“No, nothing. I…I just…nothing at all” I replied dazily and adjusted back on my




Rodney’s Pov:


I also returned to sitting behind her and tried holding her as I die before, but she pushed my hand away.


I laughed silently, hoping she doesn’t catch me. And suddenly, just as if the whole thing had replayed in her head, she flared up.


“Wait; hold on, girlfriend?” She asked as she turned to face me.


“Seriously? How can you give me a ring to be your girlfriend?”


“B…But I’ve seen people doing it” I replied, forcing myself not to laugh.


“Well, who cares? You know what? You can have your ring back. I don’t need it” she said as she pulled off the ring and threw it at me, getting on her feet afterwards. “Jocelyn..”


“Shut the hell up and don’t talk to me. Go and learn some manners” she snapped


and walked away.






I knelt in front of the closed door, pleading for Jocelyn to open up.


“Please Jocelyn; I’m on my knees” I pleaded.


“I’ve told you to leave Rodney. I don’t want to see you ever again!” She said from the other side of the door, inside the room.


“Come on, Jolly. I…I had no idea it’d upset you. I promise never to do it again. I promise never to ask you to be my girlfriend again. Um…we’ll just remain good friends”.


“Get out Rodney!” She yelled and hit the door and I sniggered.


“Um…okay, okay. Sorry. We won’t be good friends. We’ll just remain brothers and sisters in Christ.” I replied and she kicked the door.


“I swear, I’ll kill you Rodney. Get out” she yelled again.



“Fine. What else do you want me to say then? You don’t want to be my girlfriend, you don’t want to be my good friend, you don’t want to be my sister. What do you want?” I asked.


“I just want you to get lost”.


I didn’t say anything for a while and she opened the door and found me sitting on the floor. My eyes gleamed.


“Why did you stop talking?” She asked, standing at the doorway.


“Oh, sorry” I replied and went on my knees again.


I cleared my throat before speaking.


“Okay. I’m…here once again and I’m pleading on my knees. Forgive me for what I’ve done. It’s a punishable offence asking you to be my girlfriend. I’m sorry I was too spoilt to know that.


She closed the door again and I sighed.


“Jocelyn…” I called and she opened up again.


Then, she helped me from the floor and embraced me and I smiled. “I’m sorry…”


“Ssh” she cut me off.


“Don’t talk about it”.












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