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Episode 32


By: Faith Lucky.


Audrey’s Pov:


He also looked surprised seeing me there.


“You won’t believe it, Rodney” Megan said with an angry smile.


“She’s looking for Leo’s room and the first room that could come to her mind was yours”.


I was out of words and Rodney couldn’t even think of anything to say to me. “Audrey?” I heard my name from behind and I turned to see Leo coming out of one of the rooms on the left.


I bent my head and tried to hold back my tears as he came to me.


“Is something wrong?” He asked, staring at Megan and Rodney, then back at me. “Nothing really. Just mind the kind of visitor you bring to the house, Leo” Megan replied rashly and shut the door.


Leo looked at me and could probably notice the tears that filled my eyes.


“What happened?” He asked and I shook my head.


“I was just…looking for you” I replied and sniffed and he sighed.


“Sorry I took long. I had to attend to something important” he stated and held my back, leading me out of the corridor.


We got to the sitting room and just when we were about going out, his phone rang and he went upstairs again.



I finally let ouout a tear since I was alone, but wiped it off immediately just in case someone comes in. I couldn’t tell why I was so affected by what I saw. Well, that has always been my problem. I’ve always been too emotional.


I remained standing and not long after, I heard some footsteps climbing down the stairs. I thought it might be Leo; but when I lifted my eyes to see whom it was, I discovered it was Rodney and Megan.


They were walking silently with Megan in front and she was smiling. It seemed they were going out as a result of their gorgeous appearances.


Rodney kept staring at me as he climbed down the stairs and I forced myself to look at the floor.


Megan shot me a glare as she walked past me and opened the door. But when Rodney got to where I was, he stopped and faced me and my heart gave a mighty leap.


Why did he stop? What does he have to say?


I couldn’t resist the look anymore as I finally stared into his face. He was staring back at me.


He was so cute and I didn’t really blame myself for having such desires that left me heartbroken.


“Hi” he said in a soft smile and my eyes glistened.


I thought of what to say.


“Go…Good evening…Mr Rodney” I greeted nervously and tried not to whimper. He didn’t say any again but only walked to the door and followed Megan out of the sitting room.


Leo came down immediately and also took me out of the room to where his car was parked. We got into the car and from the opened window, I stared at Rodney as he stood by his own car with Megan.


He also kept staring at me, but Leo wined up the glass and we couldn’t see each other anymore since the window was hard cover. *


The drive was very silent and I kept staring through the window the whole time. I kept thinking of Rodney and Megan.


It seems her fake accident wasn’t in vain as Rodney seemed to be falling for her.


I remembered the way he had stared at me and it hurt me a lot.


“Don’t give a thought to whatever Megan might have said or did.


She’s always been a spoilt brat” Leo finally broke the silence and I took my eyes


from the window to look at him.


I bent my head and sighed faintly.



We were already approaching the house and Leo was distracted by his phone and didn’t notice Rachel who was trying to cross the road.


He almost ran into her, but luckily he didn’t. But she fell on the end of the road and something like food poured on the floor.


Leo was trying to quickly pack his car when she ran up to the front and threw a stone a this windscreen, making it crack. I gasped.


Leo stopped the car immediately and ran out with me.


“Rachel, what are you…”


“Audrey?” She interrupted me, sounding surprised.


She probably had no idea we were the ones.


“So it’s you?” She asked and pointed her finger at Leo.


“How could you drive so recklessly? Do you know what i had to go through to save up money for this sumptuous meal you’ve just wasted? Do you even know the eatery I had gotten it from?”


“What are you trying to say?” Leo Snapped back at her.


“is that enough reason for you to break my windscreen? Besides, you were also careless in crossing the road.”


“Oh! So now I’m careless? And what do you mean it’s not enough reason for me to break your windscreen? Is it until my head is rolled off before you’ll have enough reason to…”


“Well, I seriously wish your head rolls off so your mouth can get lost as well”




“Rachel!” I finally cut in and shot her a stare.


“What are you doing? You’re at fault here. Apologise to him”


She stared at me and scoffed.


“Tell him to apologise to my meal first. I got It from Dsquare eatery” she replied


and walked away.


Rodney’s Pov:


“Just get me cobb salad” Megan said to waiter that stood beside us and he scribbled it down in a notebook and turned to me who was already going through the menu. “And you, sir?” He asked politely.


“I think I’ll go with brunswick stew” I replied and he nodded and left.


“Brunswick stew?” Megan asked, a bit surprised.


“I never knew you liked it”.


“Oh! I didn’t it. But I got to” I replied.



Soon, the waiter returned with our orders and after placing them on the table, he left.


We started eating and I took in a spoon of the brunswick stew and smiled.


“Do you know how to prepare it?” I asked and Megan shook her head.


“Do you?” She also asked.




“Oh, really?” She asked and chuckled.


“Why don’t you list out some of the ingredients, then?”


I adjusted on my seat and smiled and without reluctance, listed all the ingredients to her.


“How did you know al these? Where did you learn it from?” She asked and I bent my head and smiled.


“From a friend” I replied.




When we were done with dinner, I took her home, but it started raining heavily and she advice me to wait till the rain subsided.


I waited for a long time but there was no sign of the rain getting to stop at any minute.


“I think I’ll have to Megan. It’s already late” I said to Megan as we both stood at the balcony, watching the rain.


“Um…Rodney, why don’t you spend the night here? It’s very late and might be dangerous moving alone. Besides, you’re drunk” she replied.


I don’t know why I had ended up taking too much alcohol at the restaurant. It all happened when we started talking about the brunswick stew. “I’ll be back” she said and left me at the balcony, going inside.


I couldn’t tell why I was so frustrated that very night. I just couldn’t be at ease.


I needed more drinks.


After a while, the rain reduced to a drizzling pour, but it was already late. But I still decided to return home.


So, I went into the house to inform Megan i was leaving but I couldn’t find her in the sitting room.


I decided to check on her in her room, but she wasn’t there either. Although her phone was on the bed.


I was about going out of the room when the door of her bathroom opened and she walked out, tying just a towel around her chest. The towel was very short and was above her hips.


We stared at each other with surprise.






We called at the same time and paused.


Megan drew closer.


“I um…just wanted to tell you I’m about leaving” I said and shook my head.


My vision was kind of blur, but I couldn’t tell why I was picturing Megan’s face to be Jocelyn’s.


I turned to leave but she held me back.


“I was trying to say…its late. Why don’t you spend the night here?” She replied in a serene tone.


I kept staring at her face and it was clear to me it was Megan. There was no way it could be Jocelyn.


Then, some words started flashing into my mind:


/Jocelyn is dead/


/When will you ever learn to accept what happened to Jocelyn and move on with your life?/


/Nobody caused the death of Jocelyn/


/If she were still alive, she’d have returned to you/ I didn’t realise I was already kissing Megan. What am I even doing?


I quickly unlocked from the kiss and tried turning around, but Megan held me back and kissed me passionately.


The whole thing was coming too sudden and I couldn’t control my thoughts; my feelings.


I sent my fingers down my hair and the towel she tied got loosed and fell on the floor.


I stared at her and couldn’t take my eyes away.


Oh, God! What am I doing?


I held her by the waist and sent my hand downwards as I resumed kissing her.








The name rang in my head but I couldn’t control my feelings anymore.


She took off my shirt and unhooked my belt and next, I found myself taking her to the bed.






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