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Episode 40


By: Faith Lucky.


Rodney’s Pov:


I took a magazine from the table and sat back on the bed, reading it.


Shortly, I heard Jocelyn’s voice.


“Um…Rodney, could you kindly pass me the towel?” She asked in a serene tone and I smiled.


“I’m sorry Jocelyn; I’m busy. You’d have to walk out here and get it yourself” I replied breezily.


“Come on Rodney, stop being silly. Just give me the towel” she grouse and opened the door slightly but only her left hand came out. I couldn’t see her face.


“I’m waiting” she said rather impatiently and I stood up with the towel.


“Just place it on my hand, Rodney; don’t take a crazy step”.


“Im the one being of help here and I’m the one who’s still being warned. Who does that?” I asked and placed the towel on her hand and she closed the door immediately.


I smiled and stood next to the door, listening to the sound of the shower.


The whole thing seemed a dream to me – Audrey being Jocelyn. No wonder she’s so pretty.


Soon, I heard her turn off the shower and guessed she was done bathing.


I quickly returned to the bed and continued reading the magazine i was reading before.


Almost immediately, she came out, tying just a towel.


I shut her a stare and took my eyes back to the magazine.


Jocelyn’s Pov:.


I chuckled to myself and went over to my wardrobe. I opened It and my eyes met with few pretty dresses.


Oh! It seems mum had ordered for some clothes before we got home. “What will I wear?” I whispered to myself and looked for something simple. All the clothes were too petty and classic and I couldn’t believe those were just mere house wears.


Well, I’d have to get used to them now.


I finally picked out a black knee-lenth free gown, a pink p*nt and a black bra.


I kept them on the bed and also sat on the bed, a little distance from where Rodney was. He was watching me keenly and probably wanted to know how I’d wear the clothes.


I took the p*nt and passed my legs through.


Then, I stood up and slowly, slipped it through to my hips and wore it on from beneath the towel.


Then, I took the bra and hooked it on my chest before fixing the hand. Then, I adjusted the towel down from my chest, exposing just the bra. Then, I finally wore the gown on the towel and when I was done, I pulled the towel and kept it in the wardrobe.


I did it so perfectly and Rodney couldn’t see a thing.


“Greedy girl” I heard him say and I chuckled.


I left the bed and stood by the window, gazing outside.


“Hmm. Feels good to be home” I said in a deep breath.



“By the way, I need to tell mum to increase the security at the gate because there was a boy that always sneaked into my room through the window. Anyway, it’s been long i saw him. I hope he’s stopped that habit of his”.


I heard him laugh behind me and I turned to see him standing in front of me.


“I also wonder where he is” he said and hugged me.


He just can’t get enough of me,,huh?


We looked out the window and saw mum – Mrs Salome – standing outside the gate. “Mum!” I called in surprise and disentangled from Rodney’s hand, running out of the room.


I ran out of the house and opened the gate but when I got outside, I couldn’t find her anymore.


Rodney came out immediately.




“She was here. Where did she go?” I asked restlessly, looking left and right.


“Jocelyn come on; let’s go inside” Rodney said and held my hand. “No, Rodney; I…I need to see her. Maybe she wants to speak with me”. “But she’s not here anymore. So, quit thinking about her! She doesn’t mean anything to you, Jocelyn. She kept you away from your family for years. She doesn’t deserve your attention!” He said angrily. He was clearly upset and I stared at the floor sadly.


He sighed and brushed his fingers into his hair.


“Listen to me, Jocelyn” he faced me and said.


“I don’t want anything to ruin this moment okay? You…You can talk to her some other time if you want to; but not today. Okay?”


I nodded perfunctorily, still staring at the floor and he held my cheeks.


“Don’t think about it. Please, just be happy for me. At least, for now” he told me and I finally let out a smile.


He kissed me and took me back into the house.




He wrapped his hand around my shoulder as we walked into the sitting room and there we met mum and Rachel.


“Oh! I’ve been looking for you two. Where have you been?” Mum asked as she took a covered plate to the dining which was just behind the sitting room.


“We were…checking out on something” Rodney replied and looked at me. “Okay. Well, dinner’s ready and we should be eating any moment from now. Um…before that, Rodney, could I have a moment with you?” She asked and walked out of the room and Rodney shrugged and followed her behind.



I watched them as they walked out and wondered what mum wanted to discuss with him.


Then, I walked to where Rachel was and sat next to her on the couch.


“Hey” I said.


“Hi. You look pretty” she said and I smiled shyly.




A short silence took over.


“Um…Audrey; sorry…Jocelyn” Rachel called and paused to chuckle.


“So, we’re not really sisters after all?” She asked and I flinched.


“Whoever said so; Rachel? Of course we still are” I said and held her hands.


“No matter what happens, we’re sisters for life okay?” I added and she smiled and embraced me.


Rodney’s Pov:


Mrs James stood at the balcony and waited for me to meet her.


She remained quiet for some time before speaking up.


“You know I’m mad at you, Rodney” she said, not looking at me.


“I know everyone said It was a childish act, but it doesn’t change the fact that my daughter fell off the cliff because of how rough you were.


“I know you’re the one who helped in discovering her identity; but the main reason I’m letting you stay here is because she loves you a lot and…I have a feeling you love her too.


“So, I’m standing here today, Rodney, and I’m telling you as a mother; I don’t ever want you to cause Jocelyn pain of any sort. You need to be more careful with her. Do you understand me?” She asked, her voice imbued with seriousness.


I heaved a sigh and faced her. I had been scared she was going to ask me to stay away from Jocelyn.


“I promise you, ma, I’ll never do anything to hurt Jocelyn. I love her with my life and this time around, I promise never to do anything that’d put her life in danger” I replied and she gave a satisfactory smile.


“Good. Let’s go have dinner” she told me and walked inside and after taking a deep


breath, I also went in.


Jocelyn’s Pov:


We all sat at the dining – mum, dad, Rodney, Rachel and Leo – and had dinner together.


Rachel was sitting next to me who was next to Rodney while Leo sat on the other side of the table.



“There’ll be a little party, Jocelyn, to celebrate your coming home” mum said and my eyes beamed.


“Really? When?” I asked with ecstasy.


“A day after tomorrow. I’ve already ordered for some dresses and they’ll be brought over to the house so you can make a choice” she replied. “Okay mum. Thanks”.


“Um…Leo, could you help me with the hamburger please?” Rachel asked and Leo shut her a glare.


“Really?” He asked and scoffed.


“If there’s anyone you should be talking to, it’s my broken windscreen. But too bad, I’ve already fixed it. So, there’s nothing you can talk to” .


“Yes, you’re right. There’s absolutely nothing I can talk to” Rachel replied and


stood up to get the hamburger herself.


Few of us laughed.


“Mum, where could Megan be?” I asked after a while.


“I don’t know, Jocelyn; don’t rack your head over it, okay?” She replied and I




Megan’s Pov:


I stood by the window while Edith stood behind me,, having a pallid expression. “Come on Megan; I swear, I didn’t tell a thing to Rodney” she said in a frustrated tone.


“Then how else did he get to find out?” I turned to her angrily and asked.


“You were the only one I told about it, Edith. I trusted you with it. So, what do you expect me to believe?”


“Well, don’t forget the the doctor was also involved. I mean, come on; anything could’ve happened. But I’m telling you the truth. I didn’t say a word about it to Rodney. You know me, Megan; I’d never betray you for anything. I’ve been trying to help you to make Rodney fall in love with you. So, why on earth would I do anything to jeopardise it?”


I remained silent and turned around to face the window again.


“Megan…you know you can trust me” she said and moved closer to me.


“Well, none of that is important right now. The truth is already out and everyone’s mad at me” I replied.


“So, wh…what do you wanna do?”


“I don’t know, Edith. Don’t even ask me that. I feel like the whole world is against me and I can’t even think of going back home; at least, not now”. Edith finally stood close to me and rested her hand on my shoulder.


“Don’t worry, Megan; there’ll always be a way out” she said.


Jocelyn’s Pov:


Rachel and Leo had gone home, but Rodney remained there with me.


We spent a lot of time together until it was finally time to sleep.


“I’ve gotten the guest room ready for you, Rodney” mum said as she stood beside me.


“Okay ma. Thank you very much” Rodney replied and turned to me.


“Good night Jolly” he told me and followed a maid that led him to the guest room and I smiled.


“Come on” mum said and held my hand, leading me to my room.


We got into my room and she helped me lie on the bed.


She covered the blanket on me and turned off the bright lights.


“Goodnight baby. Sleep tight okay?” She said in a beatific smile.


“Okay mum goodnight” I replied.


She planted a kiss on my forehead and left.


I kept my eyes open, waiting for the door to open and immediately, it did and Rodney came in.


“Are you lost, Mr? This isn’t the guest room” I said to him and he chuckled and snuggled himself into the bed and laid beside me.


“I think you’re the one who’s lost because this is the guest room” he replied and pecked my cheek.


I giggled and turned to face him, burying my face in his chest. He threw his hand over my shoulder and we laid that way for some time. Then, he hit me lightly on the head.


“Ouch. What was that for?” I pouted.


“That’s for forgetting me for such a long time” he replied and I laughed.


“Why did it take you so long to remember me, Jocelyn? I mean, even when we spent time together as Audrey – all those beautiful moments – why couldn’t you remember me?”


“So, you’re admitting you had beautiful moments with audrey? Yet, you asked her


to forget about it. And thinking of it; this only means you were cheating on me.


You were falling for another lady”


And he laughed.


“Well, I guess it’s because she was you” he replied and kissed me.


We remained quiet for a while and he kissed me again and I kissed him back.


We continued kissing slowly and he moved his hand around my back.


Then, he brought his hand down and sent them under my dress.


I shivered as I felt his hand on my bare hips and soon, we went for my p*nt.


My eyes widened and I quickly held his hand.


“What’s the problem? Why are you so scared?” He asked beneath his breath as he kissed my neck and brought out his hand.


“Uhm…its going to be my first time. So…I’m kind of nervous” I replied and he paused to look at me.


“You mean you’ve never…”


He didn’t complete the question and I just nodded shyly and covered my face on his chest.


He chuckled and held me tight to himself and kissed me on the forehead.


“Goodnight” he said in a low tune and I gulped nervously.


“Goodnight” I replied and he could notice I had become a little shy.


He smiled.


“I love you” he added and I blushed.


“I love you too” I replied and we didn’t say any other thing to each other and and


slept off.










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